Meanwhile, In Grafton Street [Updated]


This evening.

Grafton Street, Dublin 2.

An anti-lockdown protest turns violent as protestors, who had marched from O’Connell Street, via the East Wall, are arrested by Gardai.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews


This evening.

Grafton Street, Dublin 2.

Expecting trouble?

Pic by Nick

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86 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Grafton Street [Updated]

      1. MME

        I’m not sure these lovely lads would be that appreciative of your kind SOQ. They are angry, likely not really about masks and lockdown, but I doubt a gentle soul as your good self would fare too well in their midst even if you protest that you’re on their side.

        1. SOQ

          I am 6’4 and a reasonably toned 17 stone for my age darling and- I can handle myself.

          If you genuinely believe this is a right / left issue then you are naive beyond belief.

          1. MME

            Thank you SOQ for that glorious response. The mirth!

            RuPaul is also a heady 6’5″ and even “toned” as well. You’re doubtless a fine specimen. Although I do have to take your word for it as tbh, it’s kind of anonymous on BS.

            Still, on a serious note, despite your towering height and intellect, these lads would sniff you out in a jiffy and I wouldn’t like to try my luck with them. Stay clear SOQ. You deserve better than this feral lot.

          2. SOQ

            Thank you for your concern MME but here is the rub- the people most suffering from these non-scientific lockdowns are the most marginalised.

            It is strange how all of a sudden the blacks, the Asians and the other immigrants who must keep going throughout this lockdown are no longer of importance.

            But that is not because they are POC- it is just because they are poor- not that ‘just’ is any excuse.


          3. MME

            @SOQ For a male who is 6’4″ – 17 stone is not an ideal weight. That is a good stone over the recommended BMI weight. Max allowable 222lbs or 15.87stone. That is the outer limit.

            Just saying.

            Obviously, as this is an anonymous forum, I am taking all of this with a pinch of salt.

          4. MME

            Come off it SOQ – as if that feral mob were “protesting and making a stand on behalf of POC or other minorities. Quite the opposite!

          5. Joxer

            SOQ – the majority of the young men on those protests are not there for any right or left ideological reason. They are there to fight and attack the guards and ‘others’. I know their kind as i lived amongst them for 33 years. Those guys are not your friends

      2. BS

        sounds like you’re just back from grafton st yourself SOQ. how was it? did you get any of them read the nonsense you post here? or is reading beyond them?

        1. Hank

          You do realise there might be a difference between this crowd who hijack any protest if they think they can turn it into random violence and people who can analyse stats and think for themselves and realise we are being forced into an unjustified lockdown that will result in massive economic and mental health hardship?
          Or are you just a bit dense?

  1. Charger Salmons

    Should have carried a BLM placard.
    Guards would have been on their knees quicker than an Irish politician meeting Angela Merkel.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      8.9 on the Sure Have Inferiority Troubles meter.
      Shouldn’t you be posting on peoplesrepublicofcork?

      1. I'll be Bach

        Offered as s a public service:

        Get yourself a browser extension called Tampermonkey (FireFox and Chrome versions available)
        Add the script as it is at the end of this (hopefully it won’t be mangled when posted). This will hide any comments of the person named in the second last line.

        To illustrate the idea I’ve completely at random and totally by chance picked the name “Charger”. For no reason at all. :)

        // ==UserScript==
        // @name Charger Hider
        // @version 0.1
        // @description Hide Charger’s nonsense
        // @author I’ll be Bach
        // @match*
        // @require
        // ==/UserScript==
        /* globals $ */

        $(document).ready(function() {

    2. MME

      Well, if anyone’s used to being on their knees it’s you Charger. Kinda like Farage’s fluffer Herman Kelly. Guffaw.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for them? Pro disease groups have been agitating for a fight for months.

  3. MME

    “Anti-mask protest turns violent”…there is a turn up for the books. They look like a lovely bunch of lads who definitely didn’t turn up in town looking for a fight.


    1. SOQ

      Absolutely- sure nobody apart from wastrels could possibly be angry about the current situation

      How is that state sector defined benefits pension with no mortgage on a half mill house paying out btw? Covid-19 House prices rising by six percent I believe.

      Nursing home for you soon so.

      1. MME

        Are we looking at the same photos SOQ?!

        As I say, you’ll end up with a fat lip and perhaps worse if you go sashaying around this lot.

        Lots of decent folk who disagree tend not to get violent.

    2. BS

      not a paye or prsi contribution between them. i really enjoy seeing them get a good belt of a baton and thrown into the cells for a few hours. get them all down to spike island any they can play patriot down there away from us.

        1. MME

          Yawn – We don’t live in Twitsville or whatever other godforsaken part of Mid-West USA you fantastise about.

  4. Dhaughton99

    I noticed earlier that the North Face, at the top of Grafton st, removed all their stock in case they get ramraided again.

      1. MME

        I’d be more gutted if that Canada Goose jacket on the angry scrote above was real! Pissed in fact as I’d have likely paid for it.

  5. Cui Bono?

    If there was ever a time to protest it’s now.

    If you’re not angry about this unjustified lockdown, then you’re probably not aware of the facts.

    The average IFR is only 0.23% and 0.05% for under 70s. “long covid” is minuscule too. Here’s the latest peer reviewed scientific study from the most qualified person on the planet, Dr. John Ioannidis

    1. MME

      Sorry to break it to you but these fine specimens of Irish manhood ain’t really protesting about masks and the lockdown. In fact, I don’t think they really know why they are angry – the list of grievances is long – just that they are angry.

    2. SOQ

      No- you are an absolute Nazi because Richard Boyd Barrett says so.

      One thing is for sure- he’ll never be short of a few bob.

    3. Daisy Chainsaw

      Of you go, Join the “great replacement” and “globalist” dog whistlers. Finally a donkey derby is subject to some animal control!

  6. Johnnythree

    Fair dues to them. Simples on here calling them knackers. Why would they not protest. I would if I was there.

  7. Liam

    Dopey scumbags. One moron was flying a Knights Templar flag, I guess because they fought Muslims.
    Lock them up for the next six months.

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        And they call themselves Patriots
        乁| ・ 〰 ・ |ㄏ

        Can anyone
        On any side of this protest
        Picture anyone of these protestors back April 1916 in the GPO, Four Courts, Boland’s Mills, City Hall etc

        Or going on Hunger Strike
        Or taking their death sentence instead of offering to squeal

        If you can
        Point him / her out to me

        1. MME

          Would you stop- these petri-dish ferals would attack the men and women of 1916 as radical leftists or some other spurious reason to give cause to their life malaise.

          There are genuine people with very legitimate grievances about this current semi-lockdown. This lot of neer-do-wells are most certainly not them.

  8. David o connell

    I’m noticing slot of anger and strong views for and against covid restrictions. People getting edgy. How do you appease people on polar opposites of political viewpoints?? Genuine question.

  9. David o connell

    I kind of hoped society would have become more tolerant over last 50 years. Sadlyi can’t see any evidence of this.

    Enjoy the small things and people close to you. Society is a high speed train out of control and can’t be saved.

  10. rodders

    Same lads would have been football hooligans in the 80’s & early 90’s. Unhappy with the lot living in mammy’s box room and looking to blame others for the woes. Alls they need is to get laid and drink a cold beer the poor pets.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      No, this lot today were the provisional vests.. the official vests are out on Saturday and in keeping with their name the continuity vests are out on Sunday..

  11. Shayna

    Shane Harrison, the Dublin correspondent for BBC NI covered the demonstration for the 6.30pm bulletin. He interviewed an old dear, from Moore Street Market who I’m pretty sure appeared with Ronny Drew, back in the day. She was a proper old school Dub.

    1. f_lawless

      Pic 2 I see a man on the right who looks to be in a defensive bodily position about to fall away to his left . He has a look of anger and surprise on his face – jaw open- while pointing an accusing finger at the guard. The guard’s hand is tightly clenched around the truncheon. I assume he’s just after hitting the man. The older man has his hand stretched out as if pleading with the guard to stop. The other guard behind looks like he’s in mid-strike

        1. Cian

          I would be very cautious to assume anything from one photo. Or to try to guess sequences from two photos.

          In photo 2 above, blue-jacket guy is unbalanced.
          In the examiner photo blue-jacket guy is falling.
          If these are 1-second apart – then I would say photo 2 happened first.

          If they are more than that apart there is no way to tell which happened first.

          Also, the cop in photo 2 has his notebook out – not exactly the “lets knock some heads” poise.

          1. Joxer

            Ref Pic 3:
            theres video on twitter on the Beacon timeline where that fellow is dragged by a Guard out of the ‘combat zone’ and left at the side of the street and the guard goes back in to the fray. Yer man then jumps up and runs back in and grabs the Guard ..


            these lads went up to grafton street not to protest the lockdown but to create mayhem

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      They’ll be squawking his name like they were squawking “Justice for Aaron Brady” at Caroline Donohoe last week.

  12. Kdoc

    I watched and listened to some of the carry-on and ranting on social media (provided by the Tan Torino) from the docks and you would travel a long way before you would find such a collection of foul-mouthed skangers. The lockdown provided the far-right anti everything brigade with an opportunity to draw attention to themselves.

  13. Hank

    The sheer nastiness running throughout this thread is interesting.
    Is this “NME” thing a bot? I mean it can’t be human. Can it??

  14. Shayna

    Shayna lives in the North – Belfast. All pubs/bars/clubs/cafes/hairdresers/barbers/beauticians have been closed for a week so far and estimated to be a further 3 weeks, perhaps longer? In my opinion, perhaps a tad drastic – re-open everything – no-one wears masks, not washing hands etc.. Proper Charles Darwin on it. I wonder how many would sign up?

    1. dav

      I always wonder why the anti-maskers don’t have covid parties where they can lick each others faces and achieve 2her immunity” or what ever the chemtrails tell them..

      1. E'Matty

        We do. We’re having a face licking party tomorrow night. The burds are gagging for it after 9 months of nothing! It’s going to be great. No masks, lots of hugging and lovin, drinking, singing, dancing, all the things humans love to do. I do enjoy though when low intellect sheep like yourself come on and use cool terms like “Chemtrails” in a disparaging fashion as if you have a clue what’s going on in the world. You do realise geoengineering is a thing right? SAIs or Strastopheric Aerosol Injections are an accepted method of weather and climate manipulation, but of course you knew that already, right? Oh, you thought that geoengineering and planes releasing various gases into the atmosphere was a “crazy conspiracy theory”…dolt…

        1. MME

          I hear Dee Wall aka Dolores Webster and Gemma are going to fight for a first face-kick from you E’Matty. Dee’s got an advantage with the crutch but Gemma can shatter ear-drums with her vocal register. But be careful, living corpse John Waters could do a stealthy pincer movement and slobber over your face from the side.

  15. E'Matty

    Good on them getting out and opposing the lockdown lunacy.The Gardai clearly planned to wait for them on Grafton Street as a symbolic location given it was the scene of the wonderful sit down protest a few weeks back. The media heavily pushing those opposing the lockdown as right wing racists, or mentally ill (Tubridy on those not wearing masks). I am looking forward to house parties with friends this weekend (and indeed every weekend until this BS ends). We’ll be hugging and kissing and doing all sorts of human things. We will continue to meet and socialise regularly, and there’s sweet FA the lockdown merchants can do about it. We are now in total defiance and disobedience of the lockdown and all measures associated. Have never worn a mask. Have been asked in some shops and I just tell them “I’m exempt” and they shut right up. Went on three holidays this summer, two abroad. I love the extent to which our behaviour drives the lockdown sheep nuts. I am going to work to defy and undermine the restrictions at every turn. Widespread civil disobedience, even if only by a minority, can work to undermine and weaken these restrictions impact. The State will have to become more forceful, thereby causing even more people to oppose the restrictions. Let the games commence!

    1. MME

      “I am looking forward to house parties with friends this weekend (and indeed every weekend until this BS ends). We’ll be hugging and kissing and doing all sorts of human things”.

      Guffaw. OK – you win, you little social butterfly. Spread your love far and wide! I do envy your obviously choc-full diary. I mean, could you literally be anything other than widely popular and sought-after?!

      Little belter E’Matty!

      1. E'Matty

        ah thanks. “I mean, could you literally be anything other than widely popular and sought-after?!” so so true.

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