Warning Signs



This afternoon.

Custom House Quay, Dublin 1.

Maskless Mick writes:

‘A protest against recent developments/challenging the official narrative on a range of issues organised by the Yellow Vest movement. Good turnout: maybe 200-300. Antifa turned up and threw petrol bombs so organisers decided against a march to Dáil.

Main speaker was immunologist Professor Dolores Cahill (pic 9). Also volunteers from Health Freedom Ireland spoke plus a  group of doctors, nurses, parents etc. Very peaceful and well mannered. Next march August 22.’

Pics: Maskless Mick



145 thoughts on “Warning Signs

  1. Dav

    Ah good to see charger, soq, flawless, et all. Though I suspect the lack of oxygen are the least of their worries….

    1. Clampers Outside

      Considering none of those guys have said anything on the signs, and SOQ I remember saying the very opposite I really don’t know where you’re going with that :)

      1. Dav

        I scientifically proven pandemic is now an ‘echo chamber’. Pity you can’t cure stupid.

        1. Pat Mustard

          There are scientists on both sides.

          Hence the comment about echo chamber.

          Do keep up.

          1. Dav

            Yeas a majority position versus a rump of outliers, I’ll avoid sticking with the crackpots, thanks.

          2. Pat Mustard

            Of course, obviously you know better than those highly qualified experts who just happen to have a totally different opinion, backed up by scientific evidence, but of course you’re totally superior and obviously know better. You’re not a charlatan salivating for an echo chamber at all.

      1. Pat Mustard

        If you voluntarily wear a face mask. Which you do. You’ve been distracted.

        You’re welcome.

          1. Pat Mustard

            You gave yourself away already. Take a hike and find yet another avatar. I take solace on continuously owning you.

          2. sidhe

            it’s hilarious that you think only one person takes such delight in trolling you

            it’s too easy

            and you’re still wrong, as you so often are

          3. Pat Mustard


            Its hilarious owning each one of your avatars. One after another. You’ve already hung yourself by confirming it.

            Poor little edrof.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            are you suggesting, pat, that he gained financially from the ring? not disagreeing, just havent heard that before. and, if so, was he the sole or main financial beneficiary?

          2. Pat Mustard


            However it does confirm how connected he was.

            He obviously had a lot of dirt on influential people.

            Dalkey is Sean Barretts Lodge. For instance.

          3. Brother Barnabas

            a journalist who staunchly defended him curiously got some big garda scoops afterwards

          4. Pat Mustard

            Clergy, cops etc etc.

            Dalkey Town is run by the Mason’s.

            In the old day the quarry serviced the whole country for granite. And as such was full of influence.

          5. Matt Pilates

            You can’t libel the dead.

            Next you’ll be telling us Mr Mullen was once King of Dalkey.

            Give it a rest Pat, the Sunday Papers are nearly here.

          6. Pat Mustard


            He called himself King of Dalkey.

            Guess who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

          7. Matt Pilates

            You clearly don’t. If you were a real local who was there (like YT) you’d know he was “crowned” ‘king’ at a Dalkey Festival in the early 80’s.

            A local that was there that day in 1973 too.

            Off you go now, blow-in.

          8. Pat Mustard



            That’s why he called himself King of Dalkey.

            Thanks so much for agreeing with me.

            With your deep knowledge of Dalkey you’ll have no problem explaining how he came to own so much property.


            You’re just a blow in like I thought.

    1. Pat Mustard

      It wouldn’t if certain governments held them accountable instead of rewarding them.

      Like Noonan and Grace.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Same shower of dirt from last week minus the overtly racist banners… Irexit Britlickers still stirring it though.
      Masks or no masks, that lot already seem to be suffering from lack of oxygen to the brain.

      1. Pat Mustard

        But cervical check scoundrels like Tony H and Leo are fine.

        Theyre laughing at you daisy.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Same conspiracy freak, anti everything, unemployable nutjob dregs at both, still banging on about “paedophiles”. No nooses this week though.

          2. Pat Mustard

            So they’re all the same folk?

            You know this for a fact..?

            Were you there?

            Or are you just a bigot yourself?

  2. Brother Barnabas

    in fairness to them, they do present their arguments cogently and rationally

  3. Gabby

    A placard competition between these people and antifa would be an artistic event of sorts. Maybe they should all apply for an Arts Council grant.

  4. SOQ

    And here we go- lets set the standard upon which you will not be associated.

    Surprised there was nobody from The Greens pictured just gayly waving across the street at their friend?

  5. Scundered

    Can we please make it a law that you have to be a qualified scientist to hold a placard stating something about same science.

    1. scottser

      Got a lend of his 59 lemon drop les paul from him one time. Absolute rubbish it was, with its backwards, out of phase neck pick up and me playing megadeth covers. So there I was in fibbers on my knees with the les paul behind my head about to launch into ‘tornado of souls’ solo when the headstock snapped off. Gary Moore was head banging up the front and I convinced him to buy it. Gave up the metal and got meself a mandolin – never looked
      RIP PG

      1. Vanessanelle

        You’re almost 10

        And it has to be said

        This thread is up there
        Even I can’t make head or tail of it

        It’s like trying to get to the end of a knitting pattern
        With a crochet hook and a tapestry needle, and a ball of bailing twine

  6. newsjustin

    “Do your own research.”

    Always the rallying cry of someone who has done no research that doesn’t involve Facebook and crappy YouTube videos.

        1. Pat Mustard

          I have. Have you.

          Was there a connection between vaccine trials and Tuam mother and baby home?

          1. newsjustin

            No, I mean, research. The research the world wonr tell you about. You know, *research*. Science is for the elite.

          2. Pat Mustard

            The day I take advice or tips about the veracity of a march or the science behind an opinion from someone who validates people sitting outside hospitals with abortion porn placards, will be a cold day in hell.

          3. newsjustin

            Maybe do your *own* research on that. See what Bill Gates really has in store for us.

        1. Pat Mustard

          Precisely what they’d say about your twitter feed.

          You’re coming across as a bigot. It’s not the lack of masks that bothers you. It’s because they’re against vaccines.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            If calling antivaxxers homophobes and racists dregs makes me a bigot, then it’s a moniker I’m proud to bear.

          2. Pat Mustard

            Ok, you’re a bigot.

            And considering you know zero about vaccines, I can dump you in the ignorant department too.

            Hypocrite ain’t exactly a jump either.

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            And what do you know about vaccines. And spare me the bullplop from the likes of Jenny McCarthy!

          4. Pat Mustard

            I currently work for Amgen.

            I have a Bsc in pharmaceutical technology.

            I work in this field, do you?

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            It seems your woo infected brain has moved on from Soros to Gates as the bogeyman these days. Show me the actual part where it says Gates funds Disney, not two brandnames appearing near each other on a website!

          2. Pat Mustard

            “woo infected brain..”


            I’ll spell it out clearly for you since your playing dumb.

            Is ABC part of Disney?


            Does the Gates Foundation fund ABC?


            Case closed.

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            Saying it a couple of times doesn’t make it fact, even to the utterly simple like you.

            Case closed.

          4. Pat Mustard

            I note you didn’t answer the question.

            I’ll ask again.

            Does the Gates Foundation fund ABC whose parent company is Disney?

          5. Daisy Chainsaw

            No it doesn’t fund ABC or has “practically bought” it for a piffling $1.5m grant. If Disney was that cheap to buy, I’d offer them $2m and own it outright!

          6. Pat Mustard

            Does the Gates Foundation fund ABC?


            Thank you for being able to see above your own stubbornness.

          7. Daisy Chainsaw

            And a €1.5m grant to ABC means Gates has “practically bought” Disney. I think you’ve inhaled too many chemicals where you allegedly work!

          8. Daisy Chainsaw

            It doesn’t surprise me that you’d see a small grant to ABC News as Gates having “practically bought” the multi billion dollar Disney empire. Conspiraloons be cray cray.

          9. Pat Mustard

            It doesn’t surprise me that you’re unable to climb down off your perch even in the face of overwhelming facts contravening your opinion. Stubborn

          10. Daisy Chainsaw

            Calm down dear, you’re just humiliating yourself now. Bill Gates isn’t buying Disney for $1.5million which is what you originally dribbled several tantrums throwing posts ago.

          11. Pat Mustard

            Calm down dear, you’re just humiliating yourself.. ”


            Says the proud as punch bigot, ignoramus and self confessed hypocrite.

            Latched onto anything you possibly can in the face of me utterly owning you, repeatedly.

            Loss making mess ABC, owned by Disney, already in bed with the Gates Foundation, accepting a massive donation from the Gates Foundation for unchallenged puff pieces promoting vaccines.

            Hard for you to accept that Gates has bought editorial off Disney /ABC.

          12. Daisy Chainsaw

            I’m adding “concept of money” to the list of things you fail to have a clue about. Disney bought for $1.5m. If you really believe that, I have some beachfront property in Athlone for sale.

          13. Pat Mustard

            Literally, can’t stop self-owning can you.

            I never said Gates bought Disney.

            I said Gates bought ABC.

            I said Gates partly funds Disney.

            All true.

            Quit miss-quoting me like an amateur.

          14. Pat Mustard

            And show me where I said that Gates has partly bought Disney?

            I never said that.

            I said Gates has partly bought ABC, which is quite clearly up for rent.

            I also said that Gates partly funds Disney, which is true.

            So when you’re done wiping the spittle from your mouth can you please cite me correctly or don’t bother at all.

          15. Daisy Chainsaw

            You said practically bought, not partly. I am citing you correctly. You’re not citing you correctly because you now know how stupid it sounds that a small contribution to Disney subsidiary could be considered as “funding”. I bought a bag of crisps the other day, it doesn’t mean I’m funding Tayto park!

            But, you know, keep humiliating yourself for my amusement by all means.

          16. Pat Mustard

            Wow, this like pulling teeth..

            I said..

            “Gates practically bought ABC..”


            “Gates partly funds Disney..”

            At no point did I say Gates bought Disney.

            The only reference to Disney was part funding.

            You’re totally and utterly wrong.

            Go back and look and gorge on humble pie while you’re at it.

            You’ve been wrong all day long and it’s been easy for me humbling you.

            Here’s a hint going forward , next time choose your battles more carefully and try to know what you’re talking about before going in over your head, that way you won’t come out of it looking like an imbecile.

          17. Pat Mustard

            Once again, correctly cite me or don’t at all.

            That’s 3 times I’ve specifically asked you to correct the record.

            Get that into your head

      1. GiggidyGoo

        You’re getting tiring Bisted. Maybe if you gave alternatives to what SOQ posts instead of just attacking himself you’d have a bit more credibility?

        1. Mary Lambe

          Soq appears very racist giggidy
          Questionable sources
          I know if I was a gay man indeed I wouldn’t be much into Poles or Muslims either but a lot of his stuff is way out there
          Just my opinion

      2. Ghost of Yep


        If I wear a scarf, tea towel, nylon stockings or a one-use mask with no best before do you consider me on your side as long as I have something?

          1. Ghost of Yep

            I detest both with a passion too. The mask conversation can be had outside of that.

            Just do it versus this is the one to use and why conversation has not been had though….hence certain people latch on to it to prove their point. Tis a mess.

          2. Ghost of Yep

            @ SOQ

            The @ thing is odd so to clarify I don’t think you’re a fascist or a racist. Bit mental at times but sure.

          3. SOQ

            That’s call gin Yep LOL

            I strongly believe in the free exchange of ideas and opinions and am grateful that we live in a part of the world where that is possible. I am also aware of how easily that can be taken away from us.

            Back on topic- I really would like to hear more from these Health Freedom Ireland ladies.

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