Win Mick’s Voucher


Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary


At least the airlines are not operating like a cartel at this time.

That would be…



9 thoughts on “Win Mick’s Voucher

      1. Boj

        ah fer….I’m sick of keeping private companies afloat! You pay for a service, the service is not provided, customer gets money back…so so very simple! And theres laws there for it too…
        Laws…haha…remember them!

        1. Micko

          I know it’s a pain. But It’s more focused on keeping the staff hired.

          They get to spend their money on your companies service and vice versa etc.

          It’s all good.

          1. Anne

            Ryanair have billions stashed away. Are the public a charity now for Ryanair.

            You might be inclined to take a voucher, if they would offer them to people who are now wanting to follow gov advice (if they booked pre-covid), but they’re not.. they’re giving them the 2 fingers.

            So yeah, get your money back. You’re entitled to it.

          2. Boj

            Keeping staff hired is your logic? Does that extend past the airline industry? Let’s say…the banking sector? “Let’s support BOI and let them keep my money” That is not all good and yet another crisis being used to good effect. Manipulation of soft heads seems to be getting easier and easier.

  1. italia'90

    Daycent bunch a lads the Turkish.

    If you have unused tickets for suspended international flights, you can change your tickets for a flight within one year in the same region as the original destination.
    If you have tickets for non-suspended international flights purchased before or on March 20, 2020, you can change your tickets for free if you cancel them before the hour of flight.
    For detailed information regarding change requests, please visit Zero Change Fee/Change to Open Ticket.
    Passengers can make unlimited changes for bookings made between March 21, 2020 and August 31, 2020.
    Please review our Flexible Changing Rights page for more details on unlimited changes.

    1. Anne

      And why can’t Ryanair do that for people? Because they are gougers who don’t give a toss about your and your family. Customer couldn’t care less service with Ryanair.

      Anyone recall their 1 millionth passenger winner they screwed over? O’Keefe something or other (not Georgia).. oh, anyway, she did some advertising for them after winning as the millionth passenger, winning free flights for life. O’Leary told her get stuffed after awhile. When he said ‘life’, he meant the life of a snail..

      O’Leary was under the impression there wasn’t a contract, as it wasn’t in writing.. Judge said, WRONG,. there was an exchange of services, and a contract was formed.. and it doesn’t need to be in writing. Think she got about 70k from the gouger, for the value of her free flights he reneged on.

      Ryanair need a few more lawsuits I’d say.

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