Baby If You’ve Got To Go Away


Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health, Dr Tony Holohan.

Last night/this morning.

Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health, has warned that international travel posed a significant rona risk. It follows Tanaiste Leo Varadkar’s advice yesterday asking people booking flights for Christmas to delay that decision.

“One of the biggest risks will be the re-importation of the disease through international travel,” said Dr Holohan.

When asked if travelling on compassionate grounds, such as a grandchild visiting here from abroad, would be allowed, Dr Holohan said inbound travel from other countries was now a bigger risk because they have higher rates of infection growth than we have.

He said: “We would feel the kind of travel that would normally happen at Christmas time, people coming back to spend time with their loved ones, which we all understand and facilitate, we regard as non-essential for this Christmas.”

Non-essential travel should be avoided for ‘foreseeable future’ – CMO (RTÉ)


Asked if he would be in favour of the vaccine being mandatory, [Trinity biochemist professor] Luke O’Neill said “that’s a tricky one.”

“What they’ve done in the past: you don’t make it against the law, you exclude people. So one prediction here is that you cannot travel unless you have the vaccine, and that would incentivise people. That’s a better way to do it,” O’Neill claimed.

Prof Luke O’Neill: Unvaccinated could be “excluded” from travel (Gript)






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10 thoughts on “Baby If You’ve Got To Go Away

  1. Mick

    Wtf… plane loads of people have landed in ireland all through this poop-of-all-poop times and nobody official has said boo… we are definitely not all in this together

    1. Joan Burton

      They hasn’t been a full plane land in this country since early March, get your facts straight Mick

  2. dav

    fair enough if they want to have a level 2 Christmas, but it must be made clear that the price will be a level 5 come the 2nd or 3rd week in Janurary..

    1. Joan Burton

      Do the maths , it’s about the same here , though that’s not the issues, it’s the lack of capacity in our health care system if it runs riot

      1. Micko

        66600 cases of a population of 4.9 mill is about 1.4% – so double that.

        But, my point was not about that, it’s about the viability of the PCR test and the false positives they can generate.

        In October, we were testing 103k a week. Now we’re testing 77k a week.

        If we’re three weeks into level 5 and it’s universally agreed that it takes three weeks to see a result from our actions then why the drop? How could it possibly drop that fast?

        Doesn’t make any sense.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Kinda hard to have any trust in Holohan & Co. when they aren’t prepared to publish (or perhaps even write) minutes of their meetings. Last minutes were for the meeting on 24th September . Shouldn’t that be part of their duties?
    In fact I wouldn’t trust Holohan anyway, given his record of attempted cover up with regard to the Cervical Smear debacle.

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