Audi Get Past?


Ah now.

This morning.

Seapoint, County Dublin.

COM writes:

Another morning of antisocial parking & blocking the footpath for this elderly gentleman.

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council can you step up enforcement at Seapoint as this is an ongoing problem.


15 thoughts on “Audi Get Past?

  1. JEH

    Footpath? What footpath. That’s merely a road extension and clearly that pedestrian doesn’t belong in the road. Silly of him to think he had any right to be there. What’s next, you’re going to suggest we designate specific areas for cars to park? Why would they need that when they can already park everywhere?

  2. d

    expensive cars. probably rich owners with their sense of entitlement. ever notice how its rich people are the most arrogant. An old ford or fiat car owner would never be so arrogant.

    1. Tony

      No offense d but I reckon that’s an oul cliche. I’ve seen a lot more pig ignorantly parked regular cars than swanky ones. It’s just the swanky ones you notice more. Also been cut off and tailgated by more poo-box motors than Beemers or Mercs because there’s more of them on the road

      Long story short – many car owners are inconsiderate and ignorant regardless what car they have or what money they have

      1. Rob_G

        It’s a universal phenomenon: in every country I’ve lived in, Audi and Beamer drivers are always the biggest willy-woos, so it’s not something limited to Ireland.

          1. d

            i think you are both half right, find less rich people park badly too, but i do think audi/bmw drivers are worse. As long as the three of us make a bond to never park this rudely, im happy.

      2. Ragamuffin

        There was a study done in Berkeley University a few years ago that showed that the fancier the car, the more anti-social the driving.

        On a related point, I wish they’d put a double yellow along both sides of strand rd in Sandymount. On the northbound lane, cars are constantly parked up on the path. This has the effect of both making it hard for pedestrians to get past and pushes cyclist further into the road. If people want so desperately to park outside their house, then they can convert their front garden space to off street parking. We need to remove people’s sense of entitlement to blocking the public realm with private property.

        1. Cian

          ” If people want so desperately to park outside their house, then they can convert their front garden space to off street parking.”
          Times a hundred.

    2. paul

      It sort of splits though. Walking to my train I pass a launderette near a busy intersection, there is some on-street parking around the corner and a housing estate but the more selfish amongst us will park the car in the turning lane, throw on the ‘idiot’ lights and pop in to pick up their laundry. It’s an equal amount of flashy cars and pieces of crap clogging up that lane and occasionally blocking it completely. My guess is that the folk in the middle park around the corner or up the street and walk down.

  3. Matt Pilates

    In fairness, tons of older people like myself swim at Seapoint; at times we are in the majority there. It’s a popular spot, these days especially. It’s reasonable to suspect that some of these cars on the double yellows belong to such swimmers, older ones are just as bad. Really what needs to happen is the road leading down to the spot needs to be closed except to residents and service vehicles.

    The old chap is quite right to case these bozos out and see if any of them are unlocked.

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