This Land Is Hemp Land


This morning.

Abbey Street Upper, Dublin 1

Stoner-filled breeding ground for the lurgy?

Or oasis of sanity in a world gone hatstand?

Only YOU can decide.

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7 thoughts on “This Land Is Hemp Land

      1. Johnny

        It’s only right that you should
        Play the way you feel it
        But listen carefully, to the sound
        Of your loneliness

  1. Lloyd of London

    their insurers will reject any PL claim made during the lockdown period, that is assuming they don’t consider insurance a form of gambling

    one clumsy scobe falling over and it’s curtains for the Hempland empire, silly stuff

  2. Johnny

    -retail is dead, its a outdated sales channel,you’d never raise serious capital in US with this model.

    suits V stoners.

    ‘Hempland have opened their first of 5 new retail store in Ireland”

    Med Men crashed and burned, good read so grab a tea..

    -the suits fell in luv with the stoner meme lifestyle became or were all along a bunch of cartoon characters.

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