US President Donald Trump was asked yesterday about the Qanon movement

The terrorist followers of Q
Spout bullshit that just isn’t true
So when Trump has the chance
To take a firm stance
Against them, that’s not what he’ll do

John Moynes


6 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. Junkface

      The Qanon thing is like a mind virus. I think the rise of conspiracy theories everywhere coincides with the severe drop in education and literacy standards over the last 30 years. They gutted their education systems financially, now lots of people have no critical thinking skills. Throw social media into the mix and you have the perfect storm of stupidity. Also the fact that the US Gov’t & military have messed around with people and other countries in extraordinary ways over the years, so once in a while a conspiracy is proven to be true.

    2. Nigel


      The people who want to see their politcial enemies taken to Gauantanamo, tried in secret military tribunals and executed gaining political power are hilarious. Antifa, at worst involved in a few street fights, ar a threat to civilisation.

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