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“The two doses, they’re not enough for omicron. The third dose of the current vaccine is providing quite good protection against deaths, and decent protection against hospitalisations.”

“We have seen with a second dose very clearly that the first thing that we lost was the protection against infections.

“But then two months later, what used to be very strong in hospitalisation also went down. And I think this is what everybody’s worried about.

“The question mark, it is how long that protection lasts with the third dose…”

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla


Pfizer CEO says two Covid vaccine doses aren’t ‘enough for omicron’ (CNBC)

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Via Associated Press:

Pfizer Inc. said Friday that its experimental antiviral pill for COVID-19 cut rates of hospitalization and death by nearly 90% in high-risk adults, as the drugmaker joins the race to bring the first easy-to-use medication against the coronavirus to the U.S. market.

Currently all COVID-19 treatments used in the U.S. require an IV or injection. Competitor Merck’s COVID-19 pill is already under review at the Food and Drug Administration after showing strong initial results, and on Thursday the United Kingdom became the first country to OK it.

Pfizer said it will ask the FDA and international regulators to authorize its pill as soon as possible, after independent experts recommended halting the company’s study based on the strength of its results. Once Pfizer applies, the FDA could make a decision within weeks or months.

Soma, anyone?


Pfizer says COVID-19 pill cut hospital, death risk by 90% (AP)


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Project Veritas released the fifth video in its COVID vaccine investigative series featuring Pfizer insider Melissa Strickler, who revealed apparently leaked internal emails that show executives telling staff to be secretive about the use of human fetal tissue in laboratory testing of the COVID vaccine.

Whistleblower Goes On Record, Reveals Internal Emails from Chief Scientific Officer & Senior Director of Worldwide Research  (Project Veritas)

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Pfizer vaccine prevents severe Covid for at least 6 months – study (RTÉ)


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Project Veritas released the fourth part of an investigations into the Covid vaccine.

Three Pfizer scientists told undercover journalists that natural antibodies are a better protection against Covid than the vaccine, with one saying:

“When somebody is naturally immune — like they got COVID — they probably have more antibodies against the virus…When you actually get the virus, you’re going to start producing antibodies against multiple pieces of the virus…So, your antibodies are probably better at that point than the [COVID] vaccination.”

Pfizer Scientist: ‘Your Antibodies are Probably Better than the Vaccination’ (Project Veritas)

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America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given full approval to Pfizer’s vaccine.

This will mean…

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Pfizer has announced that it will begin using its west Dublin facility ‘as part of its supply chain’ for its Covid-19 vaccine. Up to $40m will be invested at Grange Castle (top) with 75 new jabs jobs.

In a statement, the pharma giant said:

“…Pfizer is now bringing on additional European-based facility to be a part of the global Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine supply chain network and Grange Castle (Ireland) will contribute to the worldwide supply of the vaccine.

“Pfizer’s Grange Castle facility will produce mRNA drug substance. Given the extensive technical transfer process, on-site development, equipment installation and regulatory approvals needed for the sites, we expect both facilities will be brought by the end of 2021.”

Pfizer to use Dublin facility in Covid-19 vaccine manufacture (RTÉ)

Pic: Google Street View