Old Dublin, Little Italy


Con Kennedy tweetz:

This photo is from the collection of the Irish Society of Antiquarians and was used to document tenement life in Dublin a century ago. This particular photo taken in 1911 is often used in books and documentaries on Dublin life of the time. The photo is of a Tenement in Chancery Lane, AKA Little Italy.

My Great-Great-Grandfather is in the centre by the door. He was a German immigrant, a Jew who married an Italian Roman Catholic in Cork and settled in Dublin. He was a barrel organ grinder who befriended the Ganter Brothers – I have a clock they made for him. I suspect the woman beside him is my Great-Great-Grandmother with my infant Great grandmother in her arms who died when I was 7. The photo depicts all the families who lived in the one tenement. I thought I’d add false colour to the photo.

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9 thoughts on “Old Dublin, Little Italy

  1. paul

    gotta get me some of that co-living.

    great photo though, remarkable capture and thanks for the context of some of the people in the photo, Con as well as the colour.

    1. markdcp

      Three Castles Burning is one of the finest podcasts around. Emigrated after 30 years in Dublin but I feel like Im rediscovering so much since Ive left. Cant wait to wander round the old Hibernian Metropolis once more when this is all blown over.

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