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Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health

This evening.

Some reaction to the decision to discard NPHET advice on bringing the country to Level 5…


A senior Government source said we are “in a very dangerous place” as decision is being represented as “politicians versus doctors” when it “never ever should have been allowed to get to this point of showdown”.

The source added that there are “serious questions and [a] major fallout”.

RTÉ also understands that while ministers took NPHET’s concern about the exponential growth of the virus “very seriously”, there was “resistance” to moving to Level 5 “at this time.”

Now Cabinet is set to decide on a proposal to put the entire country on Level 3, with additional enforcement.

A real fallout?

Or bait and switch?

We may never know.

Govt set to veto NPHET advice, adopt Level 3 nationwide (RTÉ)

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Taoiseach Micheál Martin and Acting Chief Medical Officer Ronan Glynn at Covid-19 briefing in Government Buildings

This evening.

At Government Buildings.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin announces that the county of Donegal will move to Level 3 Covid-19 restrictions as of midnight tomorrow night for three weeks….

Watch live here.



Meanwhile, Virgin Media One‘s Gavan Reilly asked Mr Martin about the rationale for the announcement that wet pubs in Donegal, on Level 3, can remain open, for serving 15 people outdoors, but wet pubs in Dublin can’t.

Mr Martin said the Government accepted advice from NPHET.

Mr Glynn said:

“NPHET recommended today that Donegal be moved to Level 3 of the framework which Government published and so the recommendation, or what will happen in pubs in Donegal is consistent with Level 3 of the framework.”

Mr Reilly asked Mr Glynn a further question which was not audible, but Mr Glynn replied:

“No, but there was a, there is a specific set of circumstances in relation to Dublin which the pubs have never been open, so…”


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This afternoon.

Dame Court, Dublin 2.

On a day that wet pubs all over the country are allowed to reopen, except in Dubin which is under Level 3 restrictions, a group of diners at the Dame Tavern enjoy, what we must assume, are post-meal or pre-meal pints. The food not only soaking up the alcohol but scaring off the rona, according to experts.


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Well, they smell of food.”

Tense moments as Gardai pass by.


Level 3.

What does it all mean?

A handy, wallet-sized, cut-out-and-keep guide (via RTÉ News) to the NPHET recommendations agreed by cabinet today.

Explainer: What does Level 3 mean? (Conor Hunt, RTÉ)

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Senator Michael McDowell

Via The Irish Examiner:

Former tánaiste and justice minister, Senator Michael McDowell delivered a stinging rebuke of Nphet on foot of its recommendation to send Dublin into a fresh lockdown.

Closing down restaurants in the capital will condemn vast swathes of vulnerable, underpaid people to go home to their bedsits, or wherever they are, and spend weeks alone in those premises without proper wages, he said.

Mr McDowell said the decision to lock down has not been scientifically justified.

It is wrong. It flies in the face of the strategy announced two weeks ago by Government that it was going to open these places again,”

NPHET does not deserve our respect. The HSE does not deserve our respect. They are implementing policies which are cruel, wasteful, and extremely damaging to our economy and extremely damaging to public health in terms of cancer, psychiatry, psychology, and well-being across the board. It is time we stood up and demanded that these regulations be properly debated in this House.”

Michael McDowell has ‘no confidence’ in Nphet as Dublin lockdown ‘flies in the face of science’ (Irish Examiner


This afternoon.

Dublin city centre.

Ahead of Level 3 restrictions expected to be announced by the government this afternoon.


RTÉ News understands that the Cabinet sub-committee on Covid-19 has agreed to adopt all of the National Public Health Emergency Team’s recommendations – including a move to Level 3 for Dublin and a ban on indoor dining for the capital…

Cabinet sub-committee on Covid-19 approves NPHET recommendations (RTÉ)