The Kips Are Alright


This morning.

Just one landlord faced legal action arising from breaches of housing standards at 7,848 private rented properties that failed a first inspection this year, new figures obtained by RTÉ Investigates reveal.

Via RTÉ News:

A total of 10,200 private rented properties were inspected by local councils in the first six months of this year.

Some 76% of these properties were found on first inspection to be non-compliant with housing standards.

in the subsequent three months to September, no legal action was taken by any of 29 local authorities surveyed…


In response to a series of Freedom of Information requests, local authorities revealed that not one single property was found to be compliant with housing standards after the first inspections of 770 dwellings in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, 607 dwellings in Co Sligo and 259 dwellings in Co Offaly.

Just one landlord faced legal action for housing breaches in 2020 (RTÉ)

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17 thoughts on “The Kips Are Alright

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      so what have either of those places have in common with Dublin,
      also not everyone in Mumbai lives in a slum

  1. ce

    That ad has both a window and a mirror – that’s some classy stuff, makes it spacious.

    I do remember having a very nice tiny bedsit years ago in Dublin in a Georgian house, but the landlords had it done up fantastic and were always happy to fix anything etc. – definitely suited me at the time but it definitely wasn’t co-living or any of that nonsense. They were definitely the exception in all of my Irish renting experiences!

  2. TessFlynn

    My dads house failed once – because he fitted the carbon monoxide detector 6 inches down from the ceiling as instructed by the manufacturer. Inspector incorrectly insisted it should be on the ceiling. When my dad asked for instructions in writing from the inspector they refused to put it in writing but still registered it as a fail.

    1. TMan

      Yep that’s the truth of it, very misleading figures the vast majority I’m sure were perfectly fine to live in but failed on not having a fire blanket or window restrictor, which is a relatively new requirement. RTE sensationalism as always.

  3. Junkface

    I had to take my last Irish landlord to court to get our security deposit back. We won the case, but we also did some investigating of the landlords family, found out that they had not correctly registered many of their properties in the same estate. They should have been fined up to 9,000 euro per violation, they should have been fined around 36,000 euro in total. I don’t think any fines were given to them in the end, as they were politically connected (FG) and had connections to the building industry heads. That’s Ireland it seems.

  4. John F

    Without doubt the are some kips out there. The industry is massively overregulated, like a previous commentator said his father failed over some ridiculous carbon monoxide detector placement regulation. Because of BS regulations like this. There is an obscenely high failure rate across the board saw lots of landlords do not even bother with anything. And the really bad ones hide among the rest
    Rather, there should be as stringent we find list of basic conditions that are strongly legally enforced. The planning laws should also be reformed, too much housing is prevented from being built by spurious objections. Limiting supply, but only put upward pressure on rents.

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