Outside It’s America


Build a wall.

‘America’ (Duchas)

7 thoughts on “Outside It’s America

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      I’ve loved them for years. I started using one back in the 80’s when I did shorthand, the intro to the book reccommended one for people with a heavy script and it made a huge difference to my speeds. They also make my writing much neater and legible! I treated myself to a Cross fountain pen in the 90’s which I still have. I called it my cheque signing pen!

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          For day to day stuff and not worrying about losing it, Preppy Platinum are good. Shaeffer and Parker are reliable brands and Lamy have some good pens for under €25. I prefer a medium nib and also love a 1.1mm snub nib (Lamy) which is like a calligraphy pen. I do love my Cross Pen which has a medium nib. Cross and Lamy have their own designs for ink cartridges so the standard ones don’t fit them but they can be easily refilled with a syringe.

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