Windows Of The Soul



Last night.

Dublin-based photographer Ruth Medjber (of the lockdown windows project) declares herself ‘infectious’.

Too extreme?

Or not extreme enough.

We may never know.

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7 thoughts on “Windows Of The Soul

  1. Birdie

    I need go for a run or walk for my mental sanity. I go out of my way to keep my distance from passerby’s and try to pick times and routes that are less popular.

    More power to her but I’d be climbing the walls plus the kids need fresh air to run it out of their system.

    Maybe I should take a selfie an post my thoughts to twitter…

    1. george

      She didn’t say she wouldn’t be out to exercise she said she wouldn’t see anyone on a walk.

  2. eoin

    From now on? What’s she been doing while the rest of us have been in prison? End lockdowns. They don’t work. Looks like 2021 is going to be another year of insanely stupid government policy on this virus.

    1. george

      Lockdown > low numbers
      No lockdown > high numbers

      I’m pretty sure which of these doesn’t work.

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