A Limerick A Day


US President Donald Trump was criticised by medical experts after leaving hospital to drive by supporters

To let people know you’re alive
And also continuing to thrive
Just slip on a mask
And simply ask
Your staff to take you for a drive

John Moynes


17 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. DOC

    Donald Trump is the most dangerous man in the world
    And that is why he is doing drivebys in a bombproof bulletproof SUV

  2. goldenbrown

    that’s certainly one of the narratives now available to Trump and ze GOP thanks to this lil drama production

    (you forgot to add: Trump wins election! USA! USA! USA!)

      1. ian-oh

        Sure I do what? Hope that the person driving his vehicle is properly protected against contracting covid from a person who is infected?

        Sure, I most certainly do. Also and this might blow your mind, but I also hope Trump recovers, there has been too much death and I for one will not wish it on anyone no matter how much I might oppose their politics.

        But to get back to your attempt at incisive debate, even if I was a ghoul waiting for Trump to get worse, why would I wish it on an innocent driver? Makes zero sense. I have no idea who the person driving is so to wish harm on someone I don’t even know makes less than zero sense.

        But carry on, your contribution has been insightful.

        1. paul

          those cars are hermetically sealed, the driver is hopefully wearing a gas mask because otherwise he may as well be sitting in Trumps lap sampling his viral bouquet.

          1. ian-oh

            Lets hope they are wearing something capable of filtering out the virus? Or perhaps they can seal the drivers compartment from where he sits?

            At least Trump is wearing a mask but I do hope there are additional measures in place to keep the driver safe.

  3. newsjustin

    To quote some person off the internet –

    This disease drive by has the same energy as when Michael Jackson excitedly held his baby over the balcony railings.

  4. MME

    One can just about hear the howls of laughter from the Kremlin and Putin’s Covid-free bunker on the outskirts of Moscow.

    1. Nigel

      Really? Boasting that he’s learned about covid seven months late? Immediately breaking quarantine? A real genius would have worked out how to show leadership to the entire country rather than just needy posturing for his base.

    2. MME

      One would think this is a stunt redolent of Frank Underwood but in reality it is more Kim Jung Un slash Viktor Luskashenka.

      Still, the only surprise is that he didn’t do a walk around yesterday!

      Some might consider this genius, but Trump is learning the easy way. Those Americans, all 209000 of them, certainly had a harder schooling than Don’s easy Covid-19 ride.

    3. ian-oh


      Em, no. I’d imagine his deplorable followers think so, intelligent people will look at what has happened leading up to him saying that and make an informed choice.

      Unless they want pond scum like him to win.

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