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Fia Moon – Let This Go

You may remember Irish singer/songwriter Fia Moon (top) as one of the voices on the recent chart-topping cover of The Cranberries hit Dreams by Irish Women In Harmony.

Now she’s back with a new single and lyric video.

Fia says:

“It’s about accepting things for what they are and learning to let go of things that don’t make you happy. When you’re so comfortable in a situation, it can be really hard to detach yourself and recognize that you need to walk away and let go of the things that are ultimately holding you down.”

Nick says: Moon struck.

Fia Moon

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15 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Micko

    It’s probably my age, but why do they all sound the same?

    Very few new artists have distinctive voices anymore.

    Probably why TV shows always seem to use classic songs on their soundtracks

    None of this new stuff has any staying power.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      saw her perform in bello bar (I think) about a year ago. actually really good and I remember thinking she would do well. that evening she was quite r+b. maybe she’s changed direction or maybe this song isn’t all that representative.

    2. paul

      So much new music falls under the category ‘soft, breathy singing’ and it’s male vocals as well as female. I mean, it’s good music and there certainly is talent there but that talent gets lost in being so similar to everything else.

      I wouldn’t mind something loud, confident and with an open message that is for everyone, not this achingly personal message of love. A song about feeling lucky after opening a Club Milk bar and finding out there’s no biscuit, just all chocolate. Awesome.

      1. Junkface

        You hit the nail on the head there. The modern vocal style is over reliant on breathy vocals, copying mannerisms and gimmicks like autotune. If it feels even inauthentic even for a moment, people pick up on it and not remember it so well, or pay attention to catchy melodies or hooks.

        She’s a good singer with plenty of ability, and she is gorgeous looking so she will find her audience eventually.

    3. Micko

      Ah yeah – I feel bad now cheers Brother / Paul ;-)

      She’s only a kid and I’m sure there is talent there, but when I hear the same vocal style – I dunno.

      I really miss real authentic voices. I’d love to hear her own actual voice.

      Plus, while I’m at it. I really want to hear a recorded live studio album from a band. Pro Tools and the like have just made everything so ‘copy and pasty’

    4. george

      Well most of the old stuff had no staying power which is why most of it is forgotten and the memorable stuff is what remains and gets used.

  2. Pip

    As Prince Charles stated quite a long time ago, I was carefully brought up to avoid looking at any lady below the neckline.

  3. Charlie

    She’s cute and sounds sweet. However, I feel it sounds like the usual formula/mood track that every US music library have on the market.

  4. Pip

    But. This started fairly recently – if you can’t be seen to be soonly huge, they don’t want to know.
    Then it was RIP the college circuit, those great local venues many of us loved.
    And that was before the pandemic. Now there isn’t a route up the hill, even.

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