Per La Tua Considerazione


Quattro Colori.

Donal Moloney’s mind-blowing documentary about the epic events in Italy dedicated to the brutal, earliest form of football is now available on Amazon Prime.

Donal Moloney writes;

 ‘Quattro Colori’ has finally arrived on Amazon. 10 months back and forth to Florence, Italy last year and certainly the most difficult thing I’ve shot to date with a crew of just three wonderful people. It was also self funded.

In fairness.

Quattro Colori (Amazon Prime)

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9 thoughts on “Per La Tua Considerazione

    1. Charger Salmons

      Australian Rules more like.
      The GAA complained about those nasty bullying Aussies the last time they were slaughtered.

      1. Charlie

        A non-contact sport, just like soccer. Would love to see the likes of Jack Grealish and a few other haircuts get thrown into the pit with those lads.

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