Last night.

Tallaght, Dublin

At midnight, four fire engines and an emergency ambulance were called to a house fire after reports of a SUV crashing into the building. No one was injured and firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to adjoining properties.

Name that jammer, anyone?


15 thoughts on “Jeepers

  1. goldenbrown

    it is of course the Foxrock Tractor, Volvo XC90
    aspiring soccermom favourite, when there isn’t quite enough of a credit limit on the cord yet for a Dalkey Tractor (Range Rover) hubby needs to get that next promo fast!

    that’s an old one though so no longer suitable for SoCo

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      I made a similar mistake into a brick wall, accelerator/ brake mix up , snapped the whole chassis

      1. James M.Chimney

        My mother in law did some something similar in a brand new 7 series in the garage driving lot, where my father in law insisted that she should be the first to drive it. That was many years ago and they’re still happily married. Some garage suit gave her a loaner of a Clio V6 3litre apparently chaos ensued.

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