Regarding Henry Street


This morning

Henry Street, Dublin 1.

Sinead Linda Murphy writes

Henry Street Is Gone! Just take a fupping look at what is happening this Country and all around the world!!


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45 thoughts on “Regarding Henry Street

    1. Col

      “Destroyed” is a bit strong.
      I’m fairly certain we still have some economy and social fabric. Even if some shops are closing down on Henry Street.

    2. scottser

      people are giving bill gates the stink-eye, but you’ll probably find jeff bezos sitting on top of a massive pile of gold and jewels laughing his hole off at those pictures while his minions are busy working below on covid-23.

      1. SOQ

        I think you’ll find the real winners out of the online shift is actually China. They can mass produce for buttons and as long as they have a good quality distribution and delivery service like Amazon, can cut out the middle man or in this case shop, altogether.

  1. Neil Murray

    Good enough for them. This is what happens when you model your streets on English high streets. Copy them at your peril. When the Brits sneeze, we catch a cold.

        1. bejasus

          I tear through earphones.12 euros for a generic sony pair on the high street. Ali Express max 5 euros and far better quality.

    1. SOQ

      Many shops and restaurants were on a knife edge already and not just Henry Street, Whatever chance there was of getting back to normal before these restrictions- has gone now.

      Behind everyone of those signs is one or more lives and probably a family- and it hasn’t even started yet. People who have put their lives into their businesses- in some cases now probably risk losing their homes.

      All done by a gang of chancers who can’t be bothered even turning up to the CoVid committee.

    2. george

      Almost all businesses on Henry Street are International chains not SMEs. Aldo will of course shut down a branch and lay off staff if that saves it money in the short term. No skin off their nose to reopen a new branch at a later time.
      $1.5 billion in sales in 2019 and has more than 3,000 stores across the world. according to Forbes.

  2. Johnny Green

    Soho in Manhattan is the same, some of the chains or multi state retailers have reopened, Apple Store and Nike,but most are still closed.The retailers don’t want give up that leverage w/o a zero rent lookback for covid,% or participating rent deals will be normalized going forward,landlords want and need their back rent, mutual assured destruction ensuing without govt intervention-MAD.

    Restaurants are allowed 25% indoors and the few that have been surviving live on takeout, patio or sidewalk dinning, with winter coming thats over.Schools remain closed and pretty much most workers are working from home or in suburban/rural work pods until Jan 1.

    We took advantage of a ‘deal’ to surrender our space in Soho,voluntarily returning it, in my Brownstone the family downstairs are moving upstate,I’m relocating to Lennox,Mass until next summer.

    The mood in Brooklyn is very angry, money is tight for most people and food is running low, virus fatigue has set in, with fewer people adhering to common sense,wear a mask,wash your hands and stay outdoors away from other people.

    Retail occupancy in Soho has been set back to mid 50% if not higher,there simply is not enough of a local population to support this functionally obsolete retail hellscape,dark times in that space ahead.Tenants here are looking for landlords to be partners and do percentage rent or participation rent deals going forward and full forgiveness on arrears,howd’y partner.

      1. Johnny Green

        it’s a pause for me, could it be permanently,i really cant say SOQ.

        I’m future tripping to chickens in yard,figuring out what I’m going wear, post apocalyptic punk/skater farmer?

        most of my friends and crew are upstate, we all love NY just making plans,in case of social unrest.

        not sure how to define ‘mass’ but schools are open in the hamptons and restaurants are allowed 50% inside,but they have principally a well educated affluent base, who are not questioning the consensus in the scientific and medical community.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        also linking to this:

        “”Hearing off licences and and supermarkets to stop selling drink from tomorrow night I don’t know how true but that’s what ime hearing so want to stock up few gargles before its stopped been sold “”

  3. V AKA Frilly Keane

    Meanwhile our crowd in the Oireachtas are trying to dress up a debate about another pay uplift for themselves and give it a look of Parliamentary importance
    And spin the cut to PUP supports as sensible Governance

    They continue to flood the HSE with top ups.
    And they are not one inch further back from tipping point

    More Special Advisors but less Social Distancing

    If Official Ireland – which includes the usual talking heads on telly and on the streets giving it loads, gave a decent fart between the lot of them on Henry Street, they’d have stepped up for retail workers and the wider sector years ago. Rents Rates Redundancies – have been ongoing issues for years

    But let’s get a photo op with Jeff Bezos Leo…

    This Country is never going to recover

    But let’s make these days all about the fights between maskers v antimaskers

    And let the people we’re letting manage the Country get on with it like nobody is watching

    Want to know who the real Donkeys are?
    We all are

  4. EExile

    Surely DCC can see the writing’s on the wall with retail? The entire model is based on the UK high street, which the Brits have already realised is dying.

    Can’t they put their heads together with the govt and rezone the upper floors for residential, provide incentives for developers to convert them from offices back to one and two bed flats/apartments for young people to live in the city and then encourage a café culture on the ground floor units – I’m sure there’ll be plenty of entrepreneurs willing to take a punt on independent cafes, bars, restaurants, indie shops, etc.

    People living there means footfall for the cafés, bars, etc. Hell, even the traders on Moore Street would have a future.

    The pandemic won’t be around for ever, but one thing is certain – people won’t be cramming back into shops when they can get free next day delivery.

    1. Vanessanelle

      the living over the shop

      They did loads of that sort of development themselves when they built up Crumlin, Drimnagh, Walkinstown, Ballyfermot etc
      Same in Cork
      in the 50s & 60s

      Part of the Urban renewal schemes over the last twenty years tried to reboot those sort of smaller mixed use units
      They just got guzzled up by developers and investors looking for land with tax relief attached

      but its the way to go in the City

      1. Johnny Green

        what would you say its worth today 50 % of that or 25% ?

        “The shopping centre was valued at €230 million for the purposes of the deal, which released €140 million to repay legacy IBRC debts secured on Jervis.The documents, obtained as part of a massive data leak of material from Isle of Man law firm Appleby, also reveal that Tyrone-born Mr McKillen “is not tax resident in Ireland or the UK”.

        absentee, non tax resident,brit based landlords harass and deploy super aggressive tactics-no way !

        “JSC has hired Dublin solicitor Ivor Fitzpatrick to represent it against the tenants, who have not yet filed defences. JSC has sought summary judgment orders, which are considered an aggressive legal tactic where the plaintiff seeks a debt order from a judge without a trial. The retailers may yet dispute the claims”

        Have Paddy declare his residency, lift the corporate veil,Irish law needs change,non domiciled non tax resident landlords must have a harder time harassing Irish tenants,employing thousands Irish people.

        1. Vanessanelle

          Is that the ILAC centre itself Johnny – that goes from Henry Street back to Parnell street with a Moore Street frontage
          Along with a significant car park
          and some pretty lucrative anchor tenants
          ie. Dublin City Library & Dunnes
          So it’s a pretty key landmark tbh

          I was kinda thinking about the single street front buildings for a Live over the Shop type designation

          No surprise to hear McKillen is no longer resident on either parts of the island btw

          1. Vanessanelle

            Yep, ILAC is Irish Life

            And that Jervis Street has had iffy connections since it was a building site

            all sorts of cross border this and thats thems n’ us and what have you

            the ILAC in fairness has done well for itself over its 30 plus years
            Wouldn’t know where to start on how they could put right all that vacant Debenhams frontage, probably Pop Ups, local traders, and other visual installations organised through Dublin City Arts Tourism etc

            anyway I’m sure they’ll figure it out

            Jervis Street was always a mess

  5. E'Matty

    Ah, just another element of the old economy being scrubbed away. No high street or town centres for people, just industrial parks on the outskirts with big name superstores and online retail shopping. Remote working, always coming, just accelerated by the response to Covid. Cashless society, always coming, just accelerated by the response to Covid. The greatest single element in Irish social life connecting communities, the pub, being erased from the land and culture. A digital world with no need for direct human contact, where we can all stay at home cocooned from our fellow humans and enjoy a new virtual life without boundaries online where we can meet via Teams and Zoom. Utopia is upon us….what a wonderful world…

    Just waiting for those people who deny the repsonse to Covid is having any major economic impact on irish society to come along now. Any minute now…

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