Brake For The Border


This afternoon.

Eamonn Farrell writes:

 Chaos on the south bound N7 from Rathcoole to Castlewarden. Gardai and Council workers were present at the exit from the cone filter…

Eamonn Farrell/RollingnNews


This morning/afternoon.

Garda halt traffic at a check point on the M4 outbound from Dublin.

Earlier: Checkpoint Charlies

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12 thoughts on “Brake For The Border

  1. GiggidyGoo

    While the commissioner admitted that a motorist will be able to continue on, even if stopped and asked to turn back by officers, he said it would be “a foolish choice”.
    Mr Harris said often the sort of people who do this “have made poor choices elsewhere” and could be dealt with using other powers.

    Well, how to get the public on your side. PC Harris overstepping the mark there.

  2. Mick

    How much information are you legally obliged to give the Gardaí if they stop you like this?

    I presume you must show them your licence, and they can see the tax, Insurance & NCT on the windscreen, and they can look around their car. But, are you obliged to tell them where you’re coming from/ going to (the usual questions asked), or any other questions they ask you?
    If we exercise our right to silence, can they force us to pull in, get out of the car, or whatever? Any legal minds here know the answers?
    Just asking for a friend, obviously.

    1. scottser

      ffs, just tell them you’re going to your ma’s to take her shopping and you only live up the road.
      the minute you start bleating on about your rights they’ll switch off and you’ll get arseache.

      1. Micko

        Absolutely scottser.

        I always amazes me people giving out about stuff to the Guards – like they want to be out there either enforcing this rubbish.

        Just lie – it’s easy and simple.

    2. Haroo

      They have the right to ask you where you are going, what you are doing and what time you will arrive. You are legally obliged to answer honestly and truthfully. The margin of error allowed for time of arrival is the sum of your birth day (full date) x the square root of your partiot index score x zero.

      Of course, true liberty warriors will know to invoke the Rule of 32. We cannot discuss that here for fear of the sheeple gaining this sacred knowledge.

      Don’t be conned by the herd or pressured into complying. They will say that maybe an intelligent person would say rather than just look at what the gardai are doing, why don’t you look at the motivation behind what they are doing and what it is trying to achieve in the context of an ever-increasing reproduction rate, spread of a virus and increasing hospitalisations in health service with poor capacity during a pandemic. They might say the govt and gardai want to achieve their ends through light-handed encouragement rather than heavy-handed enforcement. They will argue that if we do not play ball and act as a society then the govt will be forced to bring in more stringent rules/penalty based solutions thus proving us liberty champs right. Fools and liars one and all.

      Continue to travel needlessly and pointlessly, my free patriot. Treat the gardai like mushroom: keep them in the dark and fill them full of sh*te.

  3. SOQ

    Has anyone considered the impact this will have on the supply chains of businesses? It is not like a full lock down where the lorries moved freely, it is a deliberate attempt to grind traffic down to a snails pace.

    That is bound to have an impact- particularly on supermarkets where their product shelf lives are so short- likewise hauliers working for food producers trying to hit ferry times to UK and Europe.

    1. delacaravanio

      It’s a PR stunt. The Gardaí’s job is to enforce the law. There is no law stopping people from travelling.

      Unless the Government brings in regulations this will all be forgotten next week and the guards will be back doing their usual jobs. Supply chains can manage a few photo ops.

  4. Kingfisher

    Just a taste of what it’ll be like after Brexit in December, unless the powers that be hastily surgically remove their thumbs from their snug home and set up a ferry service direct to France.

  5. Slightly Bemused

    That is not chaos! It is quite orderly, which to be fair to the Gardai is what happens t their checkpoints.
    Slow is not chaos.
    And don’t take your ire out on the Guard. Cll your boss (he or she may be in the same queue), and turn on some tunes!
    I re,member once being caught in a traffic snarl in Dublin. It was a wonderful day, so we had the winow open. Radio nova (of yore) was belting out some great tunes. I was in the passenger seat, but my coleague was frustrated that we were not moving.
    After a moment, I relied that the same melody was cming out form outside our car, and I looked up. A trucker had his window open, and radio blaring. He saw me look up, and we grinned at each other.
    I asked him why he was so happy, and he replied “I am already at work!”
    Take it handy, guys.

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