They’ll want to invade Poland next.

Brendan Keane takes a lingering look at the marchers at Saturday’s rally against Covid restrictions to help disprove the notion that the event was, as has been alleged, simply a cover for ‘Nazis’ and ‘right wing conspiracy loons’.


Saturday: We Will Not be Muzzled

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127 thoughts on “Normal People

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        They were led by nazis and bigots flying tricolours and the flag of the Irish Republic. If you’re too thick to see who’s leading you, then you’re just the kind of sheep these nazis want to give them an air of respectability.

          1. SOQ

            But the do use the Tricolour for their events- that is my point. In case you haven’t noticed, SF are a nationalist party too- except they are left wing nationalism rather than right.

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            Lots of groups use the tricolour on marches. This gang of nazis, leading donkeys around to media offices to threaten them, happens to use them too.

            The issue isn’t the flags. It’s the flag carriers.

        1. John

          No nazis or fascists leading the march or following it. All are committed Irish nationalists who believe in freedom and democracy. You are welcome to bring your false allegations and slanders to any court in Ireland.

  1. George

    This is what the far right have been accused of doing though. Using people’s frustrations over covid-19 to get them on their side to help legitimise and normalise their far right views. Producing a video to highlight the attendance of people outside the far right is entirely consistent with that.

    But it was organised by the yellow vest movement who include Gemma’s mate Dee and who makes anti-immigrant comments at their rallies.

    1. SOQ

      You really don’t get it George.

      Most of those people don’t care if it was organised by the far right, the far left or the Irish Country Women’s Association. They are just sick and tired of all this mask / lockdown nonsense and the hardship it is causing.

      Although I will concede that letting the Donegal Donkey and his dads army anywhere near it let alone leading, was a big mistake. Some people will think twice before the next march after that.

      1. George

        You say I don’t get that “They are just sick and tired of all this mask / lockdown nonsense and the hardship it is causing.”

        But I wrote that the far right are exploiting “people’s frustrations over covid-19”. I know you’re a contrarian but try harder.

        1. SOQ

          OK so running with your line of thought- a lot of those people were working class for want of a better word- where is the left eh? Why aren’t they raising merry hell?

          A dozen of them standing at the GPO in SUPPORT of this madness. The people who are and will be hit hardest by the repercussions of this lockdown are exactly the sorts who were on the march.

          Genuinely, they don’t care who takes the lead, just make it bloody stop.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Says the supporter of Antifa and others who are self proclaim as trained Marxists pushing communism.

            How’s the daily self flagelation going?


          2. Junkface

            It is true that the working class, or low end job market has been wrecked. So it is adding to the frustration, they probably feel under attack. It’s awful that they are getting exploited by some whacky / racist / conspiracy loons, but then again that’s the pattern of social media related behaviour in 2020.

          3. Nigel

            Clampers – I’m sorry you live in abject terror of a group of anarchists who shout a lot.
            SOQ – not wearing masks isn’t going to save us from economic ruin.

      2. Sham Bob

        And those suggesting that the attack carried out by some of the marchers to the Dáil on Saturday was staged would want to wake up to who they’re defending.

      3. Daisy Chainsaw

        The ICA wouldn’t touch those donkeys with a 2X4 with a tricolour wrapped around it. In fact, it’s telling that no legitimate group, like the ICA, is marching with them. It’s almost like any organisation with a modicum of self respect is avoiding them like the plague.

  2. John Smith

    @ Rob

    And most are people who feel very strongly about the issue they are protesting about. That doesn’t make them Nazis or idiots – unless everyone you disagree with or who disagrees with you is, ipso facto, either an idiot or a Nazi.

    A reasoned argument might be better than name-calling.

      1. Micko


        They’re stupid – really?

        They couldn’t have thought about the danger in their own heads and weighed up the risk vs the erosion of our civil rights and come to the decision that this is more important (in their opinion) than the danger posed.

        But, yeah “stupid” . Let’s go with that instead.

        It’s easier for you to dismiss and label them and then put them into a little box where you don’t have to deal with them.

      2. SOQ

        Not true George- some people are financially doing very well out of the lockdown while others are suffering badly- and that division is largely on class lines.

  3. paul

    Thanks for the surge in cases folks. I’m sure you’ll be wiser to the severity of this virus when/if you recover but I’m not holding my breath. Plenty of grey hairs in that march.

  4. Whatbboutery

    there was 2 protest groups last Saturday. The above one was the big one, and there was a second protesting earlier around Dail of around 150 people, that was ‘marshalled’ by proper goons, kitted out in all sorts of anti-mask approved face hiding stuff complete with gloves with reinforced knuckles for max damage in a scrap. All spoiling for a scrap

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      The big one was lead by a nazi, and followed by donkeys too stupid to look into who they’re traipsing behind.

      The big one also stopped at the Journal’s offices to threaten them which is a particularly brownshirted tactic.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Oooh Fake news!! Are you sulking because you’ve been exposed as a donkey who’ll march behind anyone?

          2. NobleLocks

            If you did you research as you said, then own it and say who is the big bogeyman we should all fear!

            Is it the ones who are shouting people down, destroying careers, cancelling public discussions, burning books, pulling down statues, setting up mini states and raising walls, attempting to rewrite history, burning police stations, burning and looting businesses across the world, committing murders, marching on behalf of convicted felon child rapists, their leaders being charged with child trafficking (slavery) and prostitution … those guys. Are they the Nazi’s you’re speaking of or ?

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            Niall McConnell, a bigot pretending to be a patriot who has close connections to Britain First. A lot of the Irish right wing “patriots” have backing from UK groups including the Irish Farage Party and Generation Identity. The new Black and Tans.

  5. Kdoc

    The video didn’t show the demo with the pole wielding face-masked thugs. Wearing face masks, not for any health reasons, but rather to prevent identification. While many, if not most, of the marchers have genuine concerns regarding restrictions, those at the top table have another agenda: now it’s face masks, to rally the troops, another time it will be 5G, asylum seekers, immigrants, George Soros / Bill Gates, or whatever.

  6. Not Happy

    This video doesn’t show anything other than a load of people disregarding public health measures for no other purpose than they don’t like them while being led by some very dodgy characters.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      There I am, living rent free in your head. It’s pretty spacious, what with the teeeny weeeny brain not taking up too much room. Makes for a nice coffee table.

  7. RuilleBuille

    Irish Nazis were central in organising that march. I’d guess many on that march would run a mile from any openly Nazi display.

        1. Pat Mustard

          When did I use that term?

          Oh yeah, months and months ago when you had a previous avatar.

          Stop self owning.

  8. bejasus

    theres no Nazis in Ireland.
    those that call people Nazis and racists are usually lefty hysterical unemployable losers looking for a cause to make them look woke or get a job in one of the pointless abti racism NGOs in this country

      1. bejasus

        wow. that’s a whole 5 Nazis in the entire country. PMSL.

        I’d be far more worried about Islamic terrorists in Ireland than these numpties.

  9. Jase

    I particularly like the way the clip fails to capture any of the speeches from outside The Journal HQ (attacking *actual fact checking* as lamestream media, and at one stage spouting homophobic abuse) or you know, the violent attack on a prominent LGBTQ activist outside the Dáil. Or you know, the fact that Bodger either didn’t bother looking up Brendan Keane, or simply doesn’t care that the bloke is a conspiracy turd of the highest order himself!

          1. sidhe

            did you think at all before posting or did you just decide to run with the slurry that passes for thoughts in your head?

            my guess is that it’s the latter

          2. Jase

            “This Agenda.” Well that just about sums you up so!

            It doesn’t take a genius to spend ten minutes on Google looking up McConnell, the man who led the march and some of the stuff he has to say about migrants, the LGBTQ community and muslims in particular- shamefully screaming a catholic priest out of it in the carpark of his church for daring to be empathetic towards people of different faiths.

    1. bejasus

      I cant see that.
      how is it homophobic abuse? yourman Niall is a staunch catholic. they oppose LGBT type stuff. as does many other religions.

          1. NobleLocks

            The push to get mermaids style “foaming at the mouth insanity” into Irish schools will undoubtedly fail imo…

        1. NobleLocks

          Bull-island of course there is an LGBTQQQQQQQ agenda… Any organized body has an agenda, that doesn’t necessarily make it nefarious. Jesh some people are so touchy.

          Straight people not liking aspects of these agendas does not make them homophobic either. The call of “you’re a bigot” is just a way of halting talk and thought and it’s losing it’s power too (finally).

  10. Alan

    If you march with Nazi’s in a march organised by said Nazi’s does that make you a Nazi? To me yes it makes you a Nazi supporter, because you have attended a march organised and run by Nazi’s, even if you don’t agree with everything the organisers say, but you agree with that one populist statement they made, then yes, you have become a Nazi supporter as you are elevating their whole organisation and policies.

    I think the Yellow Vests organisers and Niall McConnell and their merry band of Far Right idiots Síol na hÉireann have shown themselves to be far right leaning, populist claptrap sprouting oxygen thieves, so does that make the people marching last week with them Far right supports, yes, yes it does, even if they don’t view themselves as.

    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

      1. Alan

        I don’t see the relevance to your question on whether I support mandated mask wearing in certain environments or not.

        I think the real issue is about the support that certain far right leaning organisations have gotten from people who would not normally support such organisations and the potential to make some of their more outlandish claims mainstream.

        You really have to take a stand against people who would take freedoms away from certain groups of people and not march with them out of convenience as they support one particular freedom that you feel has being infringed.

        The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend.

        1. SOQ

          Are Yellow Vests a right wing group? There website looks pretty left to me.

          On Saturday’s march the site says “We’d like to note that most (but not all) views expressed at the March Saturday were ours, but the people who are with us are smart enough to see that”

  11. Art Vandelay

    Whatever it is about Nazis, I think most reasonable people accept that there were only a handful of those scum at this march due to them turning up at most marches to try and cause havoc and shout about peados, there is however a disconcerting amount of plandemic/Stop 5G references in that crowd. (I’m ignoring the uncomfortable image of encouraging a child to scream ‘take off your masks’ too)

        1. Art Vandelay

          Separate themselves/their marches/their viewpoints more clearly? I don’t think thats too much to ask. People will then actually find it an awful lot easier to listen and converse with people when theres not one particular vile element seeming to be doing all the talking/shouting.

          I think I’ve only seen one person on here who supports the march condemning (only) one person in the rally. Having said that I don’t have an account on the twitter machine so there may be a lot of people disassociating themselves from certain elements of the march. I just haven’t seen any of those statements in the mainstream (gasp!) media.

          1. Q Celt

            People can hold a dichotomy of views, that might not conform to left/right ideologies. Stop all this identity politics rubbish.
            Btw I support mandatory mask wearing and pub closure.

          2. Art Vandelay

            Of course people can hold a dichotomy of views, I didn’t suggest otherwise. I asked that they distance themselves from the nonsense the Nazis were spouting at the march so that people could have start some level empathetic dialogue with them. I however don’t think that Nazis get to fall under the identity politics umbrella.

      1. Art Vandelay

        I know they’re the handful. Not to be too flippant about it but they’re Nazis, the ship has sailed on reasoning with them, facist gonna facist. I’m saying my bigger concern is with the large number of “ordinary” folk marching who aren’t Nazis but also aren’t simply complaining about not having to wear a mask due to their civil rights. They’re talking about plandemics and stopping 5G.

          1. DeSelby

            A whole bunch of people that have slipped down the disinformation and conspiracy rabbit hole.
            I have watched some people I used to respect fall down this hole, and it’s not pretty.

  12. Pee Pee

    What the hell this video prove? Might as well be an EDL march. Substitute the tricolours for St Georges flags.

          1. NobleLocks

            I don’t care where they come from! That’s the problem with the extreme nature of discussion now. EDL are as bad as BLM and visa versa! ALL extremists are the bloody problem and the worst part about it all is we’re not allowed to talk about it because it “might hurt someone’s feelings”! It’s appallingly stupid and YES, it is the fault of the Neo-right (radical left) who have made their bloody opinions more important than facts!

            Every time we stop free speech we push people into the realms of the actual right and it is the bonkers Left who are to blame.

          2. Nigel

            I don’t think not wanting to be shot by police just for being black is an extremist position, as compared to whatever the EDL want, but drawing an equivalence between the two is certainly a kind of extremism in and of itself.

            Also I’m not sure what free seech has been stopped. Certainly not the freedom to shout ‘paedo’ at LGBTQ activists, apparently.

      1. Pee Pee

        I don’t think continuously chanting ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ is exposing it. And by singling out Muslims, makes it seem that ur fine with a Christian raping ur kids.

  13. Andy Pipkin

    It’s simple, if you want too play Russian roulette with the virus that’s up to you!
    But please think of the people and loved ones that you’re going to pass it on too!!!

      1. SOQ

        I know little about YV but their appeal seems to a lot wider than far right. From the video above you can see plenty of POC and I have spotted a number of gays so while it is convenient to paint them as such, I very much doubt if that is the case.

        1. Sham Bob

          Well I am surprised to hear you don’t know much about them, given you post in support of them so much. The happy-clappy turn of the leadership still conceals a belief in freeman of the land theories, like maritime law. Freemen try to persuade people to use these beliefs in court to avoid the tv license or fines by frustrating the court and now that the legal system is wise to these tactics, it doesn’t work and they end up worse off.

        2. SOQ

          When have I ever posted in support of Yellow Vests? I solidly support anti Mandates but I know little about Yellow Vests. They appear to quite well organised and have quite a political clout if they can pull thousands onto the streets.

          Do you have to be so nasty in your tone?

          1. Sham Bob

            Well, I don’t know what to believe about you any more – recently, I’ve seen you repeat talking points straight from far-right twitter – excusing the ‘paedo scum’ mob outside the Dáil by implying the flag attack on Saturday was staged, stating was antifa ‘founded’ by a paedo, I dunno, maybe you’re further right than the yellow vests?

  14. John Bowler

    So Daisy Chainsaw looks at numerous photos of happy, smiling Irish people, young and old, carrying their National Flag and all she can see is hatred, bigotry and Nazi’s. She is the classic example of the Leftist hatred mentality. Don’t use logic, don’t believe what you are seeing. If it doesn’t make sense to you, just scream “Racist”, give them the finger and then run away. What a poor, sad, lonely life.

    1. Sham Bob

      I understand that it sucks to be all lumped in together, but the adults in that crowd have to take some responsibility for who they’re marching behind.
      You can see far right beliefs being repudiated by some in yellow vest comments but when Siol Na hoever are marching at the front and far right and actual nazi profiles talk online about how they can infiltrate or hijack the anti-lockdown protests, I’d need to hear the yellow vests absolutely reject the far right, rather than merely cosying up to them behind the scenes.

    2. bejasus

      she is actually benefical.
      it makes the left look so thick calling people Nazis. hopefully one of the days one of them will have the botty bumpkins sued off them for libel

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Gotcha rattled? You all seem to be paying me an inordinate amount of attention for pointing out the brainless, unthinking horde marching behind known bigots and attacking the Journal for publishing a rebuttal of their idiotic woo. Yellow Vests, “paytriots” and their lickspittle apologists tactics are straight out of the brownshirt playbook.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Nah, this is great fun for me, watching angry little peons sqwalk and scream about how they’re not nazis for marching behind a nazi and threatening journalists. And justifying that disgusting behaviour.

            Want to justify threatening journalists because they don’t publish what you want them to publish? Go on, you know you want to.

  15. Scundered

    Jaysus, the Nazi word thrown around so much by people who clearly have no real understanding of the term. Maybe a little less drama would help in understanding the article, that’s if anyone is actually interested in understanding what’s going on, or are they just here for a row?

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