This afternoon.

Former footballer Gary Dempsey makes a plea for improved mental health services and for people to reach out to those who they feel may be in trouble amid reports of depression and suicides during lockdown.

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5 thoughts on “Lost In Lockdown

  1. Andrew

    “amid reports of depression and suicide”
    What reports are these? Suicide is terrible but the rate has been falling in Ireland for years but you’d think the opposite is the case.
    This obsession and relentless focus on ‘mental health’ is actually quite cynical.
    It’s an industry now, just like it has been in the U.S for years.

  2. Micko

    Never suffered from depression in my life. I’m generally a happy chap.

    But I have to say the past few months has been very trying.

    I’ve watched an industry that I’ve spent two decades establishing myself in disappear with no real chance of returning.

    So yeah my mental health has deffo been affected…

    1. Colm

      Sorry to hear that mate. Same here. In my case events, and i wonder when will people feel good about going to fun stuff again!?

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