What’s The Point?



Clanbrassil Street, Dublin.

Harry Warren writes:

Please choose an answer: The gardai are…

(1) Protecting the public by engaging, explaining, encouraging and enforcing the Covid-19 regulations?

(2) Buggering up the traffic for kilometres, wasting the public’s time and resources while damaging the commercial life of the city?

You decide.


22 thoughts on “What’s The Point?

  1. broadbag

    I’ve been stopped twice on the way home from work in the evening, both times as soon as I uttered my excuse I was bid good evening and away I went, never asked for any proof (which I had, a letter) or any info, purely a box-ticking exercise and a complete waste of everyone’s time.

    1. SOQ

      There is certainly some sort of conditioning going on- because causing those traffic jams is nonsensical.

  2. Dr.Fart

    Jesus. They aren’t just setting up checkpoints to inconvenience you. There are restrictions. You’re not supposed to be milling about the place. The checkpoints are to remind you there are restrictions and you shouldn’t be out needlessly. If they slow you up, good! maybe it’ll deter some people. Honestly, the amount of people who think all this is just a big inconvenience, and theyre bored by the virus now, they just wanna get on with things … absolute selfish babies. There’s people who this is genuinely very very hard for. Then there’s the masses of people who can cope easily, but are hugely put out by minor inconveniences. This virus has really highlighted how self-absorbed and spoilt people are. Honestly, such a weak and moany bunch go windbags. Mocksy sure is short of supply these days.

    1. broadbag

      But it’s no deterrent if they’re just waving people through without any further question. I’m an adult and know about the restrictions and don’t make needless journeys and don’t need to be reminded by a pointless traffic jam, the word is out that the checkpoints are a complete nonsense so anyone who was going out without a proper reason is safe in the knowledge that they won’t get turned around once they mention work or shopping or an elderly relative. If they were actually ‘checking’ anything (surely the whole point of a ‘checkpoint’) I’d be in favour of them but they’re not.

      1. Dr.Fart

        I know what you mean. But they have to try something to deter people. Even the idea of talking to a Gard would put some people off. They don’t have any real power or law to stop people, and thats where the problem is. If I was in power I’d have the pigs out cracking heads at checkpoints, willy nilly. I’d have them go real hard on people, scare the pi$$ out of them. People like you would complain, but so what. I wouldn’t care. If it means there’s people who wont die now, who would’ve died because selfish idiots need to “get out and about” then grand. I’d prefer the selfish person to be shook and the old person to be alive, than the old person dead and the selfish person having ‘a bit of normality’ .. it’s only going to be a few more months. Just stay put. It’s easy for most.

        1. Ronan


          Causing deliberate delays to people is precisely the point. You’re meant to restrict all movements to what’s necessary, and this encourages people to only go out when it’s absolutely necessary.

          If we’re not careful, people will be out for a browse when it needs to be very targetted.

    2. scottser

      you’re allowed to mill about the place. i intend to mill about quite a bit over the next few weeks meself and would encourage others to do likewise

    3. Micko

      I went to Mayo for the weekend. Drove all over Castlebar and Westport Sat and Sun.

      Not a single checkpoint anywhere.

      I know it’s only one persons experience, but I would have expected to meet at least one on the way.

  3. Gabby

    1. The Gardai are staggering the traffic flow because we are living in unusual times.
    2. We are living in usual times because the Gardai are staggering the traffic flow.

    Faites vos choix.

  4. Jie

    I think the Garda management need a kick in the gluteus maximus. They have Gardai achieving zilch Covid wise at these artificial traffic jams apart from increasing air pollution.
    The same Gardai could be put to much better use on foot patrol ensuring some level of social distancing in multiple crowded areas and packed shopping centres in front of their eyes across the city.

  5. JEH

    It’s just to tick some boxes and be seen so that people won’t say “why weren’t the guards doing anything” if they weren’t there.

    The recurring one in Phoenix Park is the biggest joke. Stand there for 3 minutes and watch the amount of not-Dublin licence plates just roll through without even having to stop. this was back when the 5km limit was in. At one point 3 guards were standing between the two lanes having the chats with their back to the road not even pretending to check cars or ask any questions. Motorists didn’t even stop.

  6. italia'90

    They’re at it again on the Swords bypass across from Fingallians GAC.
    That’s 5 or 6 days in a row now.

    Are they doing the same checkpoints around Cabinteely/Foxrock/Dundrum does anyone know?

    I’ve never been stopped and asked for any information, always waved through.

  7. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    I was asked the other day by a frozen fella, so
    I says to him ” I’m going up the road a bit”
    “grand so ” says he, up the road could have been Derry…
    I’m not sure what this achieves ?

    1. SOQ

      I know a few who caught ‘gay’ up and around that Derry parish?

      David McCartney was the main culprit.

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