Sit Down Next To Me


This afternoon/evening.

Grafton Street, Dublin 2.

A sit-in during this afternoon’s march against Covid restrictions.



This afternoon

Custom House Quay, Dublin 1.

Marchers assemble for a rally against Covid measures and restrictions.


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95 thoughts on “Sit Down Next To Me

  1. ce

    Great to see so many epidemiologist gathering in one place

    freedom isn’t free folks, but masks are pretty cheap

  2. Just Sayin

    The covid masks are doing a great job in the UK, Covid is only killing 11 people a day there compared to 124 killed by the flu.

    If only they could design a flu mask

    That way you could wear 2 masks to protect against both covid and flu.

    Covid-19 accounts for an average of 11 of the 1,687 deaths in Britain every day, according to official statistics.

    In comparison, 124 people died each day from flu and pneumonia in the week ending September 4.

    Heart disease – Britain’s biggest killer – accounted for 460 deaths every day last year, while cancer kills an average of 450 people per day.

    Around 87,000 people die of dementia each year – about 240 people a day. Lung disease accounts for 31,000 deaths, or 84 every day, while fatal accidents at home – often while doing DIY – lead to 16 deaths per day.

    Five people die every day in road accidents across the UK, while infections – including C.diff – and stomach bugs kill 5,937 a year, about 16 people a day.

    Last year, there were 5,691 deaths attributed to suicide, an average of 15 per day.

    1. Bitnbox

      Brilliant Just Sayin’. You should speak at the next rally. You’re not even a doctor and can reason the plandemic nonsense. As I mentioned below, we’ll get to the truth yet.

      1. Micko

        Very few people die of dementia or Alzheimer’s

        It’s usually an infection or virus that gets them in the end.

        Interestingly, 4200 people die of (with / from) that in Ireland every year – every single year.

        Very similar demographics to Covid.

        No one freaks out about that. And it’s a much more gruesome death than Covid.

          1. Cian

            the two are different.

            People die of pneumonia . Their lungs fill with liquid and they asphyxiate.

            People die with flu. The flu (usually) virus causes other things (like, for example pneumonia) so you die from secondary infections.

        1. David

          Alzheimers destroys the brain, resulting in a coma then death. Stop commenting about subjects you know nothing about.

    2. Formerly known as

      Dementia isn’t contagious.

      How many hospitals, with ICU beds and staff, do you think we need to give you your freedom back? Freedom to catch and spread a deadly virus.

      The virus is not just about the death toll, it is about long term effects on survivors and the capacity of the medical system to manage all the cases.

      1. E'Matty

        “The virus is not just about the death toll, it is about long term effects on survivors and the capacity of the medical system to manage all the cases.” Can you tell me what has been done to increase this capacity in the medical system over the past 8 months as we shut down entire sectors of the economy destroying livelihoods and demanding everyone change their way of life?

        As for your death toll, how many have actually died from Covid? We have no idea, but all evidence indicates substantially less than the claimed 1,800+. The virus poses little to no threat for the vast majority of the population. The State completely failed to protect the elderly as proven by the fact 80% of deaths were in nursing homes. In fact, they sent sick elderly people back to the nursing homes with strict instructions they not be tested for Covid. You don’t seem bothered by that at all. You just want to blindly and unquestioningly follow this governments dictats. Why is that?

  3. Bitnbox

    Numbers were a bit down on previous marches but by God we will get there. You don’t get to the truth without ruffling a few feathers. We need real debate from real independent voices who know the limits of science and the evils of 5G “technologies” aimed at mass surveillance and suppression of rights.

    1. benblack


      Can you expand on the ‘evils’ of 5G please?

      I don’t get this and a quick google search only links to the coronavirus conspiracy which is nonsense, IMO.

      What are the other theories concerning 5G?

        1. E'Matty

          It’s true, the NSA has been harvesting the global populations data en masse for years now to ensure you can find a tasty take way or good movie for that romantic night in on the couch. Intel agencies have always been very concerned about the avaibility of good take away information for the public.

    2. Formerly known as

      5G???? You are using the Internet. If you are scared of technology, get off.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Justice for the Elderly… by infecting them and killing off a few more.

    These donkeys will be the reason Dublin stays in lockdown.

        1. Formerly known as

          No full stop. Fear and isolation —- there is no need for fear, just isolation. This virus is real. You great alternative is to let her rip. Wow.

          1. E'Matty

            no, the threat this virus poses has been completely exaggerated to induce fear in the public so they will accede to the goverment restructuring the economy and society in general, as is being being done by governments worldwide. We’re being herded into the Digital or Technetronic Age. Oh wait, you thought the “New Normal” was just a temporary change and that we’d be able to go back to the old world of 2019 once we “get a vaccine”? Ah bless. Such innocence…

    1. SOQ

      Your comments on the Macus De Brum thread is clear evidence that you don’t give a flying frig about the elderly- or you would be supporting him in his fight.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        I don’t support attention seekers who stand with racists.

        It’s not surprising that you do.

        1. SOQ

          Why is it surprising that I do?

          Sorry Nail but this site was way more interesting when you were not doing your sock puppets,

  5. Eoineyo

    I hope these muppets are letting their families, friends, employers (assuming they work) and coworkers know that they are attending these rallies. Imagine having your life put at risk because a few idiots can’t get their head around what is happening worldwide.
    I wonder could you sue them or the organisers should you contract the virus from one of them?

    1. E'Matty

      ” idiots can’t get their head around what is happening worldwide.” Such irony from someone who clearly has no idea what is actually happening worldwide.

      “I wonder could you sue them or the organisers should you contract the virus from one of them?” Not much chance. If you were on Grafton Street, how would you prove you contracted it from one of the protesters and not the hundreds of other shoppers, and what were you doing not maintaining your “safe distance” and why wasn’t your mask effective? and so on and so forth.

        1. E'Matty

          +1 BitnBox – It’s great to see. It’s good to have an alternative to the echo chambers existing on the msm sites.

      1. Pookakie

        The masks are to protect others in case you are carrying the virus. FFS, how many times do you need this explained?

        1. E'Matty

          Oh really? Based on what evidence? You should really get in contact immediately with Carl Heneghan, director of the University of Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, and a Fellow of Kellogg College. He is also Editor-in-Chief of BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine. He’ll be very interested to see your “evidence” on mask wearing by the general populace “Protecting others”, as you put it.

          As the vast majority are not using masks properly (repeatedly touching them, putting them in their pockets, wearing them on their chins or arms, and reusing, often for days), the claim that mask wearing by the general populace is protecting others doesn’t hold. It is simply factually incorrect. A large proportion are wearing cloth masks (because they look oh so fashionable). Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection. Penetration of cloth masks by particles is almost 97% (Source – British Medical Journal).

        2. Eoineyo

          @Pookakie, I wouldn’t waste my time with them, their opinions are now facts, they question everything except for some random nut job with a YouTube channel reaffirming their hunch, they ask questions but ignore the answers and to top it all off they shout down anyone and everyone that doesn’t conform to their opinions. Just look at this joker he is on every tread here.
          Thankfully despite all the noise they make they are a tiny minority that dwell in their echo chambers void of independent thought, it’s a shame to see them infect decent pages inflicting us with their stupidity. They are given far too much oxygen then they deserve.
          I just wish they would stop hiding behind our National flag, insulting the memories of those who fought and died for it.

          1. E'Matty

            so, you don’t recognise an expert like Oxford Professor Heneghan or the British Medical Journal as sources? Ok.

            “I just wish they would stop hiding behind our National flag, insulting the memories of those who fought and died for it.” Yeah, except they’d actually be disgusted by people like you who have simply given away those hard fought for Constituional rights based on a hyped up threat to public safety. My great garndfather was a GPO man in 1916. What was your great-grandfather doing? Handing out tea and sandwiches to the British troops perhaps? Probably just gave out about the Rising when it was reported on in the newspapers.

        3. Eoineyo

          @Pookakie, See what I mean even when he is not being addressed he just can’t help himself, he has to make most noise, has to try drown out everyone else with his nonsense, that’s why you should never engage these people because it’s not important that they make zero common sense just so long as the make as much noise as possible, fill up the comments sections until people just loose interest.
          There is really is no arguing or reasoning with stupidity.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Sheep have to be chased, rounded up and corralled. Doesn’t sound like obedience to me.

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Nope Daisy. If you did a bit of rEsEArCH you’ll find that your habits (sheep habits) are ‘where one goes, all go’
          They are also gregarious.
          Sheep will run from what frightens them (the truth in this instance)

    1. GiggidyGoo

      A clever poster which has drawn attention, subconsciously in your case, to what RTE is at. He must work for an advertising agency.

  6. f_lawless

    The highlight for me was the speeches made by Dr. Andrew Rynne followed by Dr. Patrick Morrissey.. Very brave and commendable considering the current climate.

    Does anyone have a link to a recording of Dr Morrissey’s speech?

    I remember him coming out strongly against NPHET in saying that we’ve now reached a point where the risk to public health is being measured according to a single disease to the detriment of a whole other range of factors not least mental health and quality of life.

    He also talked of his success in treating patients at his practice with hydroxychloroquine (shock, horror!)

    A photo and few quotes from his speech in this link:

    1. Lilly

      ‘80% of the population are not even susceptible to Covid.’

      Any chance you could define the 20%?

      1. f_lawless

        Obviously I’m just a layperson trying my best to understand, but for what it’s worth, I think he’s referring to a group of studies which point to the conclusion that about 80% of a population will have some level of preexisting cross-immunity due to prior exposure to other similar viruses. About 20% won’t have that extra tool to help them fight off the virus if exposed. I guess it’s the people within that 20% who are also elderly and/or have underlying health issues who are the ones most at risk.

        I shared this article before but it’s relevant to your question. It’s authored by a team of experts who are critical of government policies which have been guided by mass PCR testing to identify infected people with the aim of suppressing the rate of infection as much as possible through lockdowns etc.. Instead they advocate for testing schemes to quantify the level of preexisting immunity within a population and to base policy on what the public health risk is judged to be according to that measurement.

        If such schemes were carried out, then we could identify the high risk elderly and people and people with underlying issues who are part of the susceptible 20%.

        ” if most immune systems can recognize SARS-CoV-2, it makes no sense for any government to treat or model the virus as a new infection. Any rational government should urgently invest effort in conducting surveys of cross immunity and other types of preexisting cellular immunity, which cost next-to-nothing compared to the funds spent on PCR testing, contact tracing, and of course, lockdowns.

        In short, it is extremely likely that most of us are at least partially immune to Covid-19. Let’s accept this fact and try to quantify it. Continued self-destruction is a bad alternative. ”

    2. SOQ

      Yellow facebook broadcasted live but nothing yet- very much watch this space as to Pat I think- very brave of him- man with big balls. Crowds down- weather and probably as McConnell led last time?

      From what I could see on the stream- nothing else but “music” mainly where the cat protection society should have been called. The gay one at the end with the eBay clothes was able to sing but- only covers.


  7. Kappa

    Note to self: Must stop visiting this vile little website, sad how something that was once informed and entertaining has been corrupted and become one of the bad guys.

    1. E'Matty

      You should totally check out the Irish Independent or Irish Times. Sounds like they’d be right up your street.

      “become one of the bad guys.” How so? Is it your belief that all media should be exactly the same and only provide one persepective? Or is it the case you think the mainstream media are truly independent and honest in all of their reporting? Or, is it that you just don’t think any media should report on any protests where you disgaree with the protest? Just tryin to understand where Broadsheet became all evil and the “baddies”?

    2. G

      – sad how something that was once informed and entertaining has been corrupted.

      Couldn’t agree more.

    3. GiggidyGoo

      Must be an election coming up. Varadkar has given the word. All hands on deck. The bots are out in force these past couple of weeks. One complaining that the site is corrupted, and then the other in a ‘repeat after me’ response. And both have no idea what being informed actually means.

  8. Eoin

    The people marching in protests against lockdown and other restrictions represent a much larger, silent majority. For every one person who is willing to protest, I promise you, there are several who don’t feel threatened by the virus and are questioning the highly self destructive restrictions. And those numbers are growing by the day.

    1. SB

      So if 200 people were there yesterday, you mean there is a massive 600 majority (and a 6 million minority who disagree)?

      1. E'Matty

        Well, you had tens of thousands of people protesting on the streets against water charges and we saw millions not pay the charge. That’s why the charges failed. Not everyone who opposes restrictions will get out and protest. A considerable majority not applying every gov restriction or guidelines now. People are using their own common sense to decide which ones they’ll bother with. You might wear a mask going into the shop but still meet up with a group of friends from a number of households for example.

  9. Brother Barnabas

    I wonder did anyone point out the spelling mistake to the chap who’s hiding his face in shame

    1. f_lawless

      I think you’ve got things wrong. Scapegoating people is just divisive and not facing up to the reality that the government’s whole approach to date has been dreadfully misguided and has already had disastrous consequences for so many. We need a new approach.

    2. E'Matty

      oh right, so now you’re worried about people’s livelihoods George? Can I ask, have you checked your local high street lately? Are you one of these people who thinks businesses can be economically viable with less than 40% usual capacity, or that you can switch a business off and with the flick of a switch just turn it back on again a year later? You clearly have no problem with government policies destroying livelihoods, but a half hour protest on Grafton Street, well, that was just too much for George to take.

  10. Formerly known as

    So, let me get this straight, lots of governments from differest sides of politics, have decided that this is the time to muzzle people, to inflict 5G mind control on them, to work together to defeat the people.

    Righteo, that makes so much more sense that a global pandemic that can be beaten if people do things slightly differently to when there is no pandemic.

    If you want to see what losing your freedom is like, look at the Uighirs. If you were marching to support them, you would have my ful support.

    1. ?(name)

      yeah, it does seem like a lot of (worldwide) effort just to gain some control. By who, one government or multiple governments in cahoots?

      1. E'Matty

        oh dear, such innocence. You seem to think politicians are the powerful ones running the world. Political power is subservient to financial power. Didn’t you learn anything after 2008?

  11. Nigel

    Congratulations on holding a superspreader event on the eve of likely going to level 5. I’m sure the whole country apreciates your utter contempt for the sacrifices they’ve made to control the pandmic.

  12. David

    Incredible amount of bigots and racists there. One incel was waving a knights templar flag, presumably because they fought muslims

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