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Sinn Féin spokesperson on Children, Kathleen Funchion (above) and and Mairéad Farrell (top right) speak to the media concerning the controversial passing of the Mother and Baby Home records bill.

Depty Funchion said she has written to the Data Protection Commissioner’s office to seek their observations on why they believe the vote last week to seal the records of the Mother and Baby Home Commission for 30 years may have contravened European and Irish law with regard to the accessibility of personal data.

Last Friday, it was revealed the DPC  was consulted by the Department of Children ahead of the drafting of the bill., with DPC Deputy commissioner Graham Doyle saying:

“It would appear to the DPC to be the case that the separate provisions of the 2004 Act in relation to the sealing of documents were not intended in the context of the amendment to the 2018 Act to provide an effective ‘blanket’ barrier to the exercise of rights

Deputy Funchion, who delivered an emotional speech during the Dáil debate on the bill, said:

“I am anxious to focus on solutions that we can bring forward now, particularly through legislation.”

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13 thoughts on “Seal Tricks

      1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

        nice gams for a button boot as my Dad would say (hint, this is not the compliment it may first appear to be )

  1. Darren

    All power to anyone who puts the dignity of survivors and their families front and centre regards matters that have long been overlooked apart from the odd aside about bazonkers and the other ways that women may be seen to fall.

  2. V aka Frilly Keane

    What are they like

    Make no mistake folks
    If that Bill was in front of a SF Government, even a Minority Party in Government
    They’d have voted Tá
    All the way
    In line with a tight Whip Grip

    And there’s plenty in Sinn Fein
    Here and up ‘thur
    Will tell ya the same

    D’mind them and their wanton indignation

  3. Truth in the News

    When the Documentation was handed over was there a secret undertaking that all
    these record’s would not be furnished to those who looked for them, some of this
    has the smell of the stench that was associated with a previous debacle connected
    with one Micheal Woods….the Redress Indemnity Agreement

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