Nobody Knows The Bubbles We’ve Seen


Danger here.

Sunday Times journalists Paul Rowan (top left) and Mark Tighe (top right), authors of the best-selling Champagne Football: John Delaney and the Betrayal of Irish Football: The Inside Story (Penguin), took to the piping hot stool(s) of doom to answer YOUR Questions.

But would Irish football’s Woodward and Bernstein tackle your challenges fairly?

Or theatrically dive on the pitch like freebie-seeking, Oman-bound ‘blazers’.

Watch, then decide.

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9 thoughts on “Nobody Knows The Bubbles We’ve Seen

  1. White Dove

    A very impressive and self-assured interview by John which demonstrates Broadsheet’s true journalistic quality.

    It is lovely to see the online recording aspect of this site developing so well.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Ask him to do some practice on my username for the next one.
        Although he may have started choking halfway through the question when he noticed who posted it …

  2. Kate.

    Thanks…….I’m quoting “disgraceful behaviour” & unfortunately “worse than ever” in FAI.
    Well done for exposing it!

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