Come Into My Parler


Gemma O’Doherty has been banned from Twitter

Left-wing cancellation jubilation.

Right-wing platform jumping.

This may never end.


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55 thoughts on “Come Into My Parler

  1. Mr .T

    Not a fan of Go’D by any stretch – but there’s something disturbing when people start boasting about ‘deplatforming’ someone.

    1. SOQ

      Its censorship- no other word for it. Thing is- twitter are doing themselves no favours with their selective banning. There has already bee a 48 hour strike this week over their alleged antisemitic polices.

      And on the other side, Parler is growing fast so what is going to happen is two polarised camps- and that is never healthy.

      1. Dónal O'Flynn

        If Parler gets all the wingnuts off Twitter that’ll be a cause for celebration, not concern. Censorship of vile individuals like Gemma is not only justifiable, it’s a good thing for society. I’m all for free speech, but hate speech should be censored.

        1. Mr .T

          Incitement to hatred should be censored – and those responsible punished.
          But “hate speech”? It’s far too vague a label, anyone can interpret something as hate speech and use it as justification for censorship.

        2. Junkface

          The thing about free speech is that it has to be absolute or else its a contradiction. Censorship is not good for democratic societies. Adults should be treated as such. Hate speech was always tolerated and debated or ridiculed in the past by people opposing it. It seemed to be a system that worked since the 1950’s.

          1. Nigel

            Free speech has never been absolute. Libel, slander, incitement, criminal conspiracy, harassment, fraud, false advertising, even noise ordinances – all basic criminal or civil limitations on speech. Ask people subjected to hate speech how well the system of tolerating hate speech works.

          2. Junkface

            Yes well there are conditions in most democracies, like that you do not undermine public order, safety at public events etc. Most countries who have a free press try their best to uphold these values and always have. They never went around censoring anything that caused people offence, or even considered it, until recently. There has always been a fine line that was walked in the courts sometimes with Libel cases. Didn’t Chomsky himself stick up for some racists right to speak freely in the 790’s and 80’s? Otherwise, who decides on what is allowed and what isn’t?

          3. Nigel

            Well, you seem to have set yourself up as an authority on whether black people should debate people who think they’re subhuman, homosexuals should debate people who believe they’re evil, Jews should debate people who think they should be put into ovens, etc. Or do you think it’s all white, straight, Christian people who should politely and civilly debating whether black people are subhuman, gay people are evil or Jewish people should be put into ovens while blacks, gays and Jews just keep out of it if theyre so bothered by all this freedom of speech? Why don’t black, gay and Jewish people find racists, homophobes and anti-semites as hilariously ridiculous as you do?

            And if you’re seriously sugesting that democracies have only just now started silencing opinions they find offensive… bloody hell.

            Plenty of people willing to stand up for the rights of racists and Nazis and the rest while claiming they don’t share their opinions. At some point they have to actually stand up to the racists and Nazis or all they’re doing is defending racists and Nazis.

          4. Nigel

            It’s always the ones most adamant about the theoretical benefits of hearing other points of view that seem incapable of dealing with other points of view.

          1. Mary (Never) Wong

            Haha Giggidy is unmasked as a Gemmabot
            And people wonder why I make such big eyes at him

      2. GiggidyGoo

        She posted on 17th July ‘ I’m on TR from Twitter jail for speaking out on paedophile protectors. Please follow me on Parler @gemmaodoherty as we’ll all be leaving here soon.’

        So looks like she took the decision herself.

        1. Mary (Never) Wong

          Haha Giggidy is (again) unmasked as a Gemmabot
          And people wonder why I make such big eyes at him

          1. GiggidyGoo

            That’s very benign of you B9. My personal stalker, who copies it’s own posts and reposts them is back.
            Not to worry – just a month left, and it’ll be back to school.

    2. Susan

      Why’s that? She joined a platform, accepting their terms and conditions for use -which she subsequently violated. Don’t like the rules? Tough titties.

      1. Mr .T

        She deserved to get banned for her conduct, no doubt – when you start targeting individuals and other poo that she did, it’s no surprise she broke the TOS.

        My gripe is with the people who didnt care that she broke the rules, they only wanted her banned off twitter because they dont like what she says (rule breaches aside).
        They didn’t want her punished for breaking the TOS, they wanted her deplaformed because they dont like her. That’s the distinction, and what makes the gloating above so disturbing.

        1. Nigel

          The cart’s before the horse, there, isn’t it? They don’t like her because of what she said, which was hateful. If the standard is, she can say all the hateful things she likes but she can’t be banned because people don’t like her, and since people don’t like her because she says hateful things, then you can never ban anyone who does awful things because nobody likes people who do awful things except other awful people, who can’t be banned because they’re so unlikeable… well, it’s all a bit circular, isn’t it? The offence here is what she has done, not that people formed a negative opinion of her because of what she did.

          1. Mr .T

            She has said many things – most of which were unsavoury. But of all those things, few were breaches of TOS. This is (I presume) what Twitter acting on when banning her.
            “those who spent the past two years deplatforming Gemma O’Doherty” were not attempting to do some backseat moderation of twitter for Go’Ds breach of TOS. They were trying to get her deplatformed for all the legal but controversial or unsavoury things she said – i.e. the things they personally did not like or agree with.

          2. Nigel

            I mean, if they agreed with her, they’d hardly be horrified or disgusted by what she said would they? I’m mystified by the entirely arbitrary standard you’re going for here.

          3. Nigel

            My point is that people don’t dislike her AND she says horrible TOS breaching things, people dislike her BECAUSE she says horrible things that also breach TOS, so it’s simply untrue, or overly simplified, to say that people want her banned JUST becuase they happen to dislike her.

    3. :-Joe


      Anyone feeling good about this is a complete dimwit…
      – FFS.. The bloody epidemic of eejit’s keeps growing…

      The same kind of dimwit that think’s twitter is any kind of platform for debate worthy of being taken seriously…

      Like the dimwit’s hanging on every word of bs propaganda by slightly cleverer eejit’s incessantly bitching about drumpf…

      GOD is crazy bs personified.. So wouldn’t it be better to have it all out in the open?.. Oh no, wait.. twitster is for smart people… haha.. gtfo..

      Y’all some dumb-ass, dim-witted, eejit’s sometimes…
      – Hand’s up.. I’m watching “The Wire” again… Still waiting a long time for something else as good but nothing has come close..

      Don’t worry Mr.T, I aint puttin you on no damn plane..

      Fo’real, Fo’sure etc.


  2. Pee Pee

    She was going around a primary school in Balbriggan videoing children of Eastern Asian descent saying they weren’t Irish. She’s disgusting. She should be locked up.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Poor Mícheál Ó’Lionáin
    Green Party member …and a Patriot.
    What’s he going to do now?

  4. Charger Salmons

    As Ms O’D exits the swamp England’s greatest living cricketer Sir Ian Botham is formally announced as a new ermine-clad occupant of the red leather benches of the House of Lords.
    For those unaware of his greatness he is Roy Keane,Christy Ring and St George all rolled up into one bundle of never-say-die Aussie-baiting,Brexit-loving sporting prowess.
    His 1981 Ashes performance cemented his reputation and his five decade-long feud with Aussie cricketing scrote Ian Chappell merely elevates him to the pantheon of greats among every English cricket supporter.
    I have already raised an early Bombay Sapphire to toast his success.

    1. Joe F

      Hey , why do you use “Sir” Ian Botham and then use Keir Starmer, not “Sir” Keir Starmer??
      Your class system is alien to most countries. Anyway, your inferiority complex calls for this nonsense from time to time old boy. Big interest in your call to watch the match yesterday.

    2. Formerly known as

      What makes Ian Chappell a “scrote”? Let me know when the Brits get democracy to replace the so called “House of Lords”.

  5. Do I need a username?

    The extent to which this woman was afforded an untrammelled platform to tweet the most vile abuse, quackery and bigotry truly defied belief. As demonstrated by her behaviour today outside Croke Park, she is still well able and entitled to stand on a soap box, h calling all around her “pedos”. Twitter on the other hand has rules, lax as they may be and she had a good run at spouting abuse & hate, but finally those rules caught up with her and well, she has become a cropper. The only issue I have, is what took you so long twitter?

    Free speech doesn’t extend to allowing the upload of videos of you abusing racial minorities, running a smear campaign to abuse a mixed race family, manipulating photos of children, defaming everyone you disagree with…

    1. Do I need a username?

      Why is it controversial to state that this person has a problem in distinguishing what is real and what is not real?

  6. Scundered

    Now what are we gonna do to find a local nutjob to laugh at? Both left and the majority of ring wing people rightfully were abhorred with her conduct. She was very much out on her own, with her brand of politics.

  7. Nullzero

    Yer wan in the first tweet was congratulating Ebun Joseph for “schooling” Michael McDowell on prime time last night.

    Gemma o Doherty might be crazy but those pursuing her aren’t much better.

    1. SOQ

      Dr Ebun Joseph is surely representative of ALL black Irish?

      I’d pay serious money to watch her go a couple of rounds with Stella Immanuel.

  8. Johnny Green

    I worked with Gemma on one her great investigative pieces,back in day (actually not that long ago),she was a terrific journalist who went extraordinary lengths to verify sources and a story.My very small role was to confirm some rumors and i was not much help,but she was great,very professional and polite treated me like i was some deep throat and important source,i really was not.

    I’ve no idea ‘what happened’ nor do i really care,but Ireland has a habit of tormenting and burning heretics,she really was a great journalist as was Frank Connoly,who was smeared and had his investigative journalism killed by the establishment,over at that time allegations of some sort association with the verboten IRA.

    They say your opinions are often shaped by your own personal experiences,i have a lot time for Gemma and wish her well,hopefully she finds a path back.No i don’t agree with most her opinions/views but watching and listening to John Lewis funeral this week,reminded me of the need to be tolerant and listen to other people,espically those with views i may not agree with.

    In like me you believe in the power of a true democracy, then you don’t need censorship or de-platforming,what i really don’t understand is the F….g Green Party,i had no idea reviving Section 31 was one their policy goals.

    1. Lilly

      I’d say the way INM/ Stephen Rea and the Garda turned on her just for doing her job traumatised her. Losing her husband not long afterwards can’t have been easy either.

    2. Do I need a username?

      This is some bull. For the most part, she was a series and features writer, miles away from the sleuth investigator she later presented herself as. It was quite obvious to me a few years ago that she wasexploiting certain tragedies to massage her own delusions and profile, going so far as to cause huge upset to some of those family members directly connected to these tragedies.
      We all suffer set backs and bereavement in our lives yet don’t go down her path

      It is time to recognise that this person is beyond help and the only thing left to do is to ensure she doesn’t have untrammelled access to online fora to abuse and harass others.

      1. Mary (Never) Wong

        Oh listen to yourself
        What sort of world would it be if we had the likes of you policing free speech? Quiet now

  9. Nigel

    Isn’t it funny how conservative fascism can only win by sending unmarked agents to snatch people off the street, beat and shoot peaceful protesters, shut down popular internet apps, supress the number of people voting, deliberately let thousands of people die because you think the pandemic will only effect high-populations centres that are historically liberal, reduce the speaking time of opposition TDs, reduce the number of MPs in parliament, increase the number of crony Lordships, and avoid investigating foreign interference that may have helped them electorally and politically.

    Ain’t that right, Bodger?

  10. Vanessanelle

    Oh my
    It’s definitely a sight to see so many of ye exercised by the act of De-Platforming

    How times have changed
    And so many tunes

    The about-turns some of ye here have taken on De-Platforming and cancelling are enough to cause motion sickness

    Their Gaff
    Their Rules

    Pretty much applies everywhere, not just Broadsheet
    And AFAIC it always has

    I blame those masks lads
    Awful slippage altogether, stay away from the yokes
    They’ll cause ye to turn all woke and the like
    Forgetful even

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