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This afternoon.

The Liberties, Dublin 8.

Via Dublin City Council:

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Alison Gilliland, unveiled a plaque this afternoon to mark the occasion, with the opening of Bridgefoot Street Park transforming what was a derelict site into a beautiful landscape of trees with grassed and planted mounds, incorporating a performance area, play spaces, allotments and a community garden.

Dublin City Council and the local community collaborated in the vision, promotion, planning, design and development of the park and this collaboration will continue in the management and operation which will be key to the success of the park.

…The new public park is approximately 1 hectare in size and has been developed utilising what would normally be considered waste materials such as calp, concrete, reclaimed stone and brick, as aggregate to create pavements, seating and play spaces….

In fairness.

Pics 1 and 2 via Bridgefoot Street Park

Norway-born singer and horse lover Kristin Vollset (above) wants to save Molyneux yard (aka “the Lane”)  in The Liberties, Dublin 8

This afternoon.

You may recall Kristin Vollset, who lived and sang among the horse community of The Liberties., Dublin 8 in 2016 and penned the soulful protest song No Plan.

Kirstin writes:

A few weeks ago I got the devastating news that 5 of the horse yards in the very laneway, Molyneux yard, where I kept my horse – are to be demolished to make way for the SECOND enormous hotel in a very small residential area.

The horse community of the Liberties, along with many other residents and supporters, are devestated. Molyneux yard (aka “the Lane”) means so much to so many people.

It has always been the central meeting place for the horse community in the Liberties, and people have kept horses there for generations. So destroying the Lane is an attack on the very heart of the community.

We have now sent in appeals and observations on the planning permission to An Bord Pleanála, and are expecting a final decision within the next 2-3 months.

Gentrification is destroying the Liberties, and this is just one out of many examples, where the government and developers invade local communities without any consultancy or care for their history, culture or daily lives.

Petition here

Save The Lane (Facebook)

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Pics via Kirstin


Dublin City Council has approved a 224-bedroom hotel at Molyneux Yard in the Liberties, Dublin 8.

Directly behind the Vicar Street concert venue.

Which is also being redeveloped…

…into an hotel.

Good times.

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Ah here.

The Liberties Dublin tweetz:

Frustrating to see utilities happily unpicking the hard work to enhance the public realm along Thomas/James Street.

An effective system to compel immediate reinstatement of pavements is needed to protect extensively installed infrastructure.

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This morning.

Mill Street, Dublin 3

Darryl McNally, Master Distiller, The Dublin Liberties Distillery and Tánaiste Simon Coveney at the opening of The Dublin Liberties Distillery, a new €10m state-of-the-art whiskey distillery and visitor experience in Dublin’s Liberties where more than 20 new jobs have been created.

*swings punch*


The Dublin Liberties Distillery

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

The proposed Vicar Street Hotel in the Liberties has already received planning permssion

The “Rock and Room” is said to be a package of tickets/room/meal and membership of a new private club on the hotel’s 8th floor with views out over the city and direct access to the venue.

The redevelopment will see the main stage moved to allow an extra 500 seats.

Peter Aiken, who has promoted shows at Vicar Street since its opening, said, “We are delighted to be involved with such an innovative scheme which will bring a new experience to our clients where they can relax after a show and not worry about getting home.”


Vicar Street set to go “Rock and Room” with new hotel (RTÉ)

Top pic; Wikipedia