Answering A Broadsheet Reader


This afternoon (3.30pm).

Live from the Convention Centre, Dublin

Fresh from a blistering Dáil speech against the latest restrictions, Independent Clare TD Michael McNamara (top), who recently chaired the joint Oireachtas Covid-19 response committee, takes to the stool of doom to answer YOUR questions about the rona, Level 5 and his much-envied barnet.

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12 thoughts on “Answering A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Ivorian

    So many of the people on our side are incredibly handsome: Michael McNamara, Ivor Cummins, the devastating Prof Sanje Gupta, Grand Torino, Martin Feeley, Marcus De Brun, John Waters.

    Logic is sexy!

  2. Lilly

    That was interesting, thanks. On the subject of long covid data however, how can they even begin to gather data when, unlike the UK, those suffering have no centralised location to contact for assessment. GPs are openly admitting bafflement.

  3. White Dove

    Thanks very much as always.

    I really enjoy this series of interviews, very refreshing and both Michael McNamara and Michael Healy-Rae have come across very well.

    Great to see a normal human being interviewing normal human beings as opposed to the image-crazed puppets interviewing one another.

  4. SOQ

    Public policy is based on the number of amplifications within the PCR test.and as there is a major legal storm on the horizon- this is not a minor detail to be forgotten not once, but twice.

  5. username already in use

    Everybody is complying? When I heard the politician’s interlocutor say this I knew this was a whitewash of a PR exercise.
    Keep lying to yourselves. Keep playing the greeen jersey card. Keep humoring the patently incompetent. Because that is how the game is played right? No serious discussion of the enormous herd of elephants in the room?
    Ireland is screwed if this is what constructive criticism looks like. And if the man asking the questions was obviously sycophantic, he did at least ask questions. The answers? In the words of famous Seamus –
    “Whatever you say, say nothing.” I can’t believe that TD thinks he’s in a position to utter anything except platitudes.

    1. John Ryan

      username already in use, the emollience is genuine (I’m like that in real life). The questions came from readers, the vast majority of whom support the restrictions. I wish it were not so.

    2. Steph Pinker

      username already in use: Don’t take Heaney’s poetry out of context. Also, my interpretation of John Ryan’s statement is based on his interpretation of the many viewpoints expressed on BS which, unfortunately, seem to be in favour of more lockdown measures – the squeaky wheel gets the oil doesn’t it?

      There was no one lying to any one in that interview, it’s quite evident that Michael McNamara is upset and frustrated with the ‘patently incompetent’ people who are supposed to be governing this country, and if you take the time to view his YT channel, you will see many more intensive and astute interactions during Leaders’ Questions with Martin, Varadkar, Donnelly et al,. There are many elephants in the room regarding so many aspects: Covid-19 is a nice distraction for our government from Brexit, housing/rental crises, homelessness, HSE, cervical smear scandal, NCH, NBP, Catholic church/Magdalene home scandals, dead bodies in morgues seeping bodily fluids scandals, domestic abuse, lack of mental/physical health supports and treatments, rising unemployment, the recession within which we now live etc. The interview was based on BS readers’ questions, if you wanted to air your constructive and well-thought out views then maybe you should’ve submitted some questions, instead of venting about a lack of constructive criticism in hindsight.

      I’d never heard of McNamara until a couple of months ago, but I think BS took the right decision in asking him – and others – to engage with Answer a BS Reader because they are published interviews which means they are on the record, ergo, everyone’s liable and there’s nothing hidden – maybe you missed the fact that BS is a free site and the few people who consistently contribute volunteer their time and efforts – hence the HUGE amount of adverts covering 1/3 of the page :p

      Anyway, the newshound is still growing into his paws, give him a chance – this time next year he could be interviewing MaryLou McDonald…

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