Hammer time.


The Late Late Toy Show on RTÉ One.

Aspirant vet Saoirse demonstrates how the Pfizer rona vaccine is administered to a Covid positive toy dog. Other vaccines are available.

Karl D writes:

No offence to the charming girl, but seriously: what the fupp was this (apart from a Pfizer ad)?



“What is required is a calm, clear, persuasive campaign about Covid vaccines, their safety and the alternative danger of refusal. Given what is at stake, a refusal to vaccinate is the socialisation of manslaughter.”


Very calm.

Gerard Howlin: We must inject calm into Covid vaccine debate (Sunday Times)

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57 thoughts on “Tough Love

  1. McMuffin

    Clearly ripping the p*ss out of the anti vax conspiracy mouthpieces that social media is currently awash with. Nice bit of satire made all the more hilarious by the fact that it’s an adorable small child calling them out on their paranoid ignorance.

    1. dav

      how dare you, they are providing a valuable public service with their knowledge of “the Truth” and their chemtrail thinking…

    2. Cui Bono?

      I’ve found that there’s not many anti-vaxers out there, if any at all. It seems to be just a tool used to try stop debate and critical thinking.

      Not all vaccines have been safe and many people have been injured so it’s vital to keep debate open.

      I’m 100% pro safe and effective vaccines but won’t be going near the covid ones as I’ve no need for them. They’re not even trying to provide immunity anyway – only reduce symptoms. A lot of ignorance around this as most are too lazy to read up on it.

  2. Eoineyo

    So funny looking at the nut jobs getting their conspiracy knickers in a knot. They will literally believe anything and everything they are told. Apparently she has been coached by Pfizer and an agent of the deep state lol

  3. Whatevers

    I see it the other way – this girl just called it how it is!!!

    Don’t get the vaccine? Prepare to have your freedoms curtailed. We’re already seeing many calls for this.

    As for the last line about Dept of Education says schools are safe? Anyone with kids knows that creches and schools are breeding grounds for germs. It’s fantasy to suggest otherwise.

    1. SOQ

      The problem with all these dystopian scenarios is that the technology never lives up to the hype. If they couldn’t get their act together to run a decent track and track system then what are the chances of everyone being chipped and monitored 24/7?

      And now mandatory this and passport that, except the vaccine manufacturers make no claims about a viral inoculation- in fact, they are going out of their way in advance to deny liability so- it’s all just silly nonsense.

    2. Fanacht

      Whatevers –

      You want a vaccine you go right ahead.

      But there is no authority you can claim that gives you the right to force the vaccine on others.

      If the vaccine worked why would you care if someone else didn’t take it?

      Or is this you exercising your license ‘to Karen’ ?

      1. ReproBertie

        “If the vaccine worked why would you care if someone else didn’t take it?”
        Due to medical conditions not everyone can take vaccines. This leaves them vulnerable to diseases we can vaccinate against. We protect them from that risk by vaccinating as many people as possible to prevent the disease getting a foothold. That’s what herd immunity is.

        1. SOQ

          The manufactures of these vaccines are not claiming they will be contributing to herd immunity Bertie? Only that they can reduce or eliminate the symptoms of the disease called COVid-19- which is quite different.

          The devil is in the detail- or in this case, the small print.

          1. ReproBertie

            The report showing that mandatory mask wearing resulted in a reduction of cases is in Canada. You asked for one country, just one country, that had shown a reduction through mask wearing and then you ignored Canada when I posted the link to the report.

            I didn’t mention any specific disease or vaccine in my post (a detail you clearly missed) but you felt the need to stomp in with the latest move from your naysayer playbook despite this having been answered on other topics. If you’re not willing to deal with direct answers that poke massive holes in your garbage then I’m not going to waste my time responding.

            So, Canada.

          2. SOQ

            The manufactures of these vaccines are not claiming they will be contributing to herd immunity Bertie- what part of that do you not understand?

          3. ReproBertie

            “I didn’t mention any specific disease or vaccine in my post”

            Once again

            “I didn’t mention any specific disease or vaccine in my post”

            “what part of that do you not understand?”

        2. Fanacht

          “Due to medical conditions not everyone can take vaccines”

          So you admit that vaccines are medically risky.

          1. ReproBertie

            Jesus! I can’t believe I walked into that trap so easily! Big Pharma will sack me now! It may be news to you but it is not news.

            Vaccines are tested to make sure they are safe for the majority but there is always a minority. People with compromised immune conditions generally don’t get the flu vaccine. Pregnant women don’t get the HPV vaccine.

            These are just two simple examples but there are many more examples of people who, for medical reasons, won’t be given vaccines. These well known examples do not make vaccines medically risky for the majority.

          2. Fanacht

            Funny how the ones promoting Vaccines are the same ones promoting the abortion of children.

            It’s like they have no discernment of their own and can only follow the script laid out for them by others.

            Next they’ll be advocating suicide to stop climate change.

      2. Whatevers


        “You want a vaccine you go right ahead.
        But there is no authority you can claim that gives you the right to force the vaccine on others.”

        – I think you’re arguing with me, not against me. Here’s blue tick and TCD Professor (not in Medicine mind) Brian Lucey advocating for taking the most basic freedoms from people who have not got the vaccine:
        “We need a very large take up of whatever vaccines are approved. Bluntly, we need to make those who opt out to know they are opting out of sport, education, travel, socialising and in-person shopping. If that takes a mandatory passport showing your jabbed, so be it”

        So while you’re correct in saying there’s no authority that can force the vaccine on others, well, you see where this is going.

        “If the vaccine worked why would you care if someone else didn’t take it?”
        – I don’t care who takes it. I won’t however, for an ever growing myriad of reasons.

        “If the vaccine worked why would you care if someone else didn’t take it?
        Or is this you exercising your license ‘to Karen’ ?”
        – I haven’t a bulls notion what you’re on about here fella.

      3. Masked

        Correct, no one should be forced to take the vaccine. However, it is also a question of responsibilty and not just rights.
        So if you choose not to vaccinate, then you risk spreading the virus and you are therefore a risk to others.
        If you are vaccinated and subsequently exposed to the virus your immune system will kill likely it and therefore you will not spread it.
        Therefore if you exercise your right to avoid vaccination, as a potential spreader, it follows that you should be duty bound to avoid contact with others…. at least until Covid is eliminated. The higher the uptake the quicker this will happen.

          1. Masked

            No because Covid is way more infectious and way more lethal.
            Flu death rate is 200 to 500 per season according to hse. ie
            Thats without any lockdown etc.
            Covid has taken over 2, 000 and that’s with severe restrictions and death rate would be at catastrophic levels otherwise. Just look at Italy last Feb/March or USA now for example.
            On flu though hopefully it will be much much lower this year due to restrictions AND increased hygiene. So why don’t we keep up the hygiene etiquette permanently eg. don’t sneeze on top of everyone on the bus or in the pub and wash your hands in the Jack’s FFS!!! If we can achieve lower flu deaths annually from now on just by such cop on at least we might get something out of this

          2. Micko

            You sound very stressed @Masked

            Stress is bad for your immune system. Chill ze beans dude- everything is good ;)

            Also, just playing devils advocate here, but do those 200 to 500 who dies from the flu not matter every year? Are their lives not worth saving. Why weren’t we concerned about them before now?

            So, Covid19 is worse because it kills more, ok – but when I point out on Broadsheet that Covid19 mostly kills REALLY old people and not that many when you take populations size into account – I get roasted. ???

            Not getting at you Masked btw – I’m just looking for some consistency in the pro-lockdown argument.

            Either every sperm is sacred, or it isn’t – ya get me?

          3. Masked

            No not stressed at all… but I could still do with a few pints in my local. Of course the lives of those killed by flu matter but its a matter of proportion. And as I said if we would only stop sneezing on each other and wash our hands then we might just prevent quite a lot of flu each year.
            The lockdown rationale is that it was the only real means we had to prevent widescale deaths. It would be a total catastrophe otherwise but somehow some people misinterpret the actual covid numbers as “evidence” that the restrictions were unnecessary. (recognising that it is a catastrophe to those directly affected.)
            Thankfully vaccination is imminent and vaccination works.

          4. Micko

            Few pints = good. I concur! Masked

            I do agree, everything is a matter of proportion.

            And I think that our response to this has been way out of proportion.

            Especially considering what we know now and in Ireland the majority of those poor who have died weren’t even brought to hospital. I mean – who doesn’t go to hospital?

            Over 1120 didn’t go to hospital…? Mental.

            Anyway, I guess we’re all just gonna have to agree to disagree. ;)

            And yes, fingers crossed this vaccine is safe and gets our society and lives back to normal asap.

          5. Masked

            Past my bedtime too….. but just wondering our response was out of proportion to what exactly? The actual disease numbers or what they would have been if we hadn’t acted as we did.Anyway let’s hope…

        1. E'Matty

          “So if you choose not to vaccinate, then you risk spreading the virus and you are therefore a risk to others.” As it appears you will be even if vaccinated. It has been explained numerous times on here that there are no clear claims of infection efficacy in respect of the three major vaccines to date. Their efficacy claims are in respect of disease efficacy I.e. if you contract the virus they claim to help prevent development of the disease by up to 90-95%. This is comparative to the natural immunity rates we’ve witnessed in the general community excluding the over 65 and vulnerable, which were also not include in at least two of the vaccines trials.

          “If you are vaccinated and subsequently exposed to the virus your immune system will kill likely it and therefore you will not spread it.” At similar levels to natural immunity and still you can potentially spread the virus to others including the vulnerable who cannot be vaccinated.

          Tell us again, what exactly is the point of these particular vaccines if they aren’t effective at stopping the spread of infection?

          1. Masked

            If I’m vaccinated then my immune system already has the ability to kill the virus which it does.
            If I’m not then it doesn’t and the vaccine then multiplies in my body and I become a spreader (symptomatic or otherwise).
            To put it another way the virus does not “bounce” off a vaccinated person.
            The point? Vaccination irradicates disease such as smallpox polio measles mumps .. or would do so more effectively if more people would trust the science and take them

  4. v AKA Frilly Keane

    Hardly conspiracy stuff if our own Leo the Tanaiste was openly tweeting Lord graciously hear us’ in the name of Pfizer’s himself

    Pfizer’s have a fair oul spoke in with our Government for some time, so tis hardly secret, they are heavy influencers, I doubt they even have to make much of an effort

    public knowledge asaic

    anyone who says tisn’t and it’s all a conspiracy
    like this little dotie boo is really a Mini Pops crisis Actor
    would want to get some fresh air
    and take a good look at the real world

    and over the next few weeks and months
    I’d say you’re going to get a whole load of Government principles doing how great thou art Pfizer drop ins and tweets

    Pfizer’s already had well established don’t mess with us position here
    Its like they are the Blarney Stone of big pharma here in Ireland
    Their influence and position was already well establish long before this mad stuff even got the name Covid-19

    If ye must insist on unravelling how this little Dote came to mentioning vaccines at all
    I wouldn’t doubt for a moment it developed in the classroom with the daily chat about Covid etc
    Its not unusual for very young kids to be aware of vaccinations
    shur don’t they get them in school anyway
    Injections n’stuff and the linas for them are big talking points for kids of all ages

      1. missred

        This is Ireland, George. Every proper noun is made into a possessive one. Tesco’s, Pfizer’s, Stephens’s Day….

  5. Mr .T

    Feel sorry for the girl – no child should have to know all this sh*te about vaccinations and pfizer and coronavirus spread.

    At that age you should be blissfully ignorant of the world around you – plenty of time to get clued in when you’re older and cynical.

    1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      A handful of decades ago, kids her age knew a lot about what to expect in the event of a nuclear war between the US and the (then) USSR.

      On a side note, is she related to Francie Brady?

    2. Nigel

      Ignorance is not the same thing as innocence. Some kids are clued in to the most amazing and unlikely things. Other kids are barely aware of what’s outside their own house. Room for all types, none of them should be pitied as if there’s something wrong with them.

    3. Cian


      Primary school children get their 4 in 1 and MMR vaccines in school. Why wouldn’t they know about vaccines. They are people.

      I definitely think children should be told about vaccines (in an age-appropriate way)

      1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

        Very true. It wouldn’t be unusual school yard conversation to compare what illnesses you’ve had and/or the jab marks on the arm. Pretty sure that immunisation is part of the social science curriculum, at least.

        Tubs and his incredulous patronising of the child’s knowledge is awful.

    4. Rosette of Sirius

      That’s rather pollyanna-ish. Kids need to be educated about the threats that matter…. In my day it was that flippin’ drowning in the river advert and the likes. it was blured as I grew up having the “pipe” for TV so had the UK ones too. There was the electrical safety vid and the kite or whatever stuck on the pylon. There were chip pan fires and Judge and Mr. Crow with their wonderful ditty the Safe Cross Code. Know The Code. We even had clunk-click every trip with Jimmy Saville and, I’ll close with this, the one that was hammered home hardest in my house was ‘Oul Smiley’ who’d take children from their mammies and daddies if they left the street.

      Clearly different now, the need for most of those, but there’s a harsh reality to life and kids need to know what’s important.

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          I never said it was. I said kids need to know what’s important and why it’s a broader threat to society as a whole.. To just pretend that nothing’s wrong however is daft. They’re as much a stakeholder in this as the rest of us and they need to know why Granny and Grandad are off limited, why they were homeschooled, why playtime is different now and why their teacher is behind Plexiglas.

          Keeping kids in the dark is stupid because – mostly – they’re not. Telling them the truth in as child-appropriate way as possible is the adult thing to do. Not telling them will only lead to greater anxiety in them.

      1. Micko

        Totally @ Rosette, I agree. If it affects the kid then they should know about it.

        So, strangers, electricity, crossing the street etc – as you say, they need to know that stuff.

        But Covid-19, it doesn’t affect them so they don’t need to know about it – IMO

        I’ve just explained to my little one that there is a virus and it’s harmful to Gran and Grandad so they’ve asked us to keep a distance and it is in NO WAY harmful to her, her friends or me and her Mam.

        And that some people are taking it more seriously than us and we have to respect their opinions.
        And we’ll see them when they are ready for us to see them and not to take it personally.

        Anything else would be worrying her unnecessarily.

  6. Just Sayin

    Did we learn nothing frm the swine flu scam?

    Why would we be lining up to be guinea pigs for a vaccine we don’t even need.

    P.S. Sanofi / GlaxoSmithKline Covid-19 vaccine uses GSK’s AS03 adjuvant.
    The same adjuvant that was used in the Pandemrix Swine Flu vaccination.
    That vaccine caused hundreds of cases of narcolepsy here.

    Luckily our government had indemnified GSK against such damages.
    So we the taxpayers are now paying out the compensation.

    1. SOQ

      I have wondered about that- 80 cases in the courts at the moment- out of how many vaccinated?

      Lets take that as a base line ratio and ramp it up the scale planned for this one- what would be the projections for harm done going forward?

    1. ReproBertie

      I honest to god saw one idiot on twitter claiming she was pushing the vaccine and also refusing to watch the clip because he never watches anything on RTÉ. Where would you even begin to start?

  7. Micko

    I’m a bit surprised at how much she knew about everything that’s going on though. She’s aware of the HSE, test and trace, coronavirus, the vaccine, regurgitation station, Pfizer, quarantines, backlogs with the HSE, the Dept of educations etc

    In my house, my kid knows sweet FA about Covid-19 of anything to do with it.

    When she does ask questions or talks about what she hears in school, we just make a point of playing the whole thing down.

    They don’t need to know.

        1. ReproBertie

          “baseless scare mongering”

          “Lets take that as a base line ratio and ramp it up the scale planned for this one- what would be the projections for harm done going forward?”

          1. SOQ

            Both fast tracked vaccines- what else would you use as a baseline?

            If you believe there will be no injuries done then you are being incredibility naïve- or stupid- or both. Strip the indemnity, and we’ll talk.

      1. Micko

        In my opinion young children don’t need to know. Same as they don’t need to know about other disease, cancer, non-existence of Santa etc

        A family member took the opposite approach, she told her kids everything about Covid-19 and absolutely terrified them – both under 8.

        To the extent that when her kids bumped into their grandfather on the street around April, the eldest of them pulled the youngest back shouting “GET BACK – YOU’LL KILL GRANDAD!!!”

        So, yeah – Ignorance IS bliss Cian.

        Pure bliss. ;)

          1. Micko

            Well, I suppose happiness is relative. Personally, yes – very happy.

            Interestingly as an aside, according to the “World Happiness report”, general happiness in the population falls into 5 categories

            1) Income
            2) Life Expectancy
            3) Freedom of choice
            4) Trust
            5) Correct priorities

            I think with so many of these in the toilet, if’s easy to see why so many people are upset and frustrated. Especially Trust, Income and Freedom of Choice. You could argue that people are worried about life expectancy too.

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