‘No Line Of Sight’


Aer Lingus CEO Sean Doyle outlined the potentially dramatic moves in an internal video to staff members on Friday.

“We have no line of sight on any meaningful resumption of operations out of either Cork or Shannon Airports. As such we are reviewing the scale of our flying programme from these airports and the ongoing viability of our regional bases there,” he told staff.

Someone‘s looking for a bailout.


Aer Lingus reviewing Cork and Shannon operations (Independent.ie)



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5 thoughts on “‘No Line Of Sight’

  1. diddy

    they’re not the only ones with no hope in sight. airlines, musicians, actors, anyone involved in tourism, sportsfans…. desperate stuff

  2. goldenbrown

    this is well beyond just Aer Lingus….IAG are hemorrhaging money very very badly
    existential stuff, can’t see any state intervention happening

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