Darting To Croker


This morning.

Want a Dart at Croker?

Ruadan MaEoin writes:

Irish Rail plan to route the Maynooth DART by Croke Park (see  above and link below) but not stop there.

I am trying to get word out that if individuals simply put in a two liner email to DARTmaynooth@IrishRail.ie by this Thursday October 15, it could really help to get a DART station at Croke Park on track!

DART+ West Emerging Preferred Option (Irish Rail)

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9 thoughts on “Darting To Croker

  1. Pip

    Might there be a fear that, given the capacity of Croker, that a DART station might easily become unmanageable?

    1. paul

      they usually close Lansdowne station for matches in the Aviva and direct people to the two adjacent stations. Could do the same here.

      In this instance, the Drumcondra station is very close to Croke Park. Could turn out like the buses leaving Dun Laoghaire, loads of the bus stops are within sight distance of the next one so the bus takes an age to leave the town, stopping and starting.

  2. Stephen

    Is there space there for one.
    Its not easy or cheap to build a station in densely populated area.
    I’m all for more train stations but there are limitations.
    Doesn’t Drumcondra station serve it fairly well already also.

  3. george

    Train Stations are 7mins, 22mins and 24 mins away. Better to have people leave the stadium and go to these stations than crowd into one station so the point about “serving the stadium” doesn’t really stack up.

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