Take A Minute To Tell Us Why You Cancelled


Luan Parle


Wicklow-born country singer Luan Parle leaves Spotify with a choice message for the streaming service’s controversial (see below) CEO, Daniel Ek.

Musicians criticise Spotify CEO for saying it’s “not enough” to release albums “every 3-4 years” (NME)

Clive Barnes (Facebook)

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6 thoughts on “Take A Minute To Tell Us Why You Cancelled

  1. jockey

    The problem is people who like to make music thinking that they can just go and make music and then make money from it. Being a musician means learning how to do effective radio interviews, learning how to expand their network, gigging 6 nights a week, organising tours and managers and t-shirts and viral social media posts, and that’s before all the superficial needs of the public are satisfied. If you can’t accept that those elements are part of the occupation, then you’re just a gambler taking on Paddy Power. I’m not saying I’m happy it’s that way, but the horse bolted in circa 1996 and there’s no way of changing that now.

    1. SOQ

      I think what has happened since then is that one sort of blood sucking leech has been replaced by another. Back then record companies creamed the profits off artists until probably around the early eighties when they started to get themselves good legal advice and/or management.

      That has been replaced by Spotify except even the single figure artist percentage profit has been reduced to buttons. So yes I think it is harder for artists now because on paper they may appear successful but still looking at their bank balances and wondering what is the point of it all.

      File sharing is also an issue of course.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    So, an ad appeared on BS entitled ‘Pat Kenny Confirmed on News’ and here is where it led:

    I wonder will the bould Pat start suing googleads? It’s not just Pat kenny, it’s also Michael O’Leary. See who pops up for you.

    1. :-Joe

      Firefox +Set search to duckduckgo only + Plugins/Add-On’s:
      – duckduckgo privacy essentials,
      – uBlock Origin
      – https Everywhere
      – Cookie Auto Delete
      – DeCentralEyes
      (All above work fine automatically by default)

      – noScript by Giorgio Mione – The best browser plugin ever invented..
      As good / better than anti-virus / malware also blocks ransomware and many more modern or new threats automatically.
      (Requires a few minutes a little bit of learning and getting used to )

      Just those few together and 99% of your ads, spam and pop up hacking your privacy problems are a thing of the past… Same on any PC.. desktop/tablet and mobile…

      & ALL Open Source = FREE TO USE FOREVER
      (But donate directly to the developers if you can)


  3. Dhaughton99

    Reminds me of the South Park episode, where Lars Ulrick couldn’t afford another swimming pool because of piracy.

    She’s right, Spotify sucks balls.

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