Norway-born singer and horse lover Kristin Vollset (above) wants to save Molyneux yard (aka “the Lane”)  in The Liberties, Dublin 8

This afternoon.

You may recall Kristin Vollset, who lived and sang among the horse community of The Liberties., Dublin 8 in 2016 and penned the soulful protest song No Plan.

Kirstin writes:

A few weeks ago I got the devastating news that 5 of the horse yards in the very laneway, Molyneux yard, where I kept my horse – are to be demolished to make way for the SECOND enormous hotel in a very small residential area.

The horse community of the Liberties, along with many other residents and supporters, are devestated. Molyneux yard (aka “the Lane”) means so much to so many people.

It has always been the central meeting place for the horse community in the Liberties, and people have kept horses there for generations. So destroying the Lane is an attack on the very heart of the community.

We have now sent in appeals and observations on the planning permission to An Bord Pleanála, and are expecting a final decision within the next 2-3 months.

Gentrification is destroying the Liberties, and this is just one out of many examples, where the government and developers invade local communities without any consultancy or care for their history, culture or daily lives.

Petition here

Save The Lane (Facebook)

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28 thoughts on “To The Rescue

  1. Dhaughton99

    A horse and trap is just after getting clipped by a taxi because they went through the lights at the long Mile Road. Luckily, the horse seems ok.

    1. Dhaughton99

      I pass it daily and there’s never a shortage of white Mercedes and flashy Audi’s outside it. Maybe they could pool their ca$h and buy it.

  2. Rob_G

    Finding it difficult to drum up that much sympathy for people moaning about not being able to stable their horses a mile from St Stephen’s Green, tbh.

        1. Rob_G

          And no-one is proposing to close all stables in the city; anyone stabling their horses can continue to stable them in a different facility, so what’s your point?

          1. Termagant

            The houses are amply suitable for human habitation, this filthy alleyway is not a suitable habitat for horses.

          2. Pee Pee

            Based on what? Is it suitable for a dog? Where did they keep their horses back in the olden days? Answer me u fool!

    1. Rob_G

      Leather tanning was part of city life for hundreds of years – we should close down some of the the shops where people like to go and buy useful things, replace them with a big warehouse containing vats of pee-pee.

      edit – gah, Papi was quicker, and wittier

  3. Joe Small

    I’m not crazy about another hotel in the area but neither am I going to get dewy-eyed about the evils of “gentrification” in an area where is see people openly shooting heroin on a near-daily basis. I find it hard to get sentimental about the Liberties. It’s quite a dump.

    A while back I went to look at the historic Dublin Cabbage Garden and did not feel remotely safe from the dregs hanging around there.

  4. Junkface

    Too many hotels in Dublin already! What are they thinking? Surely many of them are going bust due to travel restrictions? There are more pandemics predicted in the next ten years, why do they think Hotels will be a solid business?

    1. paul

      guaranteed money from the state with increasing number of homeless people?

      Right, that’s probably the most cynical thought I’ve had all month.

  5. broadbag

    Rose tinted bullpoop, lets dress horse abuse up as ‘culture’, funny when it’s a different cohort of society doing it there’s (correctly) a pile on but when it’s ”da inner city” it’s a love-in. De-kipping the Liberties is a good thing, if not let’s bring back the open sewers and the cholera, for olde times sake, more authentic yeah bud?

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