He’s On The 50! He’s On The 40! He’s On The 30… He’s On The Ground!


This morning/afternoon.

Croke Park, Dublin.

Hon Mohammed.

Eid celebration in Croke Park a ‘powerful symbol of unity (RTÉ)

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84 thoughts on “He’s On The 50! He’s On The 40! He’s On The 30… He’s On The Ground!

      1. OJohnny Keenan

        Class Headline Bodger.

        Mecca and Monaghan, neither a hurlin stronghold, although both very passionate with the come-ons.

        It’s important to say, the last time there was that many people spuritually connected on the sacred sod, was when me and my kind, BIFFO’S Brave Intent Folk From Offaly sat down in protest for our replay in 1998. A call to Clare.
        The rest as they say is history.

        Great to see GAA open the gates to all people. How much frank and cents was given. Will we ever no.

        As long as we can all apreciate where we need to move forward to, we can get Offaly another (overdue) all Ireland title.

        That’s when we will know that we will have acheived total hurlin’.
        A muslim lifting the Muhammad McCarthy!

        If the GAA can relegate Offaly to the ‘Mickey Mouse Cup’ they can change the name of Liam McCarthy trophy. Sponsored by Caroll Meats.

        ‘where we all belong, if you like it or not’ (it’s rude to mention money, the ultimate religion.)

        Seriously though, what odds would one be likely to get on an all Ireland hurlin or football final between The Muslims and The Catholics before 2030?
        (Asking for a god friend)

    1. Rob_G

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – I find the idea of people prostrating themselves in submission to a vengeful god a bit weird, tbh – but hey, it’s a free country, Croke Park is a big empty space where people can do this safely and they are happy enough to let them, so why not.

      Also, phenomenal headline, Bodge.

      1. Rob_G

        Daft – presumably everyone other than adherents of Islam find the tenets of the religion somewhat incredible; don’t be such a right-on tryhard.

        1. Pat

          I don’t hold with slagging off peoples beliefs. Bit of respect is all. Less of the name calling please

          1. Rob_G

            I didn’t insult anyone’s beliefs; merely stated what they were, and noted that I found it a bit odd. You, on the other hand, called me a ‘muslim hater’ (sic) – I expect you to apologise, tbh.

          2. Pat

            i did not call you a Muslim hater – that comment was a reply to Bodger, not you. So you’re not owed any apology off me

          3. bisted

            …we atheists are the official belief slaggers here…we insult all faith based religious beliefs equally…no favouritism shown although I have a soft spot for Quakers…

          4. Janet, dreams of big guns

            I have a soft spot for Hindus, I like a different God for everything, might as well go all out

          5. Rob_G

            @ bodge – can i ask why my ‘habibi’ (arabic for ‘brother’, not a term with any particular religious connotations) was deleted?

          6. SOQ

            I don’t hold with slagging off peoples beliefs.

            If they are gay haters then I will give it to them with both barrels- when they respect me, I shall respect them- but NOT until then.

          7. goldenbrown

            “I have a soft spot for Hindus…”

            aah now Janet, c’mon, in the top trumps of religion it HAS to be the Hare’s surely?

            they’re a great bunch of lads, no?

    2. Art Vandelay

      Headline is more crap because it’s referencing a ‘Murican sport. I’m sure there were a million Hehir or Ó Muircheartaigh quotes he could have went for.

  1. SOQ

    Tweet from Alliance of Former Muslims (Ireland) @Ex_Muslims_Irl

    In Islam, homosexuality is punishable by death. And yet, @rodericogorman is warmly addressing Muslims in Croke Park. This is like a lamb trying to court a den of lions. Let him travel to the Islamic world and see how LGBT people are hanged from cranes and chemically castrated.


      1. curmudgeon

        Whats wrong with being Islamophobic? Do you think Islam or religion is beyond criticism? Do you think Islam respects gay people or women?

        1. sidhe

          it’s like asking what’s wrong with being anti-semitic, isn’t it?

          you don’t have to like religion, of any kind (and we do have a complicated relationship with religion in this country), and of course having a healthy discussion and disagreement about religion is all well and good, but disliking an entire people based on what religion they practice is ridiculous, and arguably dangerous

          1. curmudgeon

            False equivalence. If they want to attend GAA matches or join a team whats stopping them? This is the GAA saying that they’re fine with Islam as an organised religion. I mean I know GAA is just virtue signalling how woke they are but still.

            Are you one of those people that thinks Muslims are a race? Are Catholics a race too?

          2. sidhe

            you’re jumping all over the place with your argument there buddy

            I think you only have to look at how the Uighers Muslims are treated in China, or Rohingyan Muslims to see how easily it can happen in a modern context. I don’t think it’s false equivalence to equate a fear or hatred of one religious group with another, if it leads to persecution and the threat of displacement or even genocide, nor am I going to turn around and claim ‘racism’ in a bid to shut down a discussion about religion

            I don’t see what the GAA have to do with it at all, beyond facilitating the event, and fair play to them for doing it, imo. did we not open up Phoenix Park for an enormous papal mass on 2018?

          1. curmudgeon

            Can you give me one or do you have to wait for permission from a male family member first?

        2. SOQ

          And that is where we are at- if you object to someone’s hatred of gays, to the point where they may kill you- it is you who has the problem it appears.

          This played out quite recently in a planning permission to turn the Trocadero, Piccadilly Circus in London into a mosque. An unholy alliance of Soho gays and west end conservatives was formed- the application was withdrawn.

        3. Daisy Chainsaw

          Catholicism certainly doesn’t respect gay people or women.
          But then both religions were both made up from the same middle eastern area.

          1. SOQ

            Gays were never treated like that Daisy- they were usually shoved into the seminary- why do you think so many priests were/are gay?

            There is more swishing around the Vatican than a Ru Paul show.

      2. Junkface

        You can critique a religions beliefs, or holy books without being an Islamophobe. Atheists critique all religions. If I criticized the Holy Bible for also being ant-gay in its scriptures, does that make me Christianophobic? If there’s such a term. Religions are ideologies, most of them are intolerant as they are 2000 years old or 800 ish years old. We need to criticize the horrible effects they can have on society and encourage them to be more moderate.

        1. sidhe

          not sure if that’s in response to my comment, but i think you’ve put that very well

          totally agree

  2. Anne

    So where’s all the animal slaughtering that the Liberal.ie were reporting was going to be happening?

    1. Rob_G

      (lambs are in fact slaughtered for Eid)

      – but then again, thousands of animals are slaughtered every single day up and down the country, so I’m not sure what difference an extra few dozen lambs will make

    2. Janet, dreams of big guns

      I used to tell terrible fibs as a kid and tell the odd catholic cousin that we drank fresh lambs blood at communion among other dastardly presbyterian gross things in general, loved the wind up

      1. Papi

        In secondary school, my science teacher was a priest. Biology was nuts. He would actually say, “This is the accepted version” of evolution. I was kicked out of class for “If the Catholic church doesn’t agree with artificial insemination, what was Jesus?”
        Bish bosh bang.

        1. Mary (Never) Wong

          It’s a fair point.
          We had a nun for whatever civics was.
          Imagine debating with a nun.
          She taught biology as well.
          We also had a priest for physics and chemistry now he wasn’t all there either , but he didn’t deny science. He just fobbed it off and said god did some thing or other before we got here, when I asked him. It was pre the theory of the Big Bang became accepted science

        2. SOQ

          My physics teacher user to use an drawing of two men and two women repelling each other to explain magnetic polarity- which is probably why I spent three years of my adult life studying electrical engineering.

          Complete waste obviously- I trust he died screaming

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            my chemistry teacher, an English lesbian told us that one in ten girls were statistically lesbian causing me to wonder if I was actually in love with my best friend for about a week

        3. Papi

          In their slight defense, I was taught in a seminary, and at the end of it, they ask everyone if they want to go on to the priesthood. Everyone except me.
          Me and the church were very ok with this.

          *Also, the headmaster was a pallbearer at Bobby Sands’ funeral. So there was that too. The stories. Oy.

          1. SOQ

            On numerous occasions- are you actually defending the GAA’s record on gay rights with that question?

          2. Rob_G

            Well yes – bearing in mind that we don’t want Bodger to get hit with a libel suit, what specific incidences of homophobia did you witness on any of your visits?

          3. SOQ

            Oh now that is interesting- sore point is it? Name me one current out gay county player please.

            No lectures on private lives thanks- there is a number who ‘take one for the team’- in this case ‘one’ is homophobia- so keep quiet.

            And while we are on the subject- why was Croke Park so important for Islamic social distancing given that there was only two hundred of them allowed?

            If they want tolerance and diversity then maybe they should get thier own house in order first.

          4. Rob_G

            “sore point is it?”

            No; I’m just asking for evidence to support your assertion, which you haven’t provided.

            I’m not up-to-date with all things GAA, but a previous head of the GPA was an out gay man.

            The rest of your post about ‘only 200’ is a load of nonsense.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      What religion is Croke Park consecrated to?

      Also, egg hunts are a pagan thing, stolen by christianity. I don’t remember reading anything about the miracle of Jesus laying eggs.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Pagan ? Why else do you think the stone was rolled back from the cave ? That was one serious hunt for yolks.
        As sure as eggs are eggs.

        Baddum Tish.

  3. SOQ

    I have an idea.

    For next year’s Eid in Croke Park, which is already being planned- maybe the noose should be it’s symbol?

    The Islamists and The National Party are surely on the same gay page ?

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