Sleighs Welcome


Free December 19-20?

At Tayto Park, Ashbourne, County Meath.

Ian Collins writes:

Christmas is in the air at Tayto Park, as Ireland’s only theme park and zoo team up with Retro Drive-In Movies to reveal a two-day Christmas movie drive-in weekend on Saturday 19 Sunday, 20 of December….

Arrive in the car, stay in the car and leave in the car, the Christmas movie drive-in at Tayto Park is safe, socially distanced and the perfect day out to get all the family in the festive spirit! Experience the magic of retro and catch Christmas classics such as Home Alone 1 & 2, The Polar Express, The Santa Claus and more on the big screen and more all from the comfort of your very own car!

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12 thoughts on “Sleighs Welcome

  1. george

    “Arrive in the car, stay in the car and leave in the car….the perfect day out”

    That’s barely even a day out. How do kids watch a film from the back seat of a car? X-ray specs provided?

    1. johnny

      the future is now.
      if you have exit the vehicle


    2. Micko

      Went to a drive in circus a few weeks back.

      Popped the kids in the front with the seats forward and me the missus in the back – like a limo with the legroom! ;)

      Am stil cleaning out the popcorn though…

      1. Johnny

        went one this summer,but have a Ford F-150 pick up – so converted the back into a Moroccan hash tent with the hookahs,no just a few few cushions my dog. :)
        GF loved it was good night out.

          1. johnny

            …grandad was a writer,one his books on civil war got picked up in H’wood,he was to go over a write the film script,just as Germany invaded Poland,British FO objected,said the flick would harm the brits war efforts-in fairness it was a little anti:)

            Mum harbored a romantic vision of what her Cali life would have been,IF…
            so also a steady stream yank tv:)

            its a great truck to catch a outdoor movie or circus in,i’m farming in Berkshires,foothills Appalachia so its a full on nasty winter here.

  2. me

    Cinema’s closed because of Covid. A disease that impacts the lungs. Lets all go and sit in cars for a couple of hours with their engines running & sure give the kids a pack of fags as well.

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