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Yesterday: I’m No Clown, I Won’t Back Down

Titiana McGrath?

From top: Kevin Myers (left), JK Rowling; A tweet from Ms Rowling following Mr Myers’ sacking from The Sunday Times

This afternoon.

In the latest issue of The Spectator.

Journalist and broadcaster Kevin Myers, writes (full article at link below):

…This time three years ago, I was a well-known journalist in Ireland, with a modest profile in Britain.

On the last weekend of July, on the basis of a poorly written column in the Irish edition of the Sunday Times about the pay differentials in the BBC, London social media vilified me.

I was then denounced worldwide as a misogynistic, anti-Semitic Holocaust-denier. One of my most successful accusers was J.K. Rowling.

And now it is her turn, as her entirely justifiable scepticism over the dogmas of transgenderism have rendered her into what she is clearly not, that mythical beast, a ‘transphobe’.

So welcome to the world you helped create, J.K.

In Ireland, I had long been recognised for my unremitting hostility to the IRA, support for Israel and my many articles about the horrors of the Holocaust.

Yet these easily verifiable points were ignored as some foul internet charlatan with my name but none of my beliefs briefly entered the global imagination.

A tsunami of smears from other publications obliterated protestations from the Jewish Representative Council of Ireland that I had told the Irish people truths about the Holocaust that they would not otherwise have known.

But perhaps the most damning contribution came from J.K. Rowling, whose global influence is tectonic.

She tweeted to her 13 million followers an utterly foul distortion of what I had said, namely:

‘Women and Jews deserve what they get. This filth was published in @thesundaytimes. Let that sink in for a moment.’

Deserve what they get? So women deserve to be paid less than men, and Jews merited the Holocaust? The former is bad enough, but the latter assertion is the most wicked representation even by Twitter’s sordid standards.

Despite the proclaimed support for me from Jewish groups, plus two Israeli ambassadors as well as numerous women, their voices could not be heard above the cacophony of my enemies. When the fangs of Rowling’s Twitter followers close on their prey, there is only one outcome….

Welcome to the world you created (Kevin Myers, The Spectator)



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On April 11th, 1998, having recently failed to scoop the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize for her debut novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s StoneJ. K. Rowling, responded to a young fan’s good luck wish with this handwritten letter:

11th April 1998

Dear Thomas,

Thank you very much indeed for your card wishing me luck in the Guardian Children’s Fiction competition. Unfortunately, I didn’t win — a writer called Henrietta Branford did. But she’s very nice, so I smiled bravely and said “Congratulations” and tried to look as though I didn’t mind at all.

I am very flattered indeed to hear that “Harry Potter” is the best book you have ever read. There will be seven Harry Potter books altogether, and the second one (“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”) will be in the shops at the start of July.,

Thank you again for writing. (Your handwriting is excellent, by the way).

Yours sincerely,

J. K. Rowling (Jo)

Letters of Note