Fanacht By Dash Light


This evening.

An Garda Síochána’s surreal Operation Fanacht ends its first day.

The highways are little safer.

Earlier: Comply or The PUP Gets It


Officers who spoke to The Irish Times were unapologetic about the long traffic jams caused in some parts of the country, saying Garda Commissioner Drew Harris had on Tuesday warned very clearly that delays were inevitable.

More than 130 static checkpoints erected on motorways and other arterial routes yesterday morning around the country were switched to the opposite side of the road later in the day.

It meant motorists delayed in the morning faced the same disruption in the evening; a strategy that was set to continue for the next three weeks.

Cruel and futile.

That’ll learn the rona.

Senior gardaí hope checkpoints and traffic jams provide ‘sharp shock’ (Irish Times)

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22 thoughts on “Fanacht By Dash Light

  1. Tony

    In fairness to the Guards, people who genuinely don’t have to travel tomorrow, won’t I’d say.

    So job done. Annoying but effective

    1. Bodger

      Not their fault but they are manning/womanning fake checkpoints to slow traffic to help change our behaviour. Is this strictly ‘policing’ anymore?

      1. Slightly Bemused

        While language has changed over the years, the term ‘man’ is not sexist originally. From its root in the English language, it means ‘person’
        When it was brought in to the language, by the Saxons (I think, it may have been the Angles.I used know this but today is not a good day for memory) there were three terms: mann; herremann; and womann
        These meant person, adult male person, and adult female person.
        So today, many of the services which I agree were more male oriented used ‘man’ as a term, this was not to imply sex, merely personage.
        A Guard who happens to be female can man a checkpoint..

      2. Tony


        Policing. Crowd management. Ahhichude adjustment.

        As long as it works. We’ll see tomorrow has it

      3. Lester Burnham

        Waze and Google maps rerouted me around this mess all day… guards are window dressing and playing whack-a-mole with this PR exercise.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Do not give out to the Guards about this. They have recieved instructions and are obliged to obey.I know a few, and they are seriously ticked off by having to stand out in the cold and the rain and mouth nothings at people,

    Instead look to those who gave the instruction.

    Also, do not take it out on the Guard at the checkpoint. It is fully within his or her power to check your licence, registration, insurance, tyre wear, spare tyre, working lights,…the lisst goes on.

    Be polite, and assume their day has been worse than yours. Likely you have been stuck in traffic, but as a colleague once told me as we were stuck in traffic because of an unexpected snowing: at least you are inside a car, and the radio has good music.

        1. Paulus

          With a headline worthy of Bodger; Hotpress once ran an interview with Chris Carey (?) head honcho at that very station. Titled;

          The Bossa Nova.

          1. Slightly Bemused

            Darn it I am getting old! I remember that one :-)

            And as you say, a great headline today

    1. Liam Deliverance

      Who gave the order for this farce I wonder and should they be questioned on the merits of it?

      How many more people today just moved over the threshold (because of the checkpoints) into completely fed up with Covid restrictions and the Guards and government incompetence, if greater restrictions do come some of these people will eschew the mask or travel restrictions or social restrictions so it may have been very counter productive.

      These checkpoints, whether you get a lecture from a disgruntled guard or as this video shows that they have given up the lecture part and are just maintaining the disruption of the checkpoint will not go down well with many.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        They did not think it out fully. You see, they were mere mortals, unlike the politicians who know what is needed…

    1. goldenbrown

      for me anyway that’s definitely 1-0 to the bus…and a telling off from their sergeant

      unless the Guards do own the road in it’s entirety without any regard to other road users that was a ridiculous move to make

      (I wonder if there’ll be any “ooooh my neck, my neck” after that)

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