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  1. Matt Pilates

    Attention: Are you a pub owner? Now is your chance to go back to school and get a Leaving Cert

  2. gallantman

    Was in Carlingford of an afternoon at the weekend. Obviously hens and stags knocking around- one particularly striking group of about 13-14 ‘lads’. Apparently they had gone buck mad in the couple of pubs that were open the night before then, back to their various airbnbs for an all-nighter and then merrily returned to their respective homes all over the country on Monday.

    Against that backdrop- and I’m sure its the tip of the iceberg- some of these government policy pronouncements around effective Covid 19 suppression are assuming Kim Jong Un levels of delusion.

    1. Mary (Never) Wong

      Man yells at other posters calls them childish, compares to Loch Ness monsters etc
      Next day posts pictures a 12 year old adolescent would be ashamed to be seen near
      Honestly …

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Sorry if you’re ashamed to be near it. Never mind, school will be open in a couple of weeks and you can return there to 6th class this year.

    2. Joe

      Unsurprising the pubs are not reopening, unsurprising Varadkar leaked the news via the fine Gael rag the ironically titled The Independent. What’s that noise in the background?…. Thats the sound of FF hissy fits as Varadkar once again pulls one on Mehole Martin and shows who is in charge of the joke coalition!

  3. Lucy McGee

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but Leo is correct.

    Fighting for your right to go out and make a fool of yourself is one thing.
    Bring a virus home and making your Grandmother fight for her life is another.

    If you arent careful you won’t be getting a present this Christmas.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      he’d have to get up very early in the morning to beat Leo to the cameras, very early in the morning

      1. missred

        I love this, a Fr Ted quote and an unfortunate one from Leo’s old welfare hating slogan

      1. Matt Pilates

        Mickey Martin needs to up his game. Perhaps he’ll go back and put in a few voluntary hours in the classroom as a teacher. Along with several others…

  4. class wario

    tbf, Varadkar & co basically got to avoid giving people all the wholly unpopular news that Martin et al have had to be the face of since the new government came in so I feel this was probably assigned to him with that in mind

  5. JoeyJoeJoeShabadoo

    Easy fix for this and many pubs are already doing similar, which is to get food in from a local takeaway or buy crackers, cheese and cold meats and the likes and provide food that doesn’t require heating to customers

    Why all pubs aren’t already doing this baffles me

  6. wearnicehats

    What do Hotel residents do at the minute – drink carry outs in their rooms? Or are hotel residents allowed in the bar, just not walk-ins?

    1. Custo

      They’re allowed in the bar to eat food and have a couple of drinks, same as everywhere else.

      1. SOQ

        NOT TRUE- I know several people who were sent to their room with a tray recently.

        They were northern Protestants mind- so assumed asylum seekers probably.

  7. Lucy McGee

    Doctors write prescriptions and fight sickness
    Politicians rewrite history and fight to be re-elected.
    Broadsheet Commentors fight science and write rubbish.

    It’s like the Bermuda Triangle all over again…

    1. SOQ

      Doctors write prescriptions- in Ireland- mainly for profit.

      €50-60 every ten minute pop and whatever the pharmacist is having themselves.

      1. sidhe

        there are plenty of GPs and pharmacists who care about more than profit

        you can’t tar them all with the same brush

        1. Matt Pilates

          True. I know loads who care more about trying to get elected…. O’Connell, McDaid, Reilly ….

  8. Lilly

    I know one pub down the sticks that’s completely ignoring this. Packed to the rafters every night, no social distancing, no food. Didn’t have much trade pre-Covid so making hay now. People coming from far and wide. Cops have been in several times and cleared the premises but business resumes the following day. Luckily there hasn’t been an outbreak in the area so far.

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