Struggling For Words



Former Minister for Health and current Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science Simon Harris.

Last Sunday

This afternoon

Orla writes:

He wasn’t struggling last weekend…


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“An Unintended But Serious Lapse Of Judgment”

Put Your Dukes Up


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13 thoughts on “Struggling For Words

  1. Pat

    Nor was he struggling today especially in fairness. No fan of Harris but this is a really weak ‘gotcha’ or whatever it is

    1. SOQ

      Weak? Two men down and possibly more to go is hardly weak- does his condemnation not equally apply to this scenario then?

  2. goldenbrown

    straw poll Broadsheeters…..

    who on here would, if one was organised, attend a countrywide pub session protest :)


      1. Lush

        Of you’re so clever, tell me what it means? We all go to the pub on the lash to signal our displeasure with the golfing gobs****s?

  3. Broadbag

    2 hours ago he continued:

    ”The Oireachtas golf dinner should clearly not have proceeded. It was absolutely the wrong thing to do and a stomach punch to every one in this country who has sacrificed so much”

    Not sure why Harris is being targeted, first tweet was strong enough and 2nd reinforces it, not always a fan of his but this seems a very strange witch hunt.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      He and Coveney delivered a couple of stomach punches back in March by not stopping flights, or testing passengers from Italy, and the Cheltenham debacle. Coming the knowledgeable almighty former health minister now doesn’t cut it for me. Let’s see how he handles his new ministership – might be better for him to concentrate of how the universities are going to deal with a massive problem instead of this.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Has Simon any view on how tenable the Hogan / Woulfe’s positions are? Maybe if we knew that, we could decide on how serious he is about the issue in his tweets above.

  5. SOQ

    I predict quite a sea change in the public’s attitude to these stupid restrictions now.

    Stats from a test that was never designed to check for a live virus is wearing very thin- these people know the truth and behaved accordingly.

    The SEASONAL CoVid-19 has gone- nobody is getting sick- move friggen on.

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