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Luan Parle


Wicklow-born country singer Luan Parle leaves Spotify with a choice message for the streaming service’s controversial (see below) CEO, Daniel Ek.

Musicians criticise Spotify CEO for saying it’s “not enough” to release albums “every 3-4 years” (NME)

Clive Barnes (Facebook)

Luke Bloom

His name is Luka.

Guess you’ve never streamed him before?

Via Hot Press:

‘The presentation of my appeal as some sort of political statement against streaming is nonsense.

I had no desire to make a stand against anyone.

My appeal was clear. If people wish to experience my record, all I ask is that they actually buy it from actually me; because I actually generated the songs and the momentum, and paid all the people who helped get the record done, over a period of 2 years.

My only motivation in this appeal was clear and simple. I need the money.

And my experience of streaming of music through my working life is that it contributes literally nothing to my work. And then takes the streamed income and pockets it. I have no problem with that at all. it’s just that I have no desire to avail of this ‘service’.

But respect those who do.’


Luka Bloom reveals that his new album won’t be available on Spotify & other streaming services (Hot Press)

For those who threw rocks and made use of a bolthole, they salute you.

Joe Donnelly writes:

We have a very long and rich heritage of Irish songwriting that deals with colonial oppression by the British. For centuries the folk tradition has cultivated hundreds of ballads and songs of protest and anger. Irish people have always gathered together to sing; it’s part of our identity as a community. This playlist, using the 1916 centenary as a platform, builds up a brief history of some of these songs.

Needs more “broad black brimmer”.


Listen here.
Commemorative 1916 Spotify Playlist (TXFM)