‘I Have Said All I Can’


Dr Marcus De Brun

This morning/afternoon.

Family GP Dr Marcus De Brun, under formal investigation by the Medical Council for speaking out about Covid-19 restrictions and the nursing home scandal, withdraws from Twitter having “said all I can”.

Previously: Doctor In The House

Marcus De Brun on Broadsheet

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104 thoughts on “‘I Have Said All I Can’

  1. Bitnbox

    No! Marcus was one of the best voices against this mask and vaccine nonsense. His blog is one of the most illuminating I have ever read. He has been foremost in savagely critiquing lockdown and government surveillance. Dark forces are no doubt trying to silence him.

    1. millie madonna

      Dark forces? Calm down.

      I would say he’s just tired of the condemnation. He a GP in a small farming town where everyone knows each others business. My guess is that he and his family have come under some unpleasantness for his remarks. I would also wager that he has to think about his practice, and has to protect that too.

      1. SOQ

        “Unpleasant investigation by the IMC” and resigning his HSE contact has nothing to do with patients.

        Still its not all bad- two GP’s have spoke at the Yellow Vest protest so the cracks are finally begining to appear.

        1. millie madonna

          I live very close to where Marcus de Brun practices. Local wagging tongues have implied heavily that his practice has suffered, and that he and his family have also come under fire locally for his views.

          1. millie madonna

            Good point. He’s not my doctor, and in fairness, I’m just repeating gossip from the local curtain twitchers.

            Before this, I’d never heard a bad word about him. By all accounts, he was considered to be a good skin.

          2. SOQ

            Well you obviously know more about the situation than me Millie but why would locals object to his call for a public inquiry?

            He didn’t resign his HSE contract for no good reason mind and it is quite obvious that if not the inquiry then at least the complaints made were politically motivated.

          3. millie madonna

            I can’t answer that. As I said above, I’m just repeating local gossip, which as we all know can be a load of bollocks.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a combination of public pressure and private concerns.

      2. Bitnbox

        I have studied Marcus’ tweets, messages and writings. This is not the time to minimise what has just happened with such spurious mutterings. He is loved and cherished in his community and he is entreating us to carry his message and counter these dark forces. He is probably scared to reveal too much at the moment.

          1. Bitnbox

            No need to be so unfair to me so you can engage in a puffed-up “I know Marcus better than you” claptrap. Have you read his blog? Have you heard his speeches at the rallies?

          2. millie madonna

            I’m not trying to have a pissing competition with you here. I just don’t see how studying his tweets, his blog and his speeches has any relevance or correlation to whether or not he is cherished in his community.

        1. millie madonna


          For my part, it’s de Brun. I don’t have to agree with his stance to know he’s a nice man and a decent doctor. James Reilly is a shyster through and through. More politician than doctor.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            What qualification has your oWn gP that Marcus de Brun hasn’t?
            And is your oncologist an virologist?
            Or are you following some donkeys of your own?

          2. Bitnbox

            Lol! Burn Daisy. Don’t mess with Giggidy – he has got a brain cell or two and will deploy them to expose this plandemic.

          3. SOQ

            No he is a front line doctor who treated CoVid-19 patients in at least one nursing home- but you know this already.

            Is the frape room open on a Saturday night now?

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Well, Daisy, you’re the one telling us who you put your trust in, yet you cant give a reason why that trust is deserved.. A mixture of small and capital letters of the word ‘research’ is meaningless.
            What qualification has your GP that Marcus de Brun hasn’t? De Brun has a degree in microbiology. A bit of research would inform you that microbiology is the study of bacteria, archaea, viruses, fungi, prions, protozoa and algae.
            Do you see any words there that might relate to Covid? “Virus” perhaps?

          5. Daisy Chainsaw

            De Brun is an attention seeker who threw his lot in with a pack of racists. I have no interest in his bullplop. But keep stanning him… maybe he’ll notice you eventually.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Were those few facts too much that you run away like that? Obviously then your own GP and oncologist are no better than De Brun, and you, like a donkey, place your trust in them. Hee haw Daisy.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Ran away? I have better things to do on a Saturday than give you a reason to have something to do on a Saturday night.
            You’re a distraction while I go to the toilet. And now I must flush, and wash my hands.

    1. benblack

      Sorry, that doesn’t read very well. I meant that in response to the suggestion that external dark forces may have been involved in his decision.

      I don’t know his reasons but I do know that the truth can upset quite a lot of people. I’m surprised that this upset to others seems to be his only stated reason.

    1. Bitnbox

      Yes – Marcus is dying to get elected. He ran as an independent candidate in Dublin North but did not get elected as word had it voters considered him too valuable as a doctor. Read his blog- he is mega intelligent. He needs to step away from his medicine practice and explain to voters in his constituency that the country needs him now more than they do. He needs to bring a hard rain on this IMC outfit.

        1. Bitnbox

          I think people in North Dublin were afraid of losing him as a doctor. He holds huge clout but he could really change politics if he convinces people not to be afraid of the loss of his medical services and that his brilliance is best served in politics.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Sure. That’s exactly why Professor Dolores Cahill, Journalist Gemma O’Doherty, Writer John Waters and Farage Handbag Herman Kelly didn’t get elected. It would hurt their local communities far too much to lose them to the big smoke!

          2. Bitnbox

            I think we might well see Marcus in the Dáil someday, maybe as head of a new Freedom and Justice Party.

            As for Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters, they’re now over and people have moved on. Way too cartoonish. Folks with real smarts are needed

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Sitting on Grafton Street.

      These gobdaws will be the reason Dublin remains at Level 3. Press Up should sue them.

  2. V AKA Frilly Keane

    I’ve had the great pleasure of speaking with Dr M
    Across a whole range of stuff
    Even ‘van life
    And no matter what you think of what he has to say

    His opinions and ideas
    Thoughts and general chit chat
    His voice was sincere qualified and most importantly Independent
    He was listenable, entertaining and provoking
    And far to valuable to not be heard from again

    Ye’re loss folks
    The best person around to really challange the HSE
    And in a way that makes sense to everyone

    Sincerely hope this break is just a brief sabbatical, because he has a lot to say that needs to said
    And needs to be heard

    xV Dr M

    1. Bitnbox

      Here here – he is a hero and true truth seeker. But rest assured he will find a way to get his message out and ensure mass surveillance will not take place here. You may have a bit of travelling yet to do on Brexit and I’m guessing the good old Donald but we can break bread over Marcus de Brun.

        1. Bitnbox

          You’ll come on board re Brexit and the good old Donald yet. Did you see Trump’s 4 minute hospital video- the sheer genius of it!

          Anyhow, we are of one mind about Marcus de Brun. But don’t think Marcus will stay quiet for too long. He will be leading the anti-mask and anti-restrictions fight once again.

          1. V AKA Frilly Keane

            I’ll do me own thing ta

            So don’t bother thinking you need to keep me informed
            Or align me to anything you and your pals are at
            Or try to put words into my mouth either
            Or create your own versions of what does come out of my mouth

            Broadsheeters, the ones around as long as I am anyway
            I’d appreciate yere support this time with these blow-in Alt’think logins,
            ta V

  3. Zaccone

    “We don’t like you airing your views publicly because they contradict the government line, so we’re going to pressure your livelihood/career to shut you up”

    Whether you agree with his views or not if you’re being honest you have to admit this sort of thing isn’t good for democracy in Ireland.

    1. Bitnbox

      Marcus was silenced because he was on the cusp of exposing something far more sinister – mass government surveillance – mask and lockdown stuff only a stepping stone. He was trying to reveal the truth.

    2. Micko

      + 1000

      It’s completely maddening to me that people are calling for debate to be shut down on this.

      Science has become so politicised.

  4. Charger Salmons

    I know how he feels.
    Imagine how lonely it has been on here for the last four years predicting every UK election and referendum result correctly whilst suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous dunderheads.
    It’s enough to drive a man to drink.
    I say, is that the time already ?
    Bottoms up.

    1. V AKA Frilly Keane

      Pity we have a Health Service that still can’t cope

      Lock yourselves in
      Standing together Staying Apart
      Help flatten the curve
      Shut down everything else
      From screening to non emergency surgeries

      And tis worse than ever

      Lads in the private hospitals knew what they were doing getting paid upfront

      1. Charger Salmons

        Thankfully the Tories are investing more in the NHS than any other government in its history.
        And unlike Ireland where everyone has to pay for a GP appointment, prescription charge, drugs and hospital visits the NHS still remains free to everyone who uses it in the UK.

      2. Micko

        Dead right on the surgeries V

        I got chatting to an older lady outside a coffee shop the other day.

        Nice lady, type that would tell you anything. She tells me she has a leaky valve in her heart.
        One of the worst her consultant has ever seen.

        Her operation has been pushed since COVID and she has no idea when they’ll be able to do it.

        “I’m banjacked” she tell me. “It’s all corona virus now”

        Nice lady. :-(

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      And a gang of Templar flag waving, Jim Dowson/Britain First backed bigots from Derry superspreading all over the place. Very paytriotic.

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        In fairness Daisy
        I’m going to start agreeing with you there

        Anyone who followed that flag, and a few of those “masked” heads,
        From the Custom House
        Over the Liffey
        And sat around it on Grafton Street
        Need to be treated as one and the same
        They have no excuse for not knowing what they were doing

        I won’t be calling people donkeys mind
        But being familiar with one lead character there
        I’d be more inclined to call the followers that suckle every word from his trap
        Suckers !

    3. GiggidyGoo

      We can’t believe that now can we Cian? Not after Varadkars admission of putting out incorrect figures.
      When are these 10 supposed to have died? You mentioned ‘today’ Did the 10 die today?

      1. Micko

        2 today and 8 before September

        Of course the headlines don’t say that 2 died

        Manipulation at its best

      2. Cian

        I followed up my original post saying 8 were older as soon as it was released – about 15 minutes later. A full two hours before your post.

  5. SOQ

    The one thing I have noticed about the Irish Left in all of this when it comes to the nursing home scandal- they actually have nothing to say- zero- zilch. They sit on sites like this butchin and snipin and calling people names but never ONCE addressing what Marcus was trying to highlight.

    People died in those homes in horrendous conditions, in some cases without even the most basic of nursing care. Dying alone lying in their own urine and excrement without even palliative care drugs to help ease the suffering- NOT acceptable in any civilised society.

    But that does seem to matter to you clowns- and you know who you are- because you can’t see further than your exact mirror image on the other side. And anyone who supports the likes of Marcus in his fight for justice is being led and is too thick to see anything else- how bloody patronising.

    So ask yourselves this oh great social warriors- what if it was your mother or father who was treated like that in their dying hours? What if it was someone you loved who was discarded like a bag of rubbish? If the church had to have been involved, that would have been a different story of course- the howls of outrage would be all over the place.


    1. Bitnbox

      So true and all over Europe nursing homes were strangely all affected. Marcus knew what this was about and they are now trying to stifle him. Well done for highlighting the scary EU plandemic – a few of us know what this is really about. Stay strong SOQ

      1. benblack

        Do you not think it more likely, considering his choice of words, that the reasons for his departure might be a little closer to home?

        1. GiggidyGoo

          More of the Medical Council hounding him I’d say. They tried to bully him back in 2017. He is associated i believe with Doctors 4 Regulatory Reform, which the Medical Council is scared of.

        1. Bitnbox

          @SOQ – we are on the same page. Marcus is s big picture kind of guy. All over Europe, Sweden etc., the “virus” ripped through nursing homes. There is a lot more going on. Marcus will get his message out. This could all be a ruse to put those in authority off the scent.

    2. millie madonna

      I know that Dr Marcus has a personal reason to be so driven regarding the nursing homes and treatment of the elderly.

      He is/was the doctor overseeing the care in the recently opened care home in Loughshinny, which suffered some of the highest numbers of covid related deaths. If I remember correctly, he was very critical of the govt response to the pandemic, in particular in relation to nursing homes and the lack of sufficient PPE and guidelines and support for staff, and I believe it is for this reason; that he had a personal impetus for speaking out because of what had happened in Loughshinny.

      1. SOQ

        Thank you millie- there there is raisins for everything and currents for bread.

        But I do hope he pops back up on the national scene, we need more like him- not less.

    3. Porter

      “The one thing I have noticed about the Irish Left in all of this when it comes to the nursing home scandal- they actually have nothing to say- zero- zilch”

      What absolute trollop. Some quick examples after seconds of google searching:

      Sinn Féin (26 May): “The data on nursing homes published today reveals a shocking failure by the State to plan for and to protect those in nursing homes and residential care.”

      Labour (23 April): “The number of nursing home deaths is frightening. We need clarity on who is in charge of what is happening in nursing homes. Is it the Government, HSE, NPHET? Families and staff need clarity.”

      PBP (26 May): “Bríd Smith TD Calls For Public Inquiry Into The Handling Of Covid-19 In Nursing Homes”

  6. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Hey anti-maskers – your poster boy Trump is in hospital. Please explain.

    1. Termagant

      He got the rona
      Masks don’t prevent you getting the rona, they help prevent you spreading it, if you have the right kind of mask and use it in the right way
      simple as

  7. ColmB

    Has Broadsheet become an uncritical mouthpiece for the alt right pandemic denial crowd? Lots of demo pictures and the martyr Dr. Marcus? What is going on.

    1. Termagant

      Are you so unaccustomed to hearing the unslanted, non-editorialised views of people you disagree with? You should think on that a little while.

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