Clusters Headache


Minister for Health Stephen Donelly at Dublin Castle yesterday

This morning.

RTÉ’s Morning Ireland.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said Covid-19 is ‘spreading at a fast rate’ around the world, and the five-day average cases in Ireland has jumped from ‘less than 10 to over 50 recently’.

Via RTÉ:

He said the rise in the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 was being driven by clusters of cases all around the country and eight of these clusters were “quite significant”.

He said the National Public Health Emergency Team is unanimous and unambiguously of the view that things are “very, very finely balanced” and the Government decided to take a cautious approach.

Mr Donnelly said that international evidence shows the number of cases do rise when pubs reopen, but hoped in time that businesses and pubs might be able to reopen in a phased or regional basis.

Covid-19 community transmission ‘across country’, says Donnelly (RTÉ)


The Incoming President of the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland has described the decision not to reopen all pubs next Monday as a “kick in the teeth“.

Paul Moynihan said publicans had done all that was asked of them to reopen in a safe and sanitised way and it was “very late in the day” to tell them they could not reopen on 10 August as expected.

Mr Moynihan said the number of Covid cases have been rising while most pubs remain shut and said there have been no increase in cases associated with pubs that serve food, which re-opened five weeks ago.

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28 thoughts on “Clusters Headache

  1. Micko

    I think Ewan’s follow up tweet is very true

    “Also, and never thought I’d say this, hope the pubs and other businesses and workers hit hard by government ongoing lockdown go after them for proper compensation. A lot of highly paid civil servants with pensions to come have half the country terrified and the other half broke”

  2. Charger Salmons

    Perhaps one of the team at BS Towers could pick up the ‘phone and ring the HSE press office on our behalf and ask:
    1. How many people with C-19 are in hospital and ICU.
    2. If the figures are not available why not and when we’re they last made public ?

    And if any hacks from the MSM are reading this – do your job properly and start asking difficult questions.
    Actually they’re not even that difficult.

    1. Micko

      MSM are only hacks now – all clickbait.

      Which of course is predominetly our fault. We were never gonna get Woodward and Beirnstien levels of journalism when we decided we didn’t want to pay for it anymore

        1. dan

          He’s right about this:
          A lot of highly paid civil servants with pensions to come have half the country terrified and the other half broke”

          Stephen Donnelly:
          €22,000 annual travel expenses, tax free
          €25,000 vouched allowance, tax free
          €96,000 salary

          Not bad for an engineer
          Compare this to: €350 a week to raise a family.

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            300 now, pay your rent, oh you can’t afford anything else after that, eat beans or your savings

  3. RuilleBuille

    One of the first laws passed by the government when the pandemic broke was to exempt tax exiles from the mild restrictions on living in Ireland.

  4. Gerry

    Evidence please, any evidence whatsoever?
    What this Ewan MacKenna guy is alleging is pretty serious and seems to me factually inaccurate. Surely tax exiles just travel, green list or no. The green list just means that you don’t have to restrict your movements on your return. Correct me if I am wrong

      1. Broadbag

        +1 Loop the loop, he hasn’t a clue what he’s ranting about, but either way it’s those evil tax exiles and their puppet government who must be stopped, that will fix everything!

  5. Joe Small

    1. “Nobody is dying but the pubs are still closed. Its the Government’s fault. They’re bankrupting businesses and ruining lives”

    2. “The Government opened everything and people are dying. What sort of Government deliberately kills its own people?”

    I think its quite clear that, in this case, no matter what the Government does it will be criticised, often by the same people who criticise every Government no matter what choices it makes.

    1. SOQ

      OK so I expect you think that leaving the airports wide open while placing the population under house arrest was a sensible thing to do then? How about sending people with CoVid-19 into nursing homes where they infected others maybe?

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