NPHET And Chill


Level 3.

What does it all mean?

A handy, wallet-sized, cut-out-and-keep guide (via RTÉ News) to the NPHET recommendations agreed by cabinet today.

Explainer: What does Level 3 mean? (Conor Hunt, RTÉ)

Earlier: Cry Threedom

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Senator Michael McDowell

Via The Irish Examiner:

Former tánaiste and justice minister, Senator Michael McDowell delivered a stinging rebuke of Nphet on foot of its recommendation to send Dublin into a fresh lockdown.

Closing down restaurants in the capital will condemn vast swathes of vulnerable, underpaid people to go home to their bedsits, or wherever they are, and spend weeks alone in those premises without proper wages, he said.

Mr McDowell said the decision to lock down has not been scientifically justified.

It is wrong. It flies in the face of the strategy announced two weeks ago by Government that it was going to open these places again,”

NPHET does not deserve our respect. The HSE does not deserve our respect. They are implementing policies which are cruel, wasteful, and extremely damaging to our economy and extremely damaging to public health in terms of cancer, psychiatry, psychology, and well-being across the board. It is time we stood up and demanded that these regulations be properly debated in this House.”

Michael McDowell has ‘no confidence’ in Nphet as Dublin lockdown ‘flies in the face of science’ (Irish Examiner


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11 thoughts on “NPHET And Chill

  1. The Dude

    It’s an awful pity this man has never been in government.

    Remind us again about:

    A) Thornton Hall

    B) How the Centre for Public Inquiry was closed down.

    C) The squalid rotten manner by which the police force was operated

    Go away the man who happily kept the corrupt Bertie Ahern regime in place.

    1. topsy

      The Dude: he also said that the government, of which he was a member, didn’t need to collect stamp duty on house sales.

  2. Gabby

    He has to speak strongly against anti-Covid measures and not leave a monopoly of criticism to Sinn Fein. He does not regard Sinn Fein as the Defenders of the People, geddit?

  3. V AKA Frilly Keane

    “Except Elite Sports”

    Well isn’t that going to be interesting as to which crowd considers themselves Elites

    Let’s hope they’re not getting Sport Ireland, Lottery and all the other goodies they can scrounge out of the taxpayers

    1. George

      Well it means the top level such as inter-county football, boxers in the high-performance unit, professional rugby players etc.

      Are our top performing sports people scroungers now?

  4. Tommy Bohan

    Interesting to compare the top of Irish Independent to “Irish” Daily Mail. Independent have Donal Skeehan, Leinster and Katie Hannon (all Irish) while the Mail have Mary Berry and Professor Robert Thomas (all British). Anyone looking in a newsagent would think we were in middle England going by the Mail.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      I’m glad you point that out every weekend, you’d be better off moaning to the papers directly

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