Selling A PUP


When truth requires a mask.

Call Hugh.

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11 thoughts on “Selling A PUP

      1. frank

        Yes that’s what they are saying alright.
        I’ve worked without any interruption since 2005
        In 2018 my earnings were €70,000.
        Thats more than €200 a week by a long chalk.
        They just dumped me off the PUP to massage figures. It’s a con and a lie

          1. Frank

            I’ve emailed and called them every day for 3 weeks.
            no response from email and on the phone they just say send an email.
            I’ve 3 dependants and my livelihood obliterated by covid restrictions.

          2. Janet, dreams of big guns

            I really feel for you Frank, maybe get on to your local representative ask them to make a noise on your behalf,

          3. Anne

            Could you call into someone? Are there any offices open?
            Hopefully things get better soon & they back date what you’re owed too.

        1. Clampers Outside

          It’s based on what you submitted as your earnings to Revenue. 2018 is the latest full year earnings available.

          Did you submit €70k to Revenue…

          If yes, you have a case.

          1. frank

            Yes I did.
            My Chapter 4 Form 11 submitted to Revenue and forwarded to declare the same.
            Have emailed them every day.
            Have called the telephone number.
            – “you have to send an email”
            – ‘I have, many times”
            – ‘they’re very busy”
            The PUP rerate unit is in Waterford.
            I’ve rang Waterford Social Welfare.
            – “you have to send an email”
            – “we have no phone number for that department”
            Kafkaesque stuff and very very upsetting.

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