Come Out, You’re Back And Tanned


 RTÉ News Health Correspondent Fergal Bowers

Going anywhere nice this year?

This afternoon

Fergal Bowers, RTÉ News Health Correspondent, writes:

‘It used to be the case that returning from a holiday abroad with a nice suntan was something to flaunt to friends and neighbours.

Arriving back, still in a colourful top and shorts, pulling a noisy suitcase along the road, was part of the ‘I’m home’ routine.

But not anymore.

With Covid-19 and the travel advice and restrictions, foreign holidays have taken on a clandestine element.

A newly-tanned face and body is not a good look these days. It gets heads turning and prompts questions.

So a quiet return, under cover of darkness, is the new way.

Any failure to self-isolate will be noticed in these very changed times….’



Any excuse.

We must learn to co-exist alongside our Covid-19 enemy (Fergal Bowers, RTÉ)


22 thoughts on “Come Out, You’re Back And Tanned

  1. Bill Kavanagh

    This is best read in Fergal’s accent, putting th’s and ing’s all over the place in an attempt to sound refined, an effect used my many radio & tv journalists.

    1. Specific Gravity

      Once you notice how many ehs and ahs and ums these broadcast professionals drop into practically every sentence, you will not be able to listen to them in peace again. Here’s looking at you Paul Reynolds, Dobbo, Ray Kennedy and David McCullagh. Is there no training they could go on to at least attempt to appear more professional?

      1. Slightly Bemused

        George Lee is dreadful for this, but also for suddenly changing tack mid sentence. It makes it very hard to follow him.
        The ladies are much better in their diction, and in formulating their sentences and questions in advance, I must say.
        The best of them, though, are the native Irish speakers when they do the news. Not sure why, but I cannot think of a time I have heard Siún Nic Gearailt umming or erring, and the Seoige sisters had wonderful diction, regardless of what people think of them. Gráinne could run a very tough interview without ever reducing herself to an ‘umm’

      2. H

        Having done some public speaking training I can tell you that this is something that is included in the training as a way to give yourself time to think if you are unsure of or have forgotten what to say next.

        1. Specific Gravity

          Fair enough taking a breath to gather thoughts, but why can most other broadcast journalists do it internally / silently? Compare and contrast with BBC, Sky, ITN et al. Even TG4 as mentioned above don’t seem to have this trait.

  2. dav

    Anyone making unnecessary trips abroad during a pandemic seriously need their heads examined.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Fergal – paid for by you and I, sponsored by FFG, to instruct the plebs on how to behave.

    1. Rob_G

      At the start of the pandemic, you were having a poop fit with the notion of people still travelling here from Italy; now, as the pandemic is hotting up again, here you are again ranting and raving at the notion of encouraging people to be responsible and not travel abroad.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        It’s not the message, but the language used – you know, the talked-down-to type. Additionally – there aren’t any flights banned from Italy, US etc. This message is directed at people living here while flights from those areas still arrive. Is the same message/wording being distributed in advance to the thousands of arrivals weekly, coming on holiday here?
        Funny that you’re trying to intimate that I’m saying the opposite to what I said at the start of the pandemic (which I’m not), yet giving the impression, now, that you are worried about the pandemic ‘hotting up’, when you weren’t at the start.

  4. bisted

    …can’t believe no TD has been snapped at the airport heading of to the sun…I’d say the government jet is doing a shuttle service to Tel Aviv now that the FFers and greens agreed to drop implementation of the Occupied Territories Bill…

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