That’ll Learn Him


Dr Martin Feeley’s position with the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group was ‘untenable’ after criticising Ireland’s ‘Draconian’ response to the rona

This afternoon.

Further to his stinging criticism of Covid-19 policy …

…and following the launch of an investigation by the Medical Council into Dr Marcus De Brun…

Via The Irish Times:

Dr Martin Feeley’s views that coronavirus is “much less severe” than the flu for most people and that restrictions were no longer justified caused a furore after they were reported in The Irish Times last weekend.

The HSE actively dissociated itself from his remarks and rejected his suggestion that young people should be allowed to get the virus to develop herd immunity.

Dr Feeley (70) stepped down from his post as clinical director of Dublin Midlands Hospital Group on Tuesday with immediate effect.

After his public comments, he came under heavy pressure from HSE management, who told him his position was untenable.

A doctor for more than 45 years and an employee of the health service for 30 years, Dr Feeley says he stands by his comments, but decided to resign so management in his hospital group would not be penalised.

Let Dr Feeley and De Brun be a lesson to all you other mouthy medics.

Muzzle it.

Doctor resigns from hospital group after comments on ‘draconian’ Covid-19 curbs (irish Times)

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Good times.

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27 thoughts on “That’ll Learn Him

    1. Micko

      In China or Russia he’d “be dissapeared” or “novichok-ed” in no time

      Here we just make em resign. We’re more humane that way.

      Same policy, but administrated differently.

  1. GiggidyGoo

    The HSE ‘management’ – have they got names (so that we can see how much experience they have each as medics)?

  2. rominick

    As usual, any different opinion from the governments narrative will be suppressed.
    He resigned in as much as Phil Hogan “resigned”.

    They’re looking to ban protests here now but support the one in Belarus?!?!?!?
    Belarus protest good :
    Irish Protest bad :

    Strange when an issue doesn’t really effect you that it’s OK.
    Hypocrisy doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    1. Nigel

      Well, the Belarus protests are in the name of freedom against a despotic authoritarian ruler. The protests in Ireland are against wearing face masks during a viral pandemic. The real hypocrisy would be in pretending they’re equivalent issues.

        1. Mary

          Ha ha ha, seriously,, you don’t seem to have a clue. What’s Ireland becoming more like CHINA CHINA.
          What’s the protests mainly about,, our rights to free speech,, freedom..
          Why do you think there firing and sacking doctors left right and centre,, cause they speak out,, oh your fired for having an opinion..
          This is political,, pandemic is the distraction for the economy reset all over the world.
          Wonder why president jfk Kennedy’s nephew, is speaking out.. Let me see because it’s a pandemic,, he was speaking in Berlin to over 1 million people at the last protest,, next one is the
          20th of October
          All games our government are playing,, they have plenty of time,, like the next few years to play this mind control,, people are so listening to there governments and there fake news,, cause they are now using fear,, and it’s sick what they are doing, basically, Ireland has already done the herd immunity,, think of your so called stay vacation,, wasn’t much rules,, when they wanted the money to be spent only in Ireland,, was much deaths or cases either.. There preying on the children now, making them wear masks,, sicko’s.. They want them to go to school,, no actually they don’t,, it’s all a sick psycho game,, they want the pubs open,, actually they don’t.. Best thing anyone with children can do is,, keep your kids out of school,,.. If every child stopped going to school,, hmm, wonder how that one would play out…
          The whole goal in all of this,, is control and power,, they now control all business and control weather they open etc,, they do not care if all the pubs or businesses permanently close,, it’s the whole game of there plan,, they want business to go online..
          Please listen clearly what the protest is about,,no good watching it on fake news either,, as they are telling lies

  3. White Dove

    It is not possible to hold an official or quasi-official position in Ireland and think for yourself.

    Not sure it ever was.

    To aspire to these positions is to voluntarily accept the clog and the fetter.

    1. Pip

      Kill the unbeliever!
      In the dying days of a certain biggish 20th century regime, it was not at all wise to even think of speaking truth to power. Plus ca change. What do you think we’re paying you for, my good wo/man?

  4. Eoin

    This is exactly in line with how the state treats whistle blowers. Disgusting and dangerous. At least these medical professionals can sleep at night knowing they did their job. The rest of them should think long and hard about which side of history they want to be on.

    1. ian-oh


      What did he blow the whistle on?

      We still do not know the long term effects of Covid19 so ”his suggestion that young people should be allowed to get the virus to develop herd immunity” could be seen as incredibly reckless. This guy is not Maurice McCabe by any stretch although he might be a decent guy all the same?

      Personally, I don’t think he should have been asked to step down for criticising lockdown severity but he should be warned about unsubstantiated medical ‘advice’ that might be catasthrophic.

    2. paddy apathy

      And where were the good Dr Feely’s stinging criticisms of the healthcare system’s deficiencies during his 40 year career, and boy there were some. To fall over this issue is absurd.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      It’s ridiculous, not to mention elitist and unfair, to expect a bump in points due to the school you attend, rather than the work you actually do. Grinds schools only teach you how to pass the LC and a study has shown that their students are more likely to drop out of uni, rather than those who came through ordinary schools. Maybe they’re not the best use of Mum and Dad’s thousands of euros.

  5. paddy apathy

    Jeese the drama out of some of yis. If a person in a senior position in any organisation disagrees publicly and repeatedly with that organisation’s policies they will be censured.
    His time was up.

    1. Truth in the News

      Did anyone from the HSE since this outfit took control of Health Service get
      fired for all the mistakes that have been made over the years, yet Doctors
      who express contary views are being forced out, who else had been
      silenced in the past, it appears that all is not well with the HSE

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