Risk Level: Mauve


This morning.

Level 3?

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9 thoughts on “Risk Level: Mauve

  1. diddy

    numbers go up. lock it down. numbers go down. open it up. numbers go up. lock it down. numbers go down ..open it up. is this the long term plan???

      1. diddy

        I’d prefer we took our medicine now. two week lockdown. nobody’s goes out. and no non essential travel off the island. this “living with the virus” strategy is a banger of a car spluttering down the road. whatsmore dublin with current freedoms will not arrest the rise in cases.

        1. John Smith


          Sounds like a clever idea, diddy, but, even if you close the shops, schools, etc, there’d still be all the front-line people – medical people, carers (salaried and local/family helpers), emergency services and Gardi, essential repair workers, etc, etc, who would need to carry on working. The whole country couldn’t be locked down to such an extent that the virus would die out for lack of people it could get at to infect.

          I can agree with your comment about ‘living with the virus’ strategy, though. It is dragging the situation out, ad infinitum, and, actually, preventing everyone from living normally and accepting that the number of diseases that are around has gone up by one (and will continue to go up as new diseases come into existence – though some diseases will become less significant, too).

          1. diddy

            it’s the new zealand strategy. not perfect but maxim mitigation. crush it, close the borders then put out the small fires. the main problem with the current tack is that people are being asked to give up their freedoms until………until when? until we say so? until there’s a vacinne? people will not go along with this unless there is a finish line.

        2. John Smith

          ‘people will not go along with this unless there is a finish line’

          I wish I could believe that people were prepared to say that they will only conform if there is a definite end-point but it is clear from comments on Broadsheet that that there is still a great number of people who are prepared to take a lot more of this before they get to that point. What’s more, there is still a lot of flack fired at those people who are out protesting that the Government is going too far.

          I do think that it is likely that the general population will say ‘stop’ eventually but goodness knows when!

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