Bringing It All Back Home



Premiering this morning.

An Irish woman in London is caught in a reverie as she contemplates the fact that she will not be able to return home for Christmas. Meanwhile, back in Ireland, the world is left empty without her presence….

Craig writes:

A specially commissioned piece for To Be Irish, District Magazine has produced ‘Homecoming’ a short film about Irish people abroad who are unable to return home for Christmas.

District have enlisted the help of James Vincent McMorrow and Gemma Dunleavy to contribute a score and narration, respectively. London-based, Irish playwright Karen Cogan (The Young Offenders) provides the original screenplay…

District Magazine

To Be Irish

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8 thoughts on “Bringing It All Back Home

      1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

        Well it was mawkish-squared on the TV last night with that ‘Shine a Light’.

        No wonder people are depressed.

  1. johnny

    i’m just gonna run this on a loop with Bad Decisions by the Strokes-way go Brits.

    “Sterling fell 2.2% against the dollar and 1.5% against the euro Monday”
    British assets fell broadly, with the U.K.’s FTSE 100 Index down 1.9%. The FTSE 250, the gauge for small and midsize companies, declined 2.4%. Investors sought safer U.K. government bonds, sending the yield on the 10-year note to 0.182% from 0.242% Friday.”

    -home is where the rolling papers are:)

      1. Johnny

        Lic in Mass,partners with teamsters in jersey,how much weight you think I’m gonna move over the hol’s,we can’t grow it fast enough:)
        What’s with the wake an bake s*it,all my bills are paid,had great year,on my hols,yes waking and…now where’s your cans…

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