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Via the medium of ‘telly’.

TV executive Helen O’Rahilly (top left), author of wildly funny ‘The Stairlift Ascends: Tweets from a Covid Cocoon‘ (O’Brien), about life in lockdown with her 91-year-old aunt, Monica, answers YOUR questions about her instant bestseller, RTÉ,  Jameson whiskey and rebooting Dr Who.

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Auntie to Aunt: Helen O’Rahilly with a BBC prop and her Covid diary The Stairlift Ascends

Aunt: (calling loudly from sitting room); “Helen, can you help me?”

Me: (drops everything, rushes to front room, expecting her to have fallen)

Aunt: “The cat’s on my lap, could you pour me a small Jameson?”

The Stairlift Ascends: Tweets from a Covid Cocoon, written by Helen O’Rahilly and illustrated by Jennie O’Connell has become an instant bestseller. It is hilarious.

The book relates, in tweet form, how returned emigrant and former BBC and RTÉ executive  Helen O’Rahilly, cocooning with her ninety-year-old Aunt , survived the first months of the pandemic.

When not tweeting, Helen also helps organise a network of volunteers to deliver necessities to older people called localsupport.ie.

But tomorrow, Helen takes to the piping hot ‘stool of doom’ to answer YOUR questions on the buke, her aunt or anything (within reason).

Leave any queries below. The best question WINS our own copy of The Stairlift Ascends (which we will hopefully get signed by the author).

Lines will remain open until 10pm.

The Stairlift Ascends (O Brien Press)

This afternoon (3.30pm).

Live from the Convention Centre, Dublin

Fresh from a blistering Dáil speech against the latest restrictions, Independent Clare TD Michael McNamara (top), who recently chaired the joint Oireachtas Covid-19 response committee, takes to the stool of doom to answer YOUR questions about the rona, Level 5 and his much-envied barnet.

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Michael McNamara TD


Independent Clare TD Michael McNamara, who recently served as Chairman of the Special Committee on the COVID-19 Response, will take to the piping hot stool of doom to answer YOUR questions.

The committee’s final report was published last week and recommendations included quicker tracking and tracing and a ‘stronger regulatory framework’ for nursing home residents, those in Direct Provision and people working in meat plants.

Deputy McNamara warned last night that further restrictions may be viewed by the public as ‘further punishment’ and even as ‘an act of tyranny’.

Please leave a question(s) for Michael McNamara TD on Covid issues or any other matter (yes, even about his celebrated, tousled hair) below and we will ask him them, via the medium of ‘telly’.

Deadline for questions: Tuesday, 4.30pm.

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Danger here.

Sunday Times journalists Paul Rowan (top left) and Mark Tighe (top right), authors of the best-selling Champagne Football: John Delaney and the Betrayal of Irish Football: The Inside Story (Penguin), took to the piping hot stool(s) of doom to answer YOUR Questions.

But would Irish football’s Woodward and Bernstein tackle your challenges fairly?

Or theatrically dive on the pitch like freebie-seeking, Oman-bound ‘blazers’.

Watch, then decide.

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From top Champagne Football and its authors Paul Rowan (left) and Mark Tighe


Paul Rowan and Mark Tighe, authors of the best-selling  Champagne Football: John Delaney and the Betrayal of Irish Football: The Inside Story (Penguin) will take to the piping hot stool(s) of doom to answer YOUR Questions.

Champagne Football devastatingly chronicles the fall of John Delaney and the FAI, taking in a time from before Genesis to the squalid revelations exposed in The Sunday Times last year.

Please leave any questions or queries below for Paul and Mark on the book, Delaney, FAI, League of Ireland or any other matter and we will ASK them, via the medium of ‘telly’.

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American investigative sports journalist irvin Muchnick (top right), on the trail of former Irish Olympic swimming coach and child rapist George Gibney (top left) since 2015, answers your questions (submitted earlier) on the case and and the podcast that has brought world-wide attention to Gibney’s crimes.

Irvin writes at Concussion.net.

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So many we ran out of time.

Chronic disease specialist and Covid response critic Ivor Cummins aka The Fat Emperor took to the piping hot ‘stool of doom’ this morning (8am) to address YOUR queries.

Even rude ones.

With Vanessa Foran and John Ryan.

CNN report on Sweden mentioned (@28.44) by Ivor here.

Also discussed: Transmission of  Epidemic Influenzaby R Edgar Hope-Simpson.

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Ivor Cummins

“Science died in 2020 replaced by draconian, Medieval absurdity’.

Tomorrow morning,  Covid critic Ivor Cummins BE(Chem) CEng MIEI PMP takes to the piping ‘hot stool’ to answer YOUR questions via the medium of ‘telly’

Ivor aka The Fat Emperor online, on Twitter with 83,000 followers and on YouTube (60,000 subscribers), describes his career specialty as leading ‘large worldwide teams in complex problem-solving activities’, Since 2012  has been ‘intensively researching the root causes of modern chronic disease’.

The Dublin-based dad of five’s 2018 book “Eat Rich, Live Long” (co-authored with preventative medicine expert Jeffry Gerber MD, FAAFP), is a bestseller.

Leave a question below for Ivor on the rona issue or any other issue, even his amusing name, and we will ask him.

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Dr Marcus de Brun

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