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Sole traders like taxi drivers will be eligible for the grants worth ‘up to’ €1,000′

This morning.

Via RTÉ:

The grant, worth up to €1,000 per person, is aimed at sole traders such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, taxi drivers, who do not pay commercial rates and therefore do not qualify for the Government’s Restart Grant Plus Scheme.

The Enterprise Support Grant previously supported entrepreneurs who were setting up new enterprises.

It has now been revamped to specifically provide once-off supports for self-employed people who have been severely affected and have had to cease operations as a result of the pandemic.


*touches corner of mouth with little finger*

New grant to give up to €1,000 to sole traders hit by Covid-19 (RTÉ)


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3 thoughts on “Form An Orderly Queue

  1. Broadbag

    Grants of between 4K and 25K if you happen to pay rates, grant of max 1K if you don’t, doesn’t seem all that fair.

    1. eamonn

      No need to demonstrate any extra expenditure if you do pay rates either.
      The original re start., and now restart 2 grants require no proof of extra costs, just a decrease in turnover.
      Seems like an after thought. – if you don’t pay rares, you are a different class of self-employed..
      Better than a slap on the side of the head, being patted maternally by lady H.

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